Sunday Funnies: “A Stud In Hand” Edition

The seller calls this a little trinket box, but mostly likely it is an antique cuff box. Back in the day, well-dressed gentlemen used such round boxes to store their cuffs and collars, as the boxes helped keep the fashion accessories not only clean but properly shaped.

antique cuff collar box

What makes this particular antique cuff box worthy of note, is the gilded message stamped into the leather:

A stud in hand is worth two under the bed.

antique stud in hand worth two under the bed box

The studs, of course, are those which act like today’s cufflinks ~ and naturally those under the bed are trouble to find. However, this is also cheeky proof that the gentlemen of yesteryear also had a sense of humor.

Not In The Mile High Club Yet? Need A Gadget To Entertain You On A Plane?

Still in the prototype stages, this Window Socket by Kyuho Song & Boa Oh suctions to an airplane or other window, harnessing solar energy while functioning as an electrical socket. Once charged, you can use it anywhere as a portable energy source.




Personally, I thought this might make the idea of camping less revolting; provided it held enough charge for my Magic Wand.

I don’t like to leave home ~ for any real travel, anyway ~ without my Magic Wand.

But apparently there are problems with the design keeping it from production. However, the product design is so popular it continues to cycle and recycle on Tumblr and other sites with few seeming to understand that you can’t buy it.

Similar story with this version, Ray by Brandon Craven, which is specifically for phones, tablets, and other gadgets. (Admittedly, not a general socket ~ and a less sexy looking version than that by Kyuho Song & Boa Oh ~ but still a good idea for charging tech gadgets while traveling.)

I’m guessing it’s an overall problem with the weight of solar the charger battery pack being to heavy to maintain decent suction to a window. However, if you can live without the suction (and, yes, we all like some suction!), there’s the handy little Juicebar® Multi-Device Pocket Solar Charger. The only down side to the Juicebar is that it does slide around when you are mobile, be it the car dashboard or the tray on the plane. (And it certainly won’t work with my favorite masturbating toy.)

Like most of you, I’m still looking forward for some suction. Sometimes, you just want to go hands-free and relax…

Intimate Photos Take Us Into the Bedrooms of People With Disabilities (NSFW) – Feature Shoot

For Je t’aime moi aussi, photographer Olivier Fermariello enters the bedrooms of individuals with disabilities, cutting through taboo and rarely discussed topics to reveal the complex sexual identities of his subjects. In a world that subscribes to a relatively homogeneous definition of beauty, physical differences at times become a source of discomfort. Here, Fermariello combats the prejudice surrounding disabled individuals, who are too often unjustly and inaccurately relegated to a realm of n


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What Do Women Really Want for Valentine’s Day

valentine cardThe traditional flowers, candy, jewelry, cards, dinner, lingerie and love making don’t make the list for every woman. My own feelings about Valentine’s Day come from my romantic, sometimes practical nature along with a bit of contrariness and daring-do. Following is a list for my Valentine but may be helpful for other Valentines too.


Flowers I’d like, if they still have roots. Cut flowers look great for awhile but I feel sad when I have to put them out to compost. I wouldn’t turn down cut flowers and I’d be really happy for a few days. So flowers are still a good choice and they look fresh and alive which is really what flowers are all about, I think.


Candy is trickier. First, I’m trying to avoid sugar and it isn’t easy because I enjoy chocolate, cheesecake and ice cream. A vanilla ice cream with swirls of chocolate and caramel… but, I know I shouldn’t think about such things.

Another problem with candy and sweets is finding something that really is good. So much of it is artificial and only looks good. Candy can be very disappointing. I’d just skip it and consider other Valentine ideas.


Jewelry is pricey, unless you found it or got it out of a bubble gum machine. So I don’t expect jewels for Valentine’s Day. Save those sparkling things for bigger events which have more meaning, like an anniversary of a wedding or a baby being born. Besides, you really would need to know just what I like to pick something I’d love when it comes to jewelry. I don’t think I’d want a guy I actually like to have that kind of pressure.

Valentine Card

A Valentine card is great. But, I like something just right. Not overly mushy with stuff you don’t really mean but thought sounded good when you read the card in the store. I like something only a little sentimental, something believable. What I really like about a card is a great personal and hand written message inside and a fabulous image or drawing on the outside. I love a card with red hearts, roses and other romantic things. Don’t forget the envelope – you can doodle hearts and flowers for extra romance.

Romantic Dinner

Dinner out is nice. But, not spectacular. Make me a dinner at home and I’d be far more impressed. Especially if you clean up before I get there so I don’t see the dirty pots, pans and hear the dishwasher still running in the background. A romantic dinner at home is great if you work at setting the mood. I don’t want to see dirty dishes, laundry, kids not in bed yet and start multi-tasking.

