So You Want To Go Topless…

Maybe you’d like to be as free as men are and let your breasts be bare. Sorry, ladies, but going topless is likely illegal where you live here in the US of A. Thanks to the TaTa Top, you can at least look as if you’re letting it all hang out. Yes, those lovely lady lumps are actually covered ~ go ahead, stare at the pic. Via. (Also on Etsy.)

topless look tata top bikini

Sunday Funnies: Skiing Is Dangerous For Your Junk Edition

A vintage print block featuring a man downhill skiing. The text reads “Wow! Was that close.” But, as you can see, it wasn’t merely a close call as this poor man is missing his package ~ and behind him, you can see that it is left on the obstacle he thought he missed. I guess it was also cold enough that he didn’t feel a thing during his dick amputation. But the accident sure left a mark and he is going to feel it later. For sale at Etsy.

beware while skiing

The Sex Kitten Arousr Review

While apps like Tinder allow you to message one another, they are designed for real world hookups. You join Tinder via a Facebook login, after all, which means your real identity is exposed. Even if you take precautions, there is risk that your friends, family, coworkers, etc. will know what you are up to. These days, if you want your sex to be really safe, you need more than a condom to protect you from STIs; you need to protect your heart, reputation, digital privacy, etc.. But nothing combines the pleasure of orgasm with the ultimate safety of masturbation via virtual sex. So why not grab your phone and get sexting with a stranger?

free arousr android sexting app

This is where Arousr comes (or cums) in. It combines the erotic thrills of casual sex with the confidential anonymity one loses too easily in this digital age. Grab your mobile phone and text the Arousr number of the chat host of your choice (or use the free app), and you’re ready to have the safest sex via sexting anonymously. You can even share photos. It’s kind of like the chat rooms of yesteryear, but with greater privacy, the ability to be mobile, and the assurance that you are sexting with a legal adult.

What’s more, you can also elevate your sexy texting to phone sex and even video chat. In many cases, you can also get video clips to enjoy while the hottie of your choice is unavailable ~ for some credits, of course.

Arousr is clearly aimed at male users. But then, aren’t most sex services? Bonus points, dudes who use Arousr, for being horny and sending your dirty thoughts and dick pics to someone who is legal, willing, and waiting instead of harassing someone who is not interested.

sexting at arousr

Joining Arousr is relatively easy ~ just be aware that your user name cannot be more than 10 characters long (if it is, you’ll need to reload the page to enter a new/shorter handle; otherwise the page won’t let you hit the register/submit button). While chat hosts are required to provide proof that they are of legal age, users are only required to put in the year of their birth and agree to the terms of use. This potentially allows underage users, but most of the chat hosts are savvy enough to not offer any explicit photos or videos for the free chat, at least not right off the bat.

Most of them will click to activate “Premium Mode” before such adult acts. This means the free sexting with that person stops and that you’ll need to spend credits to continue the action. There are no tricks here. You’ll get a notice that states, “Replying to this message will put you in Premium Mode.” This means that if you wish to continue the conversation, you must reply to the message with your PIN code. Then, and only then, will you be charged the 10 credits for each message sent from that chat host. If you do not wish to pay to continue, do not answer the message; you can then simply move onto another member.

When you join, you get 100 credits added to your account. At 10 credits per text, that’s 10 free sex messages.

What happens when the credits run out? Why, you must pay for credits, of course.

You can invest as little as $15 or as much as $100; in any case, it comes out to about 5¢ per credit. To help those of you who are mathematically challenged (either by nature, or due to arousal and blood flowing away from your brain), that comes out to 50¢ per text message. If you’re going the phone sex route, that would be $1.40 per minute; video calls are typically higher.

Overall, Arousr is aces. Additional details on Arousr, a TelePass company, can be found here.

If you are interested in becoming a paid chat host, women as well as bisexual and gay men can earn 50% of the take. Apply here.

TV’s Turning Up The Sex ~ And I Love It (Mostly)

Typically, summer seems to bring out some of the worst in fluff TV. Often, this is most visible in cheap “reality” television which exploits celebrity itself by making celebrities do odd things. But it is also apparent in the cliched, romance and fashion-ridden chick shows otherwise known as the lady dramas or evening soaps. Hey, I’ll admit I watch a few of them. I could tell you it’s for the pure joy of having some guilty pleasures, but that’s not entirely it… We have little choice. While some may say it’s the heat which makes us lower our standards, the truth is that there’s little else on. But this summer, even the guilty pleasure fluff has become very interesting by stepping-up the sex appeal…

Surprisingly, Devious Maids turned up the heat by going with a BDSM theme. Even if it was presented as a shocking thing, a la Desperate Housewives.

