Hot Flash Fiction Friday: The Key to Sex

You’ve cleaned the kitchen, the laundry is done and put away, you even washed my car. But, it’s only day six of your chastity. You asked for a week. A full week, sure you could handle it, even if it got hard. Of course, it did.

key of love necklaceI’m feeling relaxed. Reclined on the couch, playing with the key I’m wearing around my neck. I suggest you put on music. You have a huge collection and I seldom have the patience to sit still and listen to it with you.

You choose something mellow and smooth. It suits my mood. I sink back into the couch and close my eyes. You sit at my feet, a good subbie boy. Maybe just a bit hopeful. So I open my legs, nudging you with my knee.

I love your grip on my thighs, the feeling of your fingers holding my legs and the gentle brush of your lips kissing your way up to my pussy. Hopeful. I let you pull my pants off. Then lean forward so you can take off my shirt and unhook my bra too. You put everything aside neatly.

Your tongue licks my inner thighs and I open my legs wider. I let you pull off my panties.

My pussy is already getting wet.

You push your face between my legs and push your tongue inside of me, tasting me and licking deeply. Two fingers slip inside as you suck on my clit now. I feel the pull of my orgasm building. I hear myself moan and I squirm with the growing tension in my body.

I want you to suck on my boobs but I don’t want you to stop what you’re doing either. I’m on the edge of that delicious feeling of just about to explode. Three fingers now, pumping, filling my pussy.

You ask for sex. You tell me how much you want your cock inside of me. How hot I am and how hot you are for me.

I slip the chain from around my neck and give your the key to your freedom.

Image Credits: Key of Love – Vintage Look Key Necklace.

Hot Flash Fiction Friday: Kate’s Sensual Adventure

It was a hot muggy Tuesday in July, when Kate last laid eyes on her husband. She was backing out of their driveway, thinking, “He looks relieved… Jackass.” That was 10 years ago. Kate had ditched her dull, go-no-where job as a low level insurance claims adjuster, as well as, her shiny but getting-around-everywhere husband and became an honest-to-goodness massage therapist.

Back at her tiny, newly leased apartment, she practically lunged to crank up the speed on the oscillating fan. From a box of her meager belongings, a newly single Kate pulled out a sweet pink mini-skirt and slipped it on. The fan breeze caressed her bare legs. Lifting her skirt, she allowed the air to penetrate her moist lips. She tingled and sighed. The ex hadn’t made her tingle like that in nearly three years.

She slipped her toes into the only pair of high heels she owned. It was the first time since the beginning of her marriage she’d worn a mini with heels. Her pussy was tingling, her nipples were stiffening and her apartment was in her name. Kate was emancipated.

Skip forward more than a decade and…

A free, 40-something Kate was now getting naked with as many as half a dozen guys a day. She was giving them massages of course but, she was also handing out happy endings. And with some… a whole lot more. Although she didn’t think of it in that way, Kate had become a sex worker.

Working in busy spas had quickly become tedious and much less lucrative than anticipated. When Kate struck out on her own she found that her massage ads mostly attracted men who asked about sex… directly or indirectly. So, she rolled with it.

Today, Kate found herself running her hands over the very taught body of a 27 year-old mortgage consultant who had been coming to see her every three weeks for the last six months. Ron was single, drove a new Ford Mustang , enjoyed the movie “The Notebook” and spent his spare time competing in mixed martial arts tournaments.

“I’ve been looking forward to seeing you” Ron said with extra bass in his voice . “Whatcha been up to?” Kate asked oiling up her hands and scanning the angle of his muscled V-shaped back. Ron surrendered to her touch and lamented, “Very long business trip through Virginia. I had no idea that state was so big or so hot.” Kate laughed in knowing as she pressed her hands into his muscled flesh.

Kate could feel how he drank up her silky touch. She spent extra time caressing his balls and teasing him with feather light touch along the insides of his legs and buttocks. Ron didn’t move a muscle but, Kate could feel the shift in him as the session progressed.

Dyann Undoing Bra“OK, Ron. I’ll get you to turn over on to your back so the real fun can begin” Kate teased. Ron did as he was told. As he made himself comfortable Kate admired his nearly fully erect cock.

