The Feminist Carnival of Sexual Freedom and Autonomy # 12

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I bring you the latest (and late) issue of The Feminist Carnival of Sexual Freedom and Autonomy.

Before we get on to the usual sex positive suspects (which I admire greatly), I wanted to point to articles written about sexuality in less than the usual places. I think it's important to point to such things, showing support for authors and publications/sites discussing sex.

At Collectors' Quest, written by our very own DeeDee, Hot On The Historical Ephemera Trail… In The National Enquirer? Here the sex history lessn begins with a brief article titled "Women Born From 1905 to 1909 Had The Fewest Children" and leads to suffrage, flappers, birth control, and The Great Depression.

At The Guardian, Tim Lott wrote My life in women's knickers. After all my talks with Dr. Jane Vargas regarding cross dressing and lingerie fetishes, I'm thrilled to read a man's confessions of wearing panties ~ even if he doesn't seem happy about it. The piece is as a personal tale, woven with bits of sex history. Kudos.

At the Daily Mail, Mary Greene wrote The real Little Dorrit: the inspiration for Dickens' classic novel was a single mother- turned-prostitute. Dickens & whores; what's not to love? Includes info on the book Charles Dickens And The House Of Fallen Women by Jenny Hartley and Little Dorrit, lavish BBC production).

Now for the usual suspects...

At her own blog, Zen Fetish, our Ms Angela (a PSO), discusses the realities of phone sex ~ including it's importance, using a poem by Kim Addonizio. If you read this and still don't get it... I'm standing here with a rolled-up newspaper to smack you with.

At Porn Perspectives, Rebecca discusses the economy and the adult industry in Is Porn in Peril? Mistakes are being made.

At Pop Feminist, Rachel looks at the the art of Barbara Kruger ~ and how it makes her feel. (It's the last part which intrigues me most.) A very visual post to prompt your own reactions.

Silent Porn Star falls in love with Lenny Bruce's mother. (Don't miss the link to The Pink Pussycat collection!)

Greta Christina wrote about Why We Care What Other People Believe: Religion, Race, and Prop 8 ~ it's continued here. Read the comments too.

CR/LF, my very own boy toy, breaks down a recent study regarding porn use and sexual offenses against children. Hip-hip Whore-ay, as we say.

Renegade Evolution rants about the anti-sex positive folks in You, my dear, are a tool. While Ren is known for her rants, don't dismiss them as just that; there are good points in there.

And I'm including my own look at Wives Legal Rights in 1965. Because I can. And because you haven't read it; if you had, you'd have commented. Really you would have.

The last edition was at Fetch Me My Axe & the next edition will be at Secondhand Rose.

© Gracie


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Discuss This (4 Comments)

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