Saucy Saturday: Retro Hetero Couple Edition

retro nude couple

On a quasi-related note (and not to ruin your Saucy Saturday with too much thinky stuff)…

I remember a discussion I had not long ago with a gentleman who was surprised that I had gone about a dozen adult (and sexually active) years before seeing an uncircumcised penis. He thought because I was in the US that I’d seen many of them ~ believing, in fact, that majority of American men do not have circumcised cocks. I was surprised at that notion. But here are some stats and info, should you be interested.

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Hot Flash Fiction Friday (Kinda): The New Pet

His girls had been begging him for a kitten for years now. So when Bob found this stray, he felt compelled to bring it home. Yeah, he knew that all the work that went into a pet would fall to him. But with this kitten, he just didn’t think he’d mind that at all.

new sex kitten

training the sex kitten pet

pet eats out of dish

Inspired by animated GIFs found at Smoke + Mirrors.

She’s Lovely and Not Shaved

The shaving issue bugs me. I think of it as a fetish more than anything sensible or modern. This woman from the 1920s is lovely – with all her arm pit and pubic hair attached.

Reproduction Postcard 1920s pin up photograph. Mint condition. Card measures 140 X 89mm.

Source: Vintage Repro French Postcard 1920s Pin Up Model by SlideWorld

Sunday Funnies: Inside Amy Schumer’s Uncensored Beer Ad

Ladies, if you’ve ever felt those beer commercials were full of misdirected lust, Amy Schumer wants you to know that you are not alone. Nor are you crazy; it’s the beer ads that are crazy. …I guess there could be a new porn category. BILF: Beer I’d Like To Fuck.

Are young men really porn-watching, video game-playing losers?

The Guy Behind the Stanford Prison Experiment Says Video Games Are Destroying Men

In 1971, the psychologist Philip Zimbardo spearheaded the Stanford prison experiment to show how the hierarchy of the penitentiary system could turn otherwise reasonable men into monsters. Now, Zimbardo has identified a new threat to mankind: the Internet. Excessive video game use and porn consumption, Zimbardo says, is turning modern…


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Alpha the Robot Abducts Queen Zorine Of The Nudists

Not to become the sexy robot blog or anything, but who can pass up a photo ~ and a story ~ like this one from the 1935 San Diego Exposition?

A grand event thrown to help boost morale and the local economy during the Great Depression. Among the hundreds of exhibits, the ones best remembered are Alpha the Robot, a “mechanical man” created by Harry May representing the cutting edge of mid-30s robotic machine age modernist technology. At some point during the exhibition, Alpha wandered away from the Palace of Science and found himself at another exhibit, that of Queen Zorine and her harem of nudists who were frolicking about Balboa Park. This unique and delightfully strange picture shows Alpha “abducting” Queen Zorine.

Authentic vintage photo currently up for auction here; via.

Alpha the Robot Abducts Queen Zorine Of The Nudists

I Admit… I have a mini robot toy fetish

I’d like to set up these mini Transformer robots along the bottom of my bed, in a row facing me. I could fantasize about them coming to get me. Those mad, bad little robot men….

Maybe I like knowing I can escape whenever I want and laughing at how cute they are, trying to be so serious and scary and slutty. Of course, who knows what they might get up to once I went to bed and they escape out of the drawer… those bad little robot men.

3″ tall collectible series of Transformers figures. The tiny figures all swivel and pose w/7 to 9 points of articulation. Perfect for fans young & old!

Source: Transformers Blind Boxed Mini Figures

Reusable Feminine Toupee

Kitty Carpet: reusable downstairs toupee is a female merkin or pubic hair wig that makes a funny gag, prank, joke, white elephant, or stocking stuffer.

CaptureSource: Kitty Carpet: reusable female merkin toupee

Available in dark, light or pink… for those days you want to be extra special.

Men are not left out…