Hot Flash Fiction Friday: Mama’s Boy Caught Between a Rock and a Birthday Cake

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAA family birthday party for your Mother. How nice. You know we don’t get along. Your Mother is just too uptight and controlling but you think she’s sweet. They say men marry a woman just like Mom. I believe it’s true, more or less.

So, when I whisper to you… telling you I baked a little surprise into the birthday cake I baked and decorated for her… you freeze. You actually stop walking on the way to the kitchen with the cake.

“You didn’t really? Did you?” You ask.

You hold your breath so I wait to answer just because I’m being contrary today.

“Would I really do something like that?” I ask.

I can see you’re wondering now. I’ve put you on the spot. I like putting you there. So I twist the screws, just a bit tighter…”I don’t think anyone would even notice anyway.”

You still haven’t put the cake on the kitchen counter. You look like a still life painting. I’d call you “Mama’s Boy Caught Between a Rock and a Birthday Cake”. I smile nicely and leave the kitchen.

Later, hours after letting you twist in the wind, we’re bringing the remains of the cake home after the party and you feel happy. It was a nice party, no unexpected surprises. Your hand wanders over my knee as we leave the highway, nearly home. I know you’re feeling good, relaxed and content.

“I wonder if your Mother opened the present I got her yet?”

Poetry Brothel puts the bawd in bard

A party where you can pay to have verse read to you in a bordello-style setting is packing in the punters – but are poetry and sex work really comparable? asks Sarah Theeboom

…Prostitution and poetry, they claim, are not the uneasy bedfellows they might seem. “Sex work and poetry are two of the oldest professions,” says Berger. “Both are incredibly intimate acts that explore love, fantasy and the underside of people.”

Adamski agrees. “It’s all about intimacy. You can have pretty good sex or you can enjoy a poem without it. But if it connects to you intimately, it’s so much better.” And that’s what they sell at the Poetry Brothel, he says: an intimate experience of art with the artist who created it.


I am utterly smitten by this!

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Jian Versus the CBC

The problem when you jump to defend the accused is it ends up making the accuser or victims feel like they’ve just been assaulted all over again. That’s easier to stomach when you can say “But HEY, they’re not coming forward, so they can’t be serious.” No, it’s you who can’t be serious. You can’t hear the accused’s spin-cycle and then make your decision then and there — but so many of you already have.

I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s look at this from all the angles.


And on the flip side…

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The not-so-voluntary sex confessions of fired Canadian radio star Jian Ghomeshi

Sunday brought Ghomeshi’s firing, threats of a $50 million lawsuit and a lengthy confession in which the star admitted he’s into BDSM and “rough sex.”


I have no insights into the claims of assault or Ghomeshi’s life at all; but this certainly is the stuff of BDSM folks’ fears…

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Roman Priests Calendar

In other priest calendar news, Calendario Romano, the Roman Priest Calendar, 2015 edition is available now.

roman priest calendar

Apparently this has become a “classic” because the photos are pretty much rerun every year (so you might want to look at some of those images before purchasing). According to photographer Piero Pazzi, the photos are of actual Roman Catholic priests, with most of the images taken during Holy Week. The photos aren’t supposed to be sexy (but just try to stop us!), but rather, Pazzi says, “I pick them young to signal that their calling is still very much alive.” The priests agreed to participating in the project as the whole thing is a way for people to be better informed about the Vatican. It’s not just a sales pitch designed to make you feel like you aren’t going to hell for buying the calendars:

Indeed, the final few pages are dedicated to providing information about the centre of the Catholic Church, including its history of pontiffs, its museums and its chemist – “things that tourists in Rome, especially foreigners, do not have much knowledge about”.