Treat Your Face Like Real Estate!

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Why am I comparing your face to real estate? Seems unlikely; after all, no poet has ever written, "Shall I compare thee to a Southern Plantation..."

But there are many reasons to view your appearance as your personal real estate.

Like a home, shopping center or office building, your appearance is always present. Its visibility is always noted and it makes a great statement about you. The building's image is like a living business card or personal references. Just as you would not choose to rent office space in a building with broken windows, most people make assumptions about your qualifications based on looks.

I am not talking here about astounding beauty, but the simple act of taking care of yourself.

Taking care of yourself says a lot about you. By presenting yourself in an attractive package, you are demonstrating abilities to care for & manage yourself! View yourself as a "commodity" that is presented all the time -- like buildings -- and create your own personal real estate. It is an investment with great returns.

How To Select Your Appropriate Image

Increasing your personal property value does not mean you must continually present yourself as the Taj Mahal. It means looking as great as you can while still maintaining your function. Let's, again, put this in the perspective of real estate...

Imagine that you are looking for a house. One of the first things you do is think of how many bedrooms you need. Maybe you also need a large yard for your dogs. Does the house need to be located near work or school for your children? These are basic issues of function.

Now, view your beauty in terms of function. For instance, what are your daily activities like? Do you work in a physically demanding job or chase children all day? Perhaps you have a schedule that mandates some "dress up" for entertaining. Maybe you even have multiple roles to think about. Consider what is realistic or appropriate for your life. Jot down a few notes & let's continue.

Next, you consider the looks of the home. Some are drawn to brick, classic columns, ranch styles etc. Some of the reasons are sentimental, but it all comes down to aesthetics. Ask yourself about the aesthetics of your own personal beauty. What image do you wish to project? Professional? Fun? Drop dead gorgeous? Will you need to create more that one image for the multiple roles you have? Write these ideas down after your earlier notes on function. Once your done, move on to the last step in shopping for that house: Blancing.

Now you have to balance the needs/functions with the visual appeal, and your bank account as well. You need to consider things such as those large lawns & beautiful gardens, can you maintain them? What about the cost to heat that drafty old farm house? And do you really want to keep up with the exterior on that charming Victorian? These are matters of upkeep and money.

Now, before you go and get an estimate for having yourself sided for easier care, read on!

Look at your list of ideas, both the functions and the dreams. So you want to look like a bombshell from the sliver screen, but you are a landscape artist... How do you balance this? Maybe it is as simple as having a great skin care system with sun protection for work, and a cosmetic collection of dramatic looks for other times. The point is to think of what is livable for you.

It is not realistic to expect your home to look like one in Better Home & Gardens, nor your person to look like you were on the cover of Vogue. It is fine to have that "lived in" look -- just don't look like a "fixer upper"!

Easy Investing Tips

What's the number one rule in real estate? Well, actually it is the first three rules: "location, location, location". Just as location is an important function of your home or business, the location of your personal care items makes all the difference. Keep items in the place you use them. If they are handy, you'll do it -- but if you have to go get them, chances are you'll skip it or waste time trying to find them.


1) Keep your cleanser in the shower. (I have a separate bathroom where I wash my face at night, and I keep another bottle there so it is always handy.)

2) If you tend to wear the same shade of lipstick everyday, keep an extra tube of it in your purse, so you always have it with you.

3) If you use special products at nighttime, for your hands & feet for example, keep them bedside. (Few things are more annoying than having to get up in the dark to take care of dry feet!)

4) Group your cosmetics in sets: a set for daily use, by color family and so on. You won't make clashing mistakes & you will save time.

Tips To Keep Household Expenses Down

1) Any product that is made for the face will work on your hands. No need to waste money on "special" products. This includes daily moisturizers with sun protection as well as nighttime creams. So be liberal with your application & massage the rest into your hands.

2) Hair conditioner has many uses. One of my favorites is a soak for manicures & pedicures. Just add a cap-full to warm water & soak! (Also works great on stuck zippers, and to condition leather purses, and nearly a million other things.)

3) Keep your cosmetics clean. Facial oils can build up on applicators, discoloring and even hardening eye shadows & other powders. Keep applicators clean by washing with a tiny bead of antibacterial dish or hand soap. Remember to rinse well. Or use disposable applicators, cotton balls etc., to keep products clean.

Thoughts On Maintenance, Repairs & Such

While I do advocate routine maintenance (such as cleansing systems & sun protection) repair work (lightening under eye circles and firming skin, for example) & even basic redecorating (trying new shades or colors) I do not advocate changing structures.

When you own a cozy cottage, you do not try to change it into a sprawling colonial. Sure there are trends in housing, almost as often as fashion, but you don't move every time a new design comes out in building do you?

You have your own structure & uniqueness. This is key to your look, not something that you keep trying to make into something else. Which is not to say you can't update your look, or try something new. Just keep in mind your needs, & your desires & decide if you are changing for you or some fad that doesn't suit you. Real style is making the most of what you have, not following today's look.

Redecorating Tips

1) You wouldn't buy a new sofa that didn't go with anything else in your home -- unless you purchased a matching or coordinating chair, ottoman etc. So don't do it with makeup either. For example, when trying a new lipstick in a different color family, buy the blush too. (And just like interior design, if you are unsure of what goes with what, ask a professional!)

2) Don't buy an item that is new or on sale on impulse. Always ask yourself what this new look says about you & if it is the image you wish to present.

So start investing in your personal real estate today & you'll get the return on your investment tomorrow.



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