If you Have the Assets Why Work for Someone Else?

Why work for someone else in this case? If you have the big boobs and are willing to sit in front of a webcam why do it for someone else and make a percentage? DIY and be your own boss. Avoid being an employee and do it all your way, safely and when/ how you want in your own time.
CaptureSource: Jobs for Social Media Experts

How to Look Hot for Web Sex 

For me online sex can’t get any better than IRC. Several women could talk behind the scenes while they sexted (on IRC you can keep a private chat, open a channel with several people and chat in a group all at the same time, in different windows, all in text format) with men. The behind the scenes conversation was always far funnier and personal than the men were. I still think 90% of men online are just sex trolls and they tend to prove me right.

I never got into the webcam sex stuff. I’d have to actually have a reason to want to share more than online chat with a guy – which would mean he would have to prove himself to be more than a sex troll. But, I have sent sexy scans of my boobs to a man I dated (offline). That was as much fun for me as it was for him. Setting up the pose, coming up with something creative… it was all fun. I liked knowing he would find it sexy too.

So I understand the new online sex stuff, the thrill of it. That feeling of being bold, daring and sexy all at the same time. Of course, just as I did then, you want to send a good impression and a great image. This article was mainly about the cosmetics to wear, that’s all less important than the lighting. Good lighting makes you look sexy even without cosmetics.

Find the Right Setup- Choose a spot in the house with natural light. “If you’re Skyping at night, try to make it as bright as possible with the light coming toward you,” says Scantlin. “Never sit with the lighting behind you.” Scantlin explains that positioning the light in front of you (shining on your face) will brighten your face and highlight your features so your date can see you better. If the light is behind you (shining at the back of your head), your face will appear dark. “The light doesn’t have to be a spotlight, but by positioning it so it points toward your face, you will allow your features—and perfect makeup—to shine,” she says.

Source: How to Look Your Hottest for Skype Sex | Women’s Health Magazine

Buy and Sell Pussy Juice

For all those times you want to be intimate with each other and the vaginal fluid of another woman. The company says there are no risky elements to this but… I still don’t want another woman’s “juice”. It would be a turn off.

This isn’t meant to be a lube, it’s just being sold that way.

pussy lube


The Dating Shortcut: Paid Dating

The site asks, “What’s your price?”

How much would you spend to get a date OR how much would you charge to go on a date?

Substitute date for other words and see how this business model sounds. I can see it isn’t a horrible idea. But… isn’t it a bad idea? When people pay for something they have more expectations and assumed rights to have what they want, first and foremost. That doesn’t sound like a date to me.

I’m sure this issue is handled on the site, somewhere. I didn’t spend much time looking for it. I don’t want to buy a date. I don’t want to be bought and paid for as a date either. I want to be asked on a date, invited. I don’t to be on a date with someone who picked me out of a catalogue by price. You can do that on Amazon but I thought we were past all that buying and selling of human beings.

WhatsYourPrice.com is an innovative dating website that puts you in control of who, when, and where you date.

Source: Online Dating | Buy & Sell First Dates

3 Ways to Make Missionary Sex Way Hotter

This post is about sexual positions. But, man on top sex can be creative, hot and stimulating with a change of mental postions. So much of sex is all in your head after all.

Get in on these guy-on-top upgrades for orgasms all over the place.

Source: 3 Ways to Make Missionary Sex Way Hotter | Women’s Health Magazine

Give Your Daddy Some Wood For Father’s Day ~ Let Him Watch!

Sexy puns aside, these wood watches from Jord make great Father’s Day gifts. Plus, in this review there’s a great tip on how to wear your wristwatch on the job and for interviews too.

red and black wooden jord wristwatch

sully jord wood watch

wooden wristwatch for men

And, yes, ladies; you can give yourself a little woodie too as they make wooden watches for women too.

fieldcrest-wooden wristwatch for women

Manly Collection Ideas

Hobbies should be an important part of every man’s life, especially in our increasingly passive, and abstract world. In a previous post, we outlined a few

Source: How to Start a Collection & 50+ Manly Collection Ideas | The Art of Manliness

The Art of Manliness is a great site. If you don’t already visit there at least now and then, make sure to click the link and take a look. The posts have great ideas and are well written. I really like it because it’s a site for men which believes men are actually people (real people versus TV show/ stereotypical people).

Anyway, my friend Deanna, writes a lot about collecting (what to collect, how to collect, etc.) I think the most interesting thing is what people collect. The list is endless. My Dad collected stamps. I collected postcards but now I seem to collect clutter. The downside of collecting is clutter so finding a way to display your collection (a sustainable way) is a priority to having a collection of any kind.

What do you collect? Is your collection one of those mentioned in the post from The Art of Manliness?