Forget FitBit, Get Fit Bits

The kGoal, an interactive FitBit-esque training system for pelvic floor exercise, has blown past the asking investment on Kickstarter. As of right now, 1,900 folks have pledged $226,762 to the smart Kegel trainer device + app project which was originally seeking a $90,000 goal. There are still 13 days to get in on the backing action.

kGoal is a smart Kegel trainer and functions as both an exercise tool and a performance monitoring and guidance system. It measures the force exerted by squeezing your pelvic floor muscles and can communicate that information back to you via a phone and/or the device itself. Using the device and corresponding app is like having a personalized gym, physical therapist, and tracking system by your side whenever you want.

kickstarter kgoal-smart-kegel-trainer

What Kind Of Sex Kitten Are You? What Kind Of Mask Will You Wear?

Whatever kind of sex kitten you are, there are lots of sexy cat masks for you to wear. These are just a few (and some of my favorites) from Etsy.

Of course we begin with the classic little black cat mask. (Also in a sequin style.)

black leather mask small Cat woman style

If your idea of a sex kitten is with an emphasis on the “kitten,” there are pretty pink options.

Pink Lace Mask Sexy Halloween Costume Cat Eye Mask Butterfly WIngs Mardi Gras

Show off your sex kitten princess side with this silver cage style cat mask with black feather fascinator.

silver cage style cat mask with black feather fascinator

If your idea of a sex kitten is a modern Catwoman, wear this Kitty Halloween Mask in Black Leather.

Kitty Halloween Mask in Black Leather

Want a bit more kink in your Catwoman? Wear the Katty Latex Rubber Cat Mask.

KATTY Latex Rubber Cat Mask

If your idea of a sex kitten is to combine kink, mystery, and the visual play of fringed flapper knees, look at the Miss Kitty Fringe Mask with Patent Leather Ears!

Miss Kitty Fringe Mask with Patent Leather Ears

Like a little more strange? Get your freak on with Emily the strange Venetian cat masks.

Emily the strange Venetian cat masks

Purr-haps the “black cat” thing is too typical for you… How about a White Leather Cat Mask with Whiskers?

White Leather Cat Mask with Whiskers

If you’d like to look more like a fantasy lace version, consider the Lady Gaga Party Fancy White Lace up Kitten Ears Mask (this lady Gaga, not this one lol).

Wedding bridal Lady GAGA Party Fancy White Lace up Kitten Ears Mask

Real divas will enjoy the Midnight Kitty Mask with iridescent black sequins and silk lace.

Midnight Kitty - Iridescent Black Sequined Kitty Mask with Silk Lace Detail

For divas who love to play with color, there’s the Hot Pink Leather and Black Lace Applique Kitty Mask with Leopard Print Lining.

Hot Pink Leather and Lace Applique Kitty Mask with Leopard Print Lining

For sex kitten queens, there’s this Gold Cat Laser Cut Metal Venetian Masquerade mask with rhinestones.

Gold Cat Laser Cut Metal Venetian Masquerade mask - Swarovski Crystal Inspired Gems

Into a more literal version of cat cosplay? There’s this paper mache cat mask.

Halloween mask paper mache cat mask animal mask

Whatever cat mask you choose for play, you’ll enjoy the Black Belle de Jour Chainette Fringe Cat Sleep Mask for getting a little peace and quiet. After all, we sex kittens are very nocturnal creatures!

Black Belle de Jour Chainette Fringe Bunny Cat Ear Eye Pin Up Sleep Mask

A Sexy GoPro Gyno Vibe?!

I remember my first trip to they gynecologist. It was ages ago, but I remember it like it was yesterday…

I was not only a gyno virgin, but an actual virgin, when I made my first trip to Planned Parenthood. There, in order to get my first birth control pills, I got “the works”: vaginal exam, pap smear, and — surprise! — a rectal exam. [The lube required for that last part (pun intended) left my hindquarters slippery and as I walked across the parking lot, I felt the slipping & sliding announced to all who saw me, just where I'd been and what I'd been up too.]

Because Planned Parenthood clinics like to educate and empower you, I recall vividly being asked during the exam if I wanted to see my cervix. I was aghast. But then, as now, I opted to handle the awkwardness with a witty retort. Instead of simply saying, “No, thanks,” I said, “I think if I was supposed to see that, I’d have mirrors on the end of my fingertips.” I’m sure my blushing said more than my words; but in any case, she left it at that.

I’ve matured a lot since then. But I’ve still no desire to see inside my genitalia. To me, that’s about as sexy as seeing inside a man’s urethra. Let’s leave a little mystery, OK? However, Svakom, a Chinese company, has other ideas…

Enter the Gaga, a vibrator with a GoPro-style cam on the end of it. (I am doing my damned-best to refrain from Lady Gaga jokes!)

video cam vibe

Described as follows:

Vibration. Pulsation. Visualization. It’s all here with Gaga, our most innovative design that combines pleasure while allowing you to capture the most intimate moments and explore the most intimate parts of the body. Intelligently designs with a subtle light and built-in camera lens at the tip, Gaga will allow you to experience pleasure like you never have before, both visually and through the sensation of vibration. The simple to use touch controls on the vibrating shaft combine with a USB cable for laptops, or smart phone application that allows you to simultaneously share your stimulation and intimate pleasure with your partner whether they are beside you or miles away. Made using, 100% green technology the fastest recharging in the industry, Gaga will provide hours of uninterrupted, probing pleasure and exploration.

SVAKOM gaga vibe

And in this video, the company states that the Gaga “shares the exclusive right of gynecologist with you. Not only making you a better understanding and attention of your lover, but also making much fun for you.”

