Romance In The Tub… Where Will It “End” Up?

Lust Cinema has a lot of sensual romance “packed” into this anal sex film which shows you how to have pain-free and pleasurable anal sex. It’s not often you see a romantic setting for anal, so kudos (again) to Lust Cinema for blending sex sex ed and romance into porn for couples. (Tip: For more soapy scenes at SK check here; also, see my man‘s collection of soapy nude pics here.)

romantic sexy bath time

anal is for lovers

Keeping Up With The Joneses, Sexually

couple lustcinemaNearly two weeks ago, there was a serious discussion on Reddit regarding married couples and how often they were having sex: Married people of Reddit, how often are you and your spouse having sex?

Some people were surprised. Others felt disappointed in their own sex lives. Some, like Sasha Brown-Worsham, were both.

Along with voyeuristic, I find conversations like this both enlightening & infuriating. On one hand, it might be nice for people to feel “normal” ~ but on the other hand, “normal” is relative. And is quantity as important as quality? People who venture into these conversations often do so because they are feeling less than satisfied. But even if they weren’t when they started reading, they become so once they feel they are having less sex than the Joneses.

Of course, you could always take the honest route and document your sex life. That way, you have real numbers. And you might as well add a column for “satisfied” or “dissatisfied” ~ or some sort of rating scale that suits you. Once you have your data, if you are still feeling dissatisfied (with either the quality or quantity) of your sex life, then it’s time to make a change.

Image Credits: Via Lust Cinema. (Read our exclusive interview with Erika Lust here!)

The Obligatory 50 Shades Of Grey Post (Includes Gender Rant & What Rocks My Heart-Shaped World)

If you were under a rock last week, you missed all the ruckus surrounding the release of the trailer for the film version of 50 Shades Of Grey. (The film won’t be out until Valentines’ Day, 2015; but one must milk what they can.)

Overwhelmed? Underwhelmed? Me, I’m so “Meh.” But then again, I still have not read the book; I’ve long been into smut, don’t need to hide it, and, frankly, prefer my erotic works to be well-written. However, I did spot something in the press coverage…

In Eilis O’Hanlon’s article Nothing Beats Going Grey For Those Lusty Ladies Who Lunch at The Independent, this line from the feed seduced me:

Nothing exposes hypocrisy more than our different attitudes to sex.

That made me more than curious. I felt I might even applaud. But then, like the hoopla about 50 Shades itself, I was to be disappointed.

What followed that promising line was this:

So ladies, next time you find something dodgy on his internet history, don’t judge, and don’t nag. You have your fantasies about Christian Grey. He has a filter-free search engine on his laptop. What’s the difference?

What’s worse, that was where the article ended.


Why, why, why do people have this assumption that women, the lunching variety or no, are all judging and nagging their gents about their consumption of erotic materials?! Eilis ~ a woman ~ should know better.

If O’Hanlon’s attitude there weren’t bad enough, how’s this bit about the vast numbers of women who read the book:

it was one which women undertook in a mostly male-free environment, because the chaps weren’t that bothered by Fifty Shades Of Grey. They’d been happily enjoying erotica for years. Or porn, as they more honestly called it. They didn’t need a Rolex with their sex, or to have their appetites endorsed by pseudo-scholarly articles in the broadsheets outlining deconstructionist theories of female desire.

How’s that for exposing gender stereotyping and hypocrisy? Ugh.

Oh, and while I’m ranting…

I’ve nothing against Beyoncé or her revamped (slower) version of Crazy in Love. But I quite prefer this trailer with music by Carolina Wallace ~ a mashup of Infinity & Wicked Game. Then again, I’m old enough to have lusted through Chris Isaak’s Wicked Game. It continues to rocked my Heart Shaped World.

Saucy Saturday: MMF Threesome Edition

It’s not often you see threesomes with two men and a woman ~ and the dicks are as into each other as the chick. Double penetration, male on male, that’s just some of the bisexual action you’ll find here. Yes, 1 Woman + 2 Dudes = 3 Pillows.

mmf sex

bisexual threesome

two guys kiss as one fucks a blonde

I’m This Kind of Sex Kitten

Gracie asked: What Kind Of Sex Kitten Are You? What Kind Of Mask Will You Wear?

I’m really more of a dragon than a kitten. Still, I like cats so I put some thought into what kind of mask I would wear. I found two which are similar and can’t choose between them. I’d just switch between them to be contrary.

Both of these come from Just Posh Masks

catmask1 catmask2

Hot Flash Fiction Friday: The Country Life, An Oral Tradition

hair pulled while sucking cockI stand at the kitchen sink in the old farmhouse, washing dishes. My bare feet standing in the depression of the old wood floor, where a century of other women have stood before me. There’s something comforting in standing in tradition.

You arrive home and find me. You press yourself against my backside, wrap your arms around my waist and your sweet lips brush against my neck as your dirty words penetrate my ear.

“Strip for me, suck me, my slut.”

I do as I’m told, standing before you completely nude, my hands still warm, wet, and soapy, dripping on the old wood floor near where you dropped your pants.

You grab a fistful of my long hair as I sink to my knees.

I dutifully suck your dick, eager for a cuntful of your cock.

This little piece of flash fiction erotica by PSO Secondhand Rose of Ruined Boudoir.

Where’s Kid Rock’s Dildo Been?

sexy kid rockKid Rock’s been given 14 days to show up in a Las Vegas court ~ with a glass dildo. A specific glass dildo.


Well, this specific dildo is being subpoenaed as evidence in a sexual harassment case against the Insane Clown Posse. But don’t worry, Kid Rock’s not the one in trouble here.

According to press release from attorneys for former Insane Clown Posse publicist Andrea “Andy” Pellegrini, the glass dildo was proffered as a gift from former ICP and Psychopathic Records employee “Dirty Dan” Diamond. When Pellegrini refused the gift, Dirty Dan passed the dildo on to Kid Rock. Now, Kid Rock has to go to court, produce the sex toy, and, err, back up the story.

That’s kind of an unnatural position… While many of us love to tell stories of just where our sex toys have been & what they’ve been up to, we usually don’t have to even think of what’s gone on with them before we even got them.

Like Tom Breihan, I expect that Kid Rock has a lot of dildos ~ and other adult sex toys. After all, he wants to start an escort service for all the right reasons.

Weird Al’s Aunt Jemima Treatment

Weird Al’s hot again. But he’s never been hotter than as a crossdressing Jessica Dawn giving a naked Lily Bergman the Aunt Jemima Treatment.

weird and naked uhf porn parody

WoodRocket parodies the cult classic, UHF, saying, “We parody a parody. We are so meta.”

This even has Weird Al Yankovic saying, “Amaze-balls.” Or something to that affect.