Saucy Saturday: Itty Bitty Bikini Edition

It’s the last few days of Summer. Time to take in all the hot bikini action you can. Especially if Tessa Fowler is the one wearing it.

If you’re wondering “Just how do those tiny triangles hold the mighty load that is Tessa’s breasts?!” Don’t worry, that top comes off soon!

tessa tiny bikini big boobs

But… Why is he Blue?

What has she done to make him look blue? All over! Maybe things started getting out of hand when she shaved his head. You know how these things get started, seemed a good idea at the time… Now he’s blue. I don’t think this is a good thing.

Print of The Lesson in a light coloured mount and signed. The complete item measures 12 x 16 (image size approx A4) and is supplied cello wrapped and

Source: The Lesson mounted signed print by NaughtyArt on Etsy

Saucy Saturday: Vintage Sex Kitten Edition

A trio of vintage sex kittens:

1 Burlesque dancer Miss Linda L. Scott giving her best tiger cat impression. Captured by the intrepid portraitist of the bump-n-grind era, Maurice Seymour.

2 Mercedes Molinar getting out of her cosplay cat costume; photo by Peter Basch.

3 Sara Leighton aka Shirley Lorimer, nude on a tiger skin rug.

As found at DPopTart’s Tumblr ~ stick with the posts tagged “women”; you can’t go wrong there.

vintage 1960s sex kitten

Mercedes Molinar getting out of her cosplay cat costume

Sara Leighton aka Shirley Lorimer nude on tiger rug

Teddy Bear for Men

I read that some men travel with a teddy bear. I thought that was kind of nice and even wondered how I might meet a guy like that… then I remembered I’m not dating. Anyway, I did find a teddy bear for men, something less child-like than the typical cuddly toy teddy bear.

Meet Boob Job Bear from the source of Birthday, Redneck, Goth and Classic Swear Bears.


Source: ToyVault – Swear Bears

Dogs Mating on Etsy

Even the dogs only need one male between three females.

At least they let him out of his chastity for a few minutes. Look how red his poor pecker is!


Murano Glass Adult Content Risque Murano type Blown Art Glass Dogs. This is a naughty collection from the 50s./60s These Great Dane dogs are mating.

Source: Great Dane Rare Adult Sexy Dogs Murano Style Art Glass by machismo

My Ex Is A Real Heel

Have you ever wanted to expose your ex for the heel they were? Well, that’s just what artist Sebastian Errazuriz did in 2013.

His series, 12 Shoes For 12 Lovers, takes a stand looking at love gone wrong (or why else would they be his exes?). The series consists of 12 shoe designs, each based on a past lover, and brought to life via 3D printed sculptures (with an assist from jelly shoe maker Melissa). More than simply sculptures, each high heel shoe design takes a pointed look at the past relationship offering anecdotal prose describing the ex-girlfriend as well as featuring an intimate (often nude, but non-identifiable) photo of his former lady love.

12 shoes for 12 lovers honey

sebastian-errazuriz honey shoe art

cry baby story

cry baby split milk shoe sebastian-errazuriz

sebastian-errazuriz gold digger

gold digger shoe sculpture

heart breaker shoe art nude

sebastian-errazuriz heart breaker red shoe arrow

sebastian-errazuriz ice queen bio

ice queen white shoe heels

sebastian-errazuriz hot bitch


the virgin sebastian-errazuriz art


jet setter nude art by sebastian-errazuriz

jet setter ex lovers shoe art plane high heels

the boss nude and bio by sebastian-errazuriz

the boss shoe weapon art black heels brass knuckles

gi jane ex lover art

g i jane army guy shoes art by sebastian-errazuriz

the ghost intimate photo bio

the ghost shoe by sebastian-errazuriz

the rock photo bio art by sebastian-errazuriz

the rock shoe art

It’s pretty obvious that the artist has either dated (nearly?) all the stereotypes of women or thinks of women this way. I’m sure in “artistic hindsight” only, of course.

While I’m not one of Errazuriz’s exes, I’m plenty of other guys’ exes; yet, I’m not terribly offended by this. We are entitled to our opinions, as one-sided as they are; and we are entitled to express ourselves through art.

Frankly, I wouldn’t mind being thought of in many of these ways. …Not to mention I’d love to wear more than a few of these. I’m sure with all 12 (pairs, there must be pairs!), I could properly exhibit my mood to everyone.

That may say more about me than the art itself or even the potential reactions, however.

In any case, unlike those terrible ex-girlfriend revenge sites, this is both tame and considerate. Compassionate even. In an interview with Core 77, the artist had this to say about the response to his art series:

Core77: This is a pretty personal look at some of the people in your life. Have you gotten any responses from exes who have been featured so far in the series?

Sebastian Errazuriz: I have. “Honey” was very touched and said she didn’t know she had that impact on me. “Heart Breaker” wrote me an email to say she didn’t know if she should feel incredibly embarrassed, enraged or honored but that if I ever revealed her real name she would kill me. “Gold Digger” hates my guts.

Core77: Were you worried about any backlash from your exes or their current boyfriends/husbands when you started out with this project?

Sebastian Errazuriz: Most stories are relatively personal, but still slightly positive. I was also able to get permission to use the photos from many of girls so I knew I was relatively safe. Others, I was a little concerned. There are a couple I just knew would be bad. There’s a husband and a boyfriend that could be quite upset, but my stories have no real names and the photos don’t show any faces. So if they want to be all macho and exaggerated about it, I’m happy to meet up with them.

Which all begs the question, how would you depict your ex lovers? In shoes, or otherwise. I’d like to hear ~ and I’d love to see!

PS I’m keeping my eye on Sebastian Errazuriz. You can too.

His website:
His Twitter: @holysebastian

Sunday Funnies: This Should Make You Come

Via Secret Phone Sex:

This Should Make You Come…

Phone sex is a very private, very fun, cock-tale party :p

You are invited!



(via Vintage Risque Novelty Box This Should Make by GustophersCorner)

this should make you come

vintage cocktail party invite novelty

Saucy Saturday: Vintage Ventriloquist Edition

Yes, Veronica Chaos is amazeballs (we are huge fans!), but the idea of nudity with ventriloquist dummies and sexy time with puppets isn’t a completely new thing. From Peter’s collection of vintage film negatives and slides comes this vintage slice of cheesecake featuring a bare-breasted, bow-tie wearing, lingerie-clad pinup posing with a ventriloquist dummy.

We don’t know if she was good or bad at ventriloquism… Perhaps the titties were to distract you from seeing her lips move… But then again, if her other set of lips were moving, those panties with a pussy on them would keep us from seeing them. (If you love such panties, check out A Slip Of A Girl’s finds!) Anyway, that’s entertainment!

vintage ventriloquist topless lingerie cheesecake

Hoodie for a Knight

The original design for the hoodie knight armour was from Chadwick John DIllon. He sold them at his Etsy shop. The design took off, unfortunately others copied the idea. There are still a few other shops selling the knight hoodie on Etsy but, not Chadwick Dillon.

GREY-KNIGHT-custom-hoodie-design GREY-KNIGHT-custom-hoodie-design-2 GREY-KNIGHT-custom-hoodie-design-3

I did find an online store based in Australia which sells the hoodies now, for a lot less than the Etsy shops. I bought one for my nephew from Knight Hoodies. They look good, a lot of the original details from Chadwick Dillon’s design.


There is a pattern for sale on Etsy, if you can sew. I wonder why no one made one from denim, like a denim knight jacket. Or, too inspiration from other historical figures, like a pirate hoodie.