I’m guessing that one could also enjoy this “electronic endoscope function” anally as well. Men and women. (Just remember that lube!)

But call me old-fashioned; I prefer the old one-eye entering any of my orifices to be blind. Mr. DeMille, I’m soooooo not ready for my close-up

Frankly, I find this about as sexy as a trip to the gyno. Since it lacks sex appeal to me, I feel that at $180 a pop, I should also get a free pap and birth control with it.

However, if you find this toy sexy, you should know that the multi-speed, multi-vibration, light-up Gaga cam is latex-free and phthalate-free. And the Svakom Gaga Lighted Camera Vibe is only $157.30 at Sexclectic. Use code BIGSPENDER to save an additional $25 ~ making it just $132.30!

gaga cam vibrator

Will There Be Satisfaction In Sex Work?

Thursday night, USA aired the pilot episode of Satisfaction. It was pretty clear from the heavy promotion, that this show was going to be about a married man who discovers his wife is using the services of a male escort ~ and then becomes an escort himself. What I really wanted to know was how they were going to handle the issue of sex work.

First a synopsis. A wealthy married couple who, despite living “the good life”, have found themselves dissatisfied with their marriage ~ not in the dramatic, we hate each other way, but in the most typical way of just not connecting well anymore. And, yes, that shows in their sex life too.

satisfaction-usa-tv-showOne day, husband Neil (played by Matt Passmore) arrives home to find wife Grace (played by Stephanie Szostak) having sex with Simon (played by Blair Redford). This is right after Neil has blown a gasket and has quit his job as an investment banker.

satisfaction sex with male escort

Hot headed, Neil chases down Simon. Upon cornering the guy, Neil discovers Simon is a male escort. Simon briefly schools Neil to keep cool, that lots of lonely married ladies use escort services and it’s not worth giving up the marriage over, especially if their are children. (Which there are; Neil & Grace have a daughter.)

satisfaction grace

Neil is too shocked to absorb much, but through a comedic error, finds himself in possession of Simon’s cellphone. Not only does he take Simon’s phone calls but the escort’s gigs too. Neil’s first client, a married women, offers proof of what Simon told him about why his wife and other wives use the services of male escorts. His second client turns out to be Adriana (played by Katherine LaNasa), a madam who wishes to offer him a job; she gives him tangible tips on how to treat women. Like Deuce Bigalow, only more dramatic than comedic, Neil discovers what women want and need ~ and that this is often something more than just sex. Which is true for a lot of sex work.

Satisfaction - Season 1

At the end of this first episode, we find Neil not only getting his job back, but promoted to partner at the investment banking firm. And Neil has applied some of what he has learned to the marriage too; the family unit seems to be closer. However, it is clear from what we’ve been shown in promos for the television show that Neil will continue to work as a male escort (and that we will see more of “madam” Adriana played by the delicious Katherine LaNasa).

While the overall depiction of sex work is favorable in the show, there’s the typical play of gender issues.

It’s understandable and OK for a man to enter sex work & service women, but female sex workers must either be traumatized and/or manipulated victims or women desperate to provide for themselves. The Client List is an example of the latter. It is excusable, if not desirable, for Jennifer Love Hewitt’s character to turn to sex work in order to provide for her kids. Yeah, as we get to know her, viewers become more comfortable with her sex work (made all the more comfortable with the “softer” form of sex work, delivering happy endings to massage clients), but would they have been so accepting if her turn to sex work was due to finding her husband banging a female escort?

Satisfaction - Season 1Neil is given permission to break his marriage vows because his wife already has done so; his is a reactionary act. At least at first. For we know he goes on to repeat performances. Whether viewers allow and forgive so many transgressions because of his wounded male ego, or simply because he is male, remains to be seen.

Also, we can’t ignore the fact that we’re talking about hetero-normative sex work here. If Satisfaction were focused on male escorts serving male clients, I’m pretty sure the show would never have aired.

I for one will continue to watch Satisfaction. Along with the rather positive depiction of sex work, and sex positivity in general, the show has enough going for it to make it worthy of watching. It is especially lovely to enjoy seeing mature men and women on TV again. I get so tired of teens and twenty-somethings. *sigh* With more mature people, we get to explore meatier issues.

marriage monogamy

A Pretty Pink Pair

Penthouse Pet Justine Joli (September 2007) has a lovely pair…

justine joli lovely pair

Justine-Joli-smoking in lingerie


Of feet.

And those of you with a foot fetish can enjoy them with this CyberSkin masturbator ~ complete with hand-painted pink toenails.

foot job from justine joli pet

Designed to mimic real human flesh, CyberSkin brings the elasticity, softness, and, with just a small about of friction, the warmth of actual skin to your masturbatory pleasures. Plus, with the added features of Dual Density you’ll feel the underlying bone structure of her firm foot job.

justine jolie nude feet

Of Bare Breasts & Media Boobs

Yesterday, the Outdoor Co-ed Topless Pulp Fiction Appreciation Society met in Bryant Park where adult actress, model, and cam girl Kleio Valentien found herself ambushed by a Fox “News” team. Naturally, the lovey tattooed Valentien held her own.

fox news interviews topless tattooed Kleio Valentien

fox news reporter with outdoor topless pulp society

While it’s not clear the aim of this “man on the street” interview (it doesn’t seem to have appeared on air yet), Fox sure loves their stories about topless women. Early in June, Fox covered Scout Willis’ #FreeTheNipple campaign, a societal experiment to expose and create a conversation about the sexist censorship involving women’s breasts. The conservative “family values” “news outlet” sure seems to go out of its way to showcase breasts in a titillating way.

topless Scout Willis