If you make dinner at home use a recipe you already know or have at least tried a couple of times. Consider something messy like spaghetti as a poor choice when both of you are likely to be dressed up and won’t like spots of sauce on your clothes. Something requiring extra tools, like crab legs, aren’t a great choice either. Keep it simple and work with ingredients you know. Beware of food allergies.


Lingerie is a pretty personal choice for a woman. Self esteem, body issues and confidence get all wrapped up in the choice of what we wear and what makes us feel sexy. Colour is important. Size matters. What you think would look great may be something she would never wear and if she did put it on to please you she may feel very unsexy. So lingerie, though it sounds like a good idea, may be too risky. If she is interested in Valentine lingerie – take her out for a shopping trip on Valentine’s Day. Let her pick something that you both can enjoy. Why not pick up something sexy for yourself too?

Love Making

The love making part should be about romance, making love and for me, I want the romance first. I want to feel appreciated and know I look hot to him. Women get in the mood in different ways. I like being the one in charge, leading and teasing and laughing. There have been cases of exhibitionism, flashing for fun and pleasure. But, if you want to get to the love making you need to find out what gets her to that point. Don’t wait for Valentine’s Day to find out. Talk together. You may get a lot more out of the conversation than you expect.

The Valentine card in this post comes from Etsy: VintageRecycling I looked at a lot of cards but this is the only one I really wanted to choose for myself.

The Truth & Nothing But The Truth About Online Dating

Vintage dating romance and marriage 1940sWhen it comes to online dating, both men and women are accused of lying ~ about everything from how they look, to their relationship status. Since dating can be emotional and stressful all by itself, the additional worry about whether or not a person is intentionally misrepresenting themselves makes many folks jaded. But becoming so jaded that you assume everyone is lying doesn’t help matters either.

But are people lying?

Sometimes people simply have a view of themselves that is askew. Some even sabotage themselves as a twisted means of self-protection. Which is why once you’ve written your dating profile, you should have a friend give it the once-over to see how accurately it depicts you.

But probably the biggest offense in online dating is when a person is not honestly representing their dating intentions. Are they looking for casual companionship, a life-long companion, or just a sexual companion for the night? This information is often the first screening criteria used by most online daters to avoid all sorts of complications & unpleasantries. And you know what I am talking about, all the craziness that can happen when one person thinks there’s a relationship and the other thought everything was super casual…. Someone gets called a liar. Or worse.

But this imbalance or upset isn’t necessarily due to outright lying. Often it’s because people haven’t been honest enough with themselves regarding their needs and desires. It’s something I ran into time and time again back in my escorting days… Oh, the number of times a man felt obligated to have sex ~ because he thought he’d disappoint if he didn’t!

It would have been simpler, less stressful, and more enjoyable for everyone if he’d been honest about just wanting a date so he wouldn’t have to go dinner and a movie alone. But, sadly, that sort of introspection and self-awareness is often lacking.

One night stand thank you cardDon’t make that sort of mistake. Know your dating intentions. Are you on a serious mission to find your one and only true love, so that the two of you can ride-off into the monogamous sunset together? Are you happily playing the field, viewing dating as a casual form of social entertainment? Are you simply looking for sex, the proverbial one night stand? Maybe you’re looking for The One ~ but you’re willing to play along the way… Whatever your desires, know them and communicate them.

And find the right dating site too.

Many of the numerous online dating websites are dedicated to specific audiences. Not only religious affiliations or sexual orientations, but in terms of your dating intentions and sexual interests as well. XXX Sex Guides reviews dating sites, including breaking down the dating sites by categories to help you find others seeking the same sort of relationship that you are.

But still, no matter what dating site you use, if your dating intention isn’t made clear, you can’t blame other interested parties for making assumptions of their own to fill in that blank. And those assumptions are as good as lies, leading to an uncomfortable ~ or even a terrible ~ experience.

So, to avoid some seriously bad times, you ought to make your intentions clear in your online dating profile. And when viewing the dating profiles of others, if you don’t see a clear intention ~ ask!

Image Credits: Vintage dating booklets; one night stand thank you note.


How Many Feminist Sex Positions Are There?

Comedian Liz Miele on sexual humor ~ specifically jokes about sexual positions which are made at the expense of women. At the end, Meile gives three feminist sex positions. This clip originally aired Gotham Comedy Live and is Meile’s debut comedy album Emotionally Exhausting. (Via.)

Saucy Saturday: A Man Is Whipped (Audio)

“ [x] 5:11 | Whipping sounds, the sub is instructed to count the number of strikes.


It’s a male Dom & a male sub; but let your imagination take you where you wish… Via @SecretPhoneSex

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