Tips on looking & feeling beautiful, including cosmetic, bath & body product reviews.
Why am I comparing your face to real estate? Seems unlikely; after all, no poet has ever written, "Shall I compare thee to a Southern Plantation..."

But there are many reasons to view your appearance as your personal real estate.

DeeDee reviews the Schick® Quattro for Women® and answers the question.
Recently in chat Slip of a Girl and myself have been discussing those beauty faux pas that we know we break. Kat and I have had similar talks -- even to the point of having odd challenges in which we compete for who is 'uglier' or 'lazier'. (There are no prizes; it's just something we do now and then.)

We know that breaking these rules can take the 'sex' right out of 'sex kitten'; but we do it anyway. That might even be why we do it...

Since this phenomenon isn't apparently as rare as I once thought, I figured I'd publicly declare a few of the beauty rules routinely broken.

If it serves as a "Do as I say, not as I do" and you become ultra glamorous, that's cool. It you see yourself here, then at least you know you're in good company -- still cool, not a fool.

If you're a guy who thinks his sex kitten is too high maintenance, then consider yourself served a big dose of reality -- she could be following all these rules.

Do it yourself breast lift techniques. (Illustrated with vintage photos.)
Special Care For Your Breasts
Classic Bombshell Makeup Tips
How to create vintage makeup looks today.
Often touted as the one makeup essential you need, just how do you really make the most of it?
Most women have wondered about wigs.

Maybe you're fighting cancer & facing chemo, maybe you've been in a life long war with your hair, maybe you've been toying with the idea of wearing wigs with your exotic lingerie to spice things up, or maybe Cher just got you thinking... But chances are, you've wondered about wigs.

Rochelle Scott, owner of Godiva's Secret Wig Shop, tells us all about wigs and her special mission.

How radiant do you wish to look?

Many folks still think a tan or a 'sunkist' look is sexier than any other (pale) look. You'll find these folks basking in the sun, hoping that even after the sun goes down, you'll find them radiant looking. Even with winter approaching (for most of us), you still need to be aware. (Especially those who continue to go for that all-year tan, in fake-n-bake tanning beds.)

All I can say, as a near albino, is Be careful!

Eliminate common beauty problems with a few of these tricks.
An Authentic Fashion Forcast. - Inside Knowledge from an Experienced Designer. - Bustles and Sash-bows Returning. Chinese Lines. - Gentlewamn's Exclusive Fashion News.

From The Gentlewoman, September, 1923; by Ethel Boston.

Don't banish those warm-weather favorites, face this coming fall in style!
It's thick, it's white, it's heavy, it's wonderful....
Monthly cycles, pregnancy hormones and other female facts of life play havoc with a lady's face. Is there anything you can do to break away from breakout? DeeDee, desperate for relief, tries an unusual product...
Are you looking to add a little spice to your love life? Perhaps all you need to do is add a little fragrance for a truly "scentual" experience. By adding the right scents to your bedroom and home you can create a sensual and romantic atmosphere.
You have probably heard of pheromones and possibly seen the advertisements for them in magazines or online but do you know what they really are or how they work?
Every Sex-Kitten needs to be equipped with a few choice weapons of seduction: Long, feathery, black lashes are to ransom as red-as-sin lips are to a shot in the heart... Betti Mustang brings you the latest on luxurious lashes--lashes that are so luxurious men have been known to drop dead at the mere sight of them. Oh yeah, we're talking deadly sweetheart, deadly.'s more medicinal than you might have thought...
I live for the day when the Q & A in beauty magazines deal with the questions we are most reluctant to ask ~ afterall, wouldn't it be nicer to write in as "Blotchy in MN" rather than ask a girlfriend or medical professional for some help with blotches & other skin problems after some BDSM play? But you don't have to wait for the magazines to become helpful, because as usual, the Sex Kittens are here to help!
Wouldn't it be nice, to sit amongst the blooms, taking in their delightful aroma, all while receiving a sensuous massage?
Sex Kittens are not wilted flowers!
Why is it just fine for a woman* to seek counseling or other help to perfect herself, but it is horrible for a woman to want to perfect her physical presentation?
In 1940 George A McNamara wrote 'Essay on Jiggling.' which is part ode to spring, yes, but mainly it is an ageless ode to that which is woman...
Being busy is no products that work. Now.

Gracie answers the mail...
Holiday hangover? Party here, party there ~ this season provides many situations when we can be over-served. Even if we stay sober, we are running here & there, staying up late, and it can show on our faces. Well, not on the faces of Sex Kittens, we know these tips!
Without these, we’d be a fright!
Gracie & DeeDee wax together, poetically.
To shave that pubic area or not to shave it..this may be exactly what you've been searching for.
Vamp It Up!

Article, by Deanna Ferber, of GlamKitty, LLC, used with permission

Long before Garbo, there were the vamps. Now we use the word vamp to convey sexual seduction with a hint of camp, but the original vamps were evil. Vamps were like vampires that sucked the life out of their victims. True femme fatals, they stole a man's power -- and enjoyed it!

She was cryptic, ageless. Cold yet sensual. Sex with a vamp meant danger, but it might just be worth it...

Ask A Pro:
Beauty Tips From Sex Workers!

Sometimes, you just need to ask a beauty question that the counter girl at Macy's can't answer... That's why we are here! So send in your questions to Gracie, and get the real answers you need!

As I mentioned in the orginal letter from the editor, we are here to help you with the basics of beauty & beyond. As promised, let's start with the skinny on red lipstick...

Ask A Pro:
Guliding The Lilly

Dear Gracie, what's the deal with men... They say they want a 'natual looking' girl, but guess who always gets the looks? The girl with wild & big hair & blood red lips does, that's who! Unless the natural girl is the one with the huge tits & the lowcut shirt, she doesn't get the attention. And even then, if Miss Big Hair is stacked as well, 'natural girl' is invisible again... But, if your guy says 'natural' and you aren't a big makeup freak yourself, what can you, what should you do?
Stacked but with flat hair & pink lips in Virginia