Kate removed her lacy pink and black bra and turned toward Ron. He’d seen her nude body many times before, but his reaction was almost always the same. “Wow” he said, “I missed you.” She giggled and began running her smooth hands over his hard member.

A certain comfort level made it natural for Ron to slowly raise his hand to Kate’s breasts and fondle them. He dragged his hand down across her belly, reached around to grab Kate’s firm bottom and give it a smack. She could feel the blood rush to her groin. Kate didn’t always get fully naked with her clients but with Ron, she couldn’t help herself. She leaned over and peeled off her bikini panties.

Kate continued to stroke Ron’s thick hard cock as he began kissing her hip. Kate felt a shiver rise up the side of her body. She leaned forward and offered him her nipple. He gladly suckled. Her pussy began to swell. She stroked him harder.

Kate withdrew her breast and Ron kissed his way downward. He began running his tongue up and down the edge of her thigh, right along the bikini line. Kate caught her breath and kept stroking. She was completely turned on by this hot young guy but, he’d never been this insistent before. She wasn’t sure she should let it continue.

Kate covered her pussy with her hand. Ron licked the side of her hand, the top of it and nuzzled it with his nose like a happy puppy. The determination and desperation of his pursuit finally got to Kate. She spread her fingers and allowed his tongue to slide between and lick her mound. Lightning shot through her!

She grabbed the back of his head. He grabbed her ass and pushed his face firmly into her softness. Kate succumbed to his warm wet tongue flicking between her lips and at her clit. It was glorious.

She pushed down the rising climax for as long as she could then allowed it to over her take her. Ron pulled away looking very self-satisfied.

Kate was still reeling as she glanced at the clock realizing they had gone way over time. Immediately, she began to finish him off with a devastating combination of her hands and mouth. He came hard, letting out an almost painfully loud groan as he did so.

They dressed in silence. Then gently Kate stated, “My next one will be here in a few minutes.” “Sure” Ron replied buckling his belt. He left a whopping tip and headed for the door. A brief hug and kiss on the cheek and he was on his way. “See ya soon” Ron said departing. “Have a good day” was Kate’s reply.

This piece of erotic flash fiction by Dyann Bridges C.M.T.: I’ve been performing bodywork for the last 17 years. This experience has lead me to form the site which promotes my sensual bodywork, as well as, an accompanying sex blog for men. I like to think of it as an internet “man cave” from a female perspective. She can also be found at NiteFlirt.

“I Don’t Know How Much Longer I Can Turn The Trick”

turn the trick

not enough to be soft

be soft attractive

i'm fading now

I don’t know how much longer I can turn the trick. It isn’t enough to be soft. You’ve got to be soft – and attractive. And I – I’m fading now.

Vivien Leigh as Blanche DuBois in A Streetcar Named Desire (1951). It remains one of the greatest films of all time.

Faking Orgasms?

Faking orgasms; we’ve all done it.

beautifulagon orgasm faceIt’s not that you don’t like sex, but maybe you’re not that interested in sex right at the moment. Maybe you’d just rather watch your favorite TV show. Maybe you’d rather just go to sleep. Or maybe you are having a good time, but you don’t want to go “all the way” and have a real orgasm. Some women, like our dearly beloved and now departed Jewel, have medical reasons for avoiding orgasms; the very muscles and nerves that supply moments of intense pleasures also affect muscles and nerves which give you pain in the days that follow.

Whatever the reason, sometimes it’s just easier (and takes less time) to let him finish than to spend the time (and risk hurting his feelings) than to explain the situation. Faking orgasms may not be ideal; but it is a reality.

We can’t in good faith say, “Stop faking orgasms.” Yet there are repercussions for faking your pleasure.

Certainly, faking pleasure can deny yourself actual pleasure. And by faking orgasms to please a partner, you may be avoiding communicating to your partner what you do like and would actually orgasm from; that doesn’t serve you well. You may be hurting yourself, your partners, and your relationships by denying your partners the satisfaction of providing real orgasms. Yes, there are men who genuinely do care about your pleasure and take great pride in being skillful lovers. (Some mensches even use your clues to orgasm with you, or after you!)

