The Beauty Of Scars

In her Ruined Boudoir, Secondhand Rose discusses the vulnerability that comes of survival. I don’t want to cut a excerpt from the piece; it’s too beautiful to cut up like that. So just go read it and learn about the beauty of scars and the strength of weaknesses which build intimacy.

sexy scars

Image Credits: Shaholly Ayers & Alex Minsky; photograph by Michael Stokes.

Let’s Talk About Sex — With & For Youth With Disabilities & Special Needs

As a parent, I’ve long been upset with the sad state of sex education in this country. As a parent of a (now adult) child with special needs, I’m even more upset. Children and even adults with spec…


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Profanely Popular Hot Priests Calendar

The 2015 Orthodox Priests Calendar on sale now. Featuring nude and semi-nude homoerotic photographs of members of the Orthodox Church, this is one calendar that’s sure to hit hot touch points ~ raising ire and libidos.

orthodox 2015 nude male

Orthodox Calendar threesome in church

Orthodox Calendar church gay bdsm hot wax

Not just about the pretty faces (and other parts), this year’s calendar (the third in the series) is called S.A.L.I.G.I.A. ((Superbia, Avaritia, Luxuria, Invidia, Gula, Ira, Acedia) and it pays tribute to social tolerance.

The story takes place on the right bank of the Moskva River south of Moscow, where some priests believe that same-sex unions are NOT a sign of the coming apocalypse, contrary to what Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill may claim. These priests set out, in a humorous way, to remind the world that homosexuality is NOT one of the 7 deadly sins and in fact that Jesus Christ never even referred to homosexuality as a sin!

Yet in the words of many in the Orthodox hierarchy, LGBT people have suddenly become the worst kind of sinners — an omen of the impending end of the world. What about wrath, avarice, sloth, pride, lust, envy and gluttony?

Three years after its creation, OC is still the only organized global effort against homophobia in the Orthodox region.

Hot Flash Fiction Friday: The Rain at Night

I love the rain at night.

The sky is so dark and slick looking. Just a little thunder and lightening. The big storm has passed and now the rain just soaks down from the sky.

I like the raindrops running down your bare skin. You’re so white in some places.

man-standing-in-rain-all-wet-shirt-wide-hd-wallpaperYour hair is plastered to your scalp and you are wet right through now. I bet you’re cold too.

“Pirouette boy!” I call out to you.

Putting your arms over your head you turn a circle around. I can see the mud squishing between your toes.

“On your tippy toes, like a ballerina!”

“Now hop a bit, put a bit of a skip into it!”. I laugh quietly. There is humiliation and then just plain meanness. You won’t like it if I’m laughing at you. But, there isn’t a lot sexy about a naked man hopping in the rain. The rain itself though…. I love the rain at night.

You’re cold, wet and I think your lips look on the blue side of pale. Another minute…. but not more than that.

I pull a hot towel out of the dryer and bring it with me out into the rain. I get a few photographs of the rain, the darkness and your wet skin. This is the turn on for me. Not your suffering, or your humiliation. Those are the things you want. I wanted the sensation of the rain, the sensuality of the drops running down your skin, through your hair and your breath in the night sky.

I’m quick, snap, click and a small adjustment of your pose for a last photo of your wet face up close.

I wrap you in the warm towel and lead you to the sliding glass door and the heat and light of the indoors.

I stay outside, by myself and play in the rain. I photograph the sky, up there far into the darkness. How far can the camera see? How many raindrops will be in the photo, captured in that blink of a lens?  I want to catch the rain on film before it’s all gone.

You come out, all dry and warm now. You’re wearing your rain coat this time and under it I know you will be dressed in your soft flannel workshirt and worn jeans. Your feet are in Wellingtons now, shiny with rain.

I love your smile as you wrap me up in a big hug and the worn, old quilt from our bed.

“Come inside now.” You say. Your voice is soft, almost a whisper for a man. It’s sexy and you’re warm and sexier now too. I don’t mind leaving the rain behind.

Image Credits: Via.

A Woman’s Place Is In The Kitchen ~ Making Tit Cookies

SweetSanctionsLLC makes these busty cookies. However, if you have a heart-shaped cookie cutter, you can make them too. Just cut-out a v-neckline and decorate.

Personally, I’d make a pearl necklace of white frosting and ad some Red Hots for the areolas and nipples. But maybe I’ve been looking too long at Dr. Suzy‘s Bukookies. (For more on Dr. Suzy Block, see these posts, 1 & 2, in the old SK archives!)

boob breast tit cookies

The Real Stories of Disabled Men Who Pay for Sex #sexwork

How they do it, why they do it, and what else they want from it.

The Sessions–the 2012 film about a polio patient who hires a “sex surrogate” to help him lose his virginitywon praise for humanizing a sex worker and her severely disabled client. But a new paper by Kirsty Liddiard, a sociologist at the UK’s University of Sheffield, provides a much more revealing window into the experiences of disabled men who pay for sex.


Educational ~ and emotional.

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