As the relationship betwen The Powells grows warmer, Mr. Powell grows impotent, missing his wife’s cold controlling humiliating ways ~ but discovers he has progressed towards a predilection and arousal from physical pain.

Yes, it got more than a bit icky when he topped from the bottom ~ and especially by breaking the rule of consent, forcing the maid to provide his discipline. Is it worse than the ick of 50 Shades? I don’t know… We could have debates for ages on that. But the very fact that BDSM was on Maids at all assists in breaking ground for BDSM in the mainstream.

Even if you’re not shocked to find BDSM in your mainstream lady shows, you might find how Mistresses turned up the sexual heat surprising…

Mistresses introduces not merely a not threesome, but a polyamory relationship between Karen, Vivian, and Alec.

More than just sex, there’s a love trio ~ complete with emotional complications as Karen finds herself fearing she’s coming between the married couple after cumming between them. It’s more than likely this won’t last; the show is called Mistresses, after all. And likely Karen will find herself smitten with Alec, if not leaving the two of them at the same time. (Remember, they only allowed Joss to be a lesbian for a few minutes.) But it is a start, right?

But hands-down (pun intended), my new favorite show, UnReal, earns special props for being more than open about sex ~ but by including female masturbation so naturally too.

At the start of one episode, Rachel is shown trying to (unsuccessfully) jill-off while watching porn on her phone. Later in that same episode, Rachel finds masturbatory success while watching a different video on her phone ~ this video of she and her former lover. Kudos, Lifetime!

And kudos, again, for sandwiching between those slices of masturbatory life, Quinn being (discreetly ~ but obviously) orally serviced by Chet as well. Quinn clearly enjoys that seat of power ~ for now, anyway.

Unfortuneatly, no one seems to have preserved and proffered video clips from this spectacularly sexually frank episode. Yet. But trust me, it all happened. Others saw it too. And it’s just this sort of honesty that makes UnReal the best show on Lifetime. Quite possibly the best show on TV this summer. I just wish that Lifetime would have the ovaries to post these sorts of clips online; that would show real commitment to UnReal. And fans like me.

Thanks to this marvelous digital age, it doesn’t matter if you’ve missed any episodes or even if you missed every episode. You can get them online somewhere, via Netflix, or Amazon Instant Video (my favorite ~ since I’m a Prime member, I make the most of Prime Instant Video). Wherever you go, be sure to check out the steamy summer goodness. Especially UnReal. It truly is unreal. In an amazing way.


Epic Fail Wedding Dress

This must have been created as an art piece. Surely no one would really wear this to their own wedding. If I look at it from farther away I think something was spilled (thrown at?) her dress.

I think this kind of art is over done. How would people feel if it were a giant penis on a tuxedo? For either gender, it’s just too much sexuality and too bold for a general public setting.

Source: The Search for the Ugliest Wedding Dress Ever Created

Ball Ironing? Really?

When an Esquire reporter asked George Clooney in 2008 if he’d had any work done, the star said he’d never had an eyelift. “I did get my balls done, though,” George said. “I got them unwrinkled. It’s the new thing in Hollywood – ball ironing.” Apparently it’s a craze that’s catching on with men who want to restore some of the original luster to their family jewels.

Is it something you can DIY at home? Maybe this will become a new BDSM fetish. Ball stretching merging with ball ironing and then some chastity until they snap back into some kind of shape.

I never really liked ironing clothes…
Source: 20 Bizarre Things Men Do to Look Good – Feminity.Co

Cuff Links with Steampunk Style

I like the style of these. Not naked women, race cars or any of the other typical stuff they decorate accessories for men with. I like the old world, steampunk elegance and simplicity of these top hat cuff links. You could wear them anywhere. (A good reason for dressing up in a suit).

Top hat and moustache cufflinks available with either a black background or white background – please select your choice of colour from the menu above

Source: Top Hat and Moustache Cufflinks Choose Your Colour by urbaneye