Beyond that, your fake orgasms are conditioning your partners to work for specific signs as clues to a job well done. Often this results in you having to repeat your fake orgasm performances. Elizabeth Donaldson illustrates with a story about a friend of hers who “who made a terrible, life-changing mistake” one night:

She and her partner had been at it for some time when she realised she was missing a rather vital episode of Game of Thrones. Her partner was not really in a position to change tack.

He was hammering away at it, determined to ride her over the horizon to a new place of coital bliss. He had really pulled out all the stops from focused foreplay to cunnilingus; he had not taken a single short cut.

An effort like that is never disregarded, not even by the most mean-spirited woman. So, motivated by kindness and good manners, she faked an orgasm.

This in itself is not a terrible, life-changing mistake.

Lord no, faking orgasm is a useful, even crucial, element in a woman’s sexual repertoire. No, the mistake was to throw in a spectacular leg spasm for good measure. After all, her partner had gone to so much effort; she felt a little something extra was required. And so their carnal coupling came to a flamboyant end. He was pleased with himself and she got to watch her show.

As humorous as this may sound, the repercussions are not so funny:

You see, she had set a new standard for orgasm that she has to replicate every time they have sex. Even her most genuinely victorious orgasms are now met with disappointment by her partner if she doesn’t do “the leg thing”. Her sex life has turned into carefully orchestrated cabaret. To make matters worse, she’s now married to the man and (if all goes well) is now condemned to a life of faked leg spasms.

Similarly, this sort of orgasm faking (or exaggeration) often has to take place because, especially for women, no two orgasms are alike.

Like snowflakes, female orgasms come in nearly unlimited varieties. And quantities. If you are or know someone who is multi-orgasmic, you know this to be true. One look at her face, and you can see the variations in power, beauty, agony, and nearly every other nuance of pleasure.

beautiful agony

This fact that women have different orgasms is the way out of the faked orgasm game.

Inform your partner that the leg spasm isn’t the only sign of orgasm ~ or even the only sign of a fucking fantastic orgasm. Explaining the various types of orgasms, what they feel like, what causes them, and, yes, what they may result in, is not only informative (and therefore may release you from your purgatory of orgasm faking), but it can be erotic as hell.

Image Credits: Beautiful Agony.


Seeing Pixelated JAV Porn Clearly

It’s no secret that Japan has some of the craziest pornography out there. Mention Japanese porn, and most people think of hentai and tentacles. Cosplay too, of course. But wait! Like those Ginsu knives, there’s more!

jav pornJapanese adult video (JAV) is so full of fetishes, philias, young women, and non-consensual themes (sometimes all of the above!) that it’s hard to imagine it’s legal. But it is. At least in Japan. As long as the genitalia, male and female, are censored in Japanese porn via that pixelated mosaic blur, that is.

To some, the lack of hardcore penetration makes JAV amusing at best; but others swear the missing junk is what makes JAV superior to Western porn. Since the films can’t rely solely on the close-ups of the ins and outs of sex, a bit more attention must be paid to the plot. (This is likely precisely what spawned the variety of wacky sex themes in Japanese porn in the first place!) And then too the directors must put more effort into staging sex scenes.

If you want to give JAV movies a try, why not do it for free online? Visit JAV4U, where you can watch, stream and download torrents of JAV porn.

Hot Flash Fiction Friday: An Hour and 29 Minutes

Another hour and 29 minutes to go until the store closing time. Then a few minutes, at least, before she would actually close the curtains on the display window. Possibly up to 2 hours left to keep standing still and pretending to just be a mannequin, like any other mannequin in the window of a storefront along main street.

She had said it was predicament bondage. Something she was interested in but had never thought he would go for.

This wasn’t the kind of serving in the BDSM books. The men in those stories licked boots, wore panties or did other stuff that sounded a lot better than standing in public, modeling a full suit in a store window. Posed for everyone to see and wonder why the mannequin has a hook in it’s mouth. Would anyone suspect he was a real boy?

BBW smoking watchingTime to think about something else… getting hard was against the rules. Why is it so hard not to get hard once you are told not to get hard? The suit pants were beginning to strain again. Think about ice… cold, cold and wet and slippery… No, that wasn’t helping.

Still another hour and 29 minutes on the clock. Could she have stopped the clock? Could she be that evil?

Image Credits: A dominant woman smokes as she watches from the window… Is she making sure her mannequin is behaving? Via.