Hot Flash Fiction Friday: Dear Disobediant Little Slut

fingerpointDear Disobediant Little Slut,

Congratulations on hacking into my email account. Yes, I have left this note for you and will expect you to read it, do the task I have set as your punishment and then write me a lengthy apology. Do not write the apology first. I want far more than insincere groveling – I can get that from any wanker online.

Your punishment will be to read and answer all of the emails in this account. This is not my personal email account so you won’t find anything from the real people in my life, like my friends and family. All of these emails come from little self serving perverts who expect me to serve them like the women in all the porn they wank off to.

Included in these emails are many requests for online sex. You will perform this for all of those who have asked. Contact them for the details of where and when. Dress yourself up for the wankers who want to see photos. Dress well, don’t try to cheat and hope they won’t want you. Be their slut, and do it well. Do not come yourself but make sure they do.

I will login to this account and check up on your progress. Make sure you get replies for a job well done from each wanker, add photos and the online text from your chats too. Each must be unique, no copy and pasting!

When you have finished this task you may write me an essay about how it feels to read, reply and serve selfish pricks like these. If I believe you actually understand I will reply. If not, you can start all over again until you can prove yourself. Or, you can go back to being one of the needy pricks and never bother me again.



Erotic Luxuries

Betony Vernon launched her incredibly sensual, but oh-so controversial, Sado-Chic luxury jewelry collection in 1992. Since then, the collection has grown into the BDSM-themed jewelry line called Paradise Found Fine Erotic Jewelry. Stunning & sophisticated, it’s no wonder pieces are desired and worn by celebrities such as Christina Aguilera, Lady Gaga, and Angelina Jolie.

vernon erotic jewelry

metal shoes wearable erotic art

The erotic jewelry is sold in fine boutiques, like Coco de Mer; but soon it will be available direct from the artist herself. (Sign up for the newsletter to be the first to know!)

betony vernon erotic bdsm collars

In 2013, the designer expanded her legacy by moving past inspirational wearable erotic works of art to providing an instruction manual about erotic stimulation. In The Boudoir Bible – The Uninhibited Sex Guide for Today, Vernon (with an assist via erotic illustrations by François Berthoud), moves past the the typical “How to get in the mood and hit it below the belt” action to something more luxurious and delicious.


The fundamental premise is to slow things down and participate in more satisfying and sacred sex; what Vernon calls the “Sexual Ceremony.” Those who already are familiar with sensual BDSM will recognize some of the principals and tactics… Things like extended erotic play and building upon sensations ~ even before getting to the genital bits, may seem familiar. As does orgasm and ejaculation control (for some of us!). But just because we know something, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t slow down and put it into practice.

There’s an intimate and erotic tone in this book that makes it as fun to read with your partner as it does for solo exploration. (Yup, I mean masturbation!) If you or your partner have been interested in moving past your sex routine into expanding your erotic repertoire, whether that’s some soft sensory deprivation, experimenting with bondage, spanking a bottom or entering one, this might be the book that gets you past talking about it into trying it.

Jane Hilton Photographs: Exploring The World’s Oldest Profession

An exhibition of new photographs by Jane Hilton, at Eleven, uncovers the hidden world of life inside Western (USA) brothels. Hilton first encountered Madam Kitt


The exhibition mentioned is over, but the article is worth reading for context ~ then see more photos at Jane Hilton’s website & order the book at Amazon.

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The Great Porn Star ~ Sex Worker Divide

Whorephobia drives me insane, especially when it results in separation and even worse among sex workers. Perhaps nowhere is this as clear than the divide between porn stars and all the other sex workers. This was made pretty clear, again, in the comments, Tweets, etc. regarding the recent auction for sex with a porn star.

Listen, I get that porn stars once wanted to distance themselves from “prostitution” for legal reasons; they fought so many legal battles, especially while building the Golden Age Of Porn. But time has passed now. And not in a way that has brought us all closer together. While I once hoped ~ and even thought ~ that the acceptance of porn and porn stars might lead to the acceptance of sex work as work, my hopes are continually dashed.

annie_sprinkleEarlier this year, Salon covered the issue of separation of porn church and sex worker state, discussing the “new dangerous trend” of porn stars working as escorts. First of all, this is not a new trend. Many a porn star, like Annie Sprinkle, began her sex work career being paid for sex by an individual before cashing her check for coitus on camera. Vice versa, many porn stars have cashed in on their fan popularity by escorting to supplement or replace dwindling paychecks as porn studios phased out “aging stars” in favor of newer (i.e. younger) porn starlets. Frankly, before the Golden Age Of Porn, before there were such things as “porn stars” as all, just who do you think was starring in those old stag films and posing in the old French postcards? Sex workers were. Yet porn stars are far more accepted than other sex workers. Just what is it about the cultural celebration of “celebrity” that means anything, anyone, on camera is somehow different than the “rest of us”?

Fundamentally, I don’t see a damn difference in terms of the actual work involved. Consensual sex for money as a porn actor or actress is equal to the consensual sex for money as an escort or other sex worker. (Hell, what’s the difference between either of those acts and mainstream film actors having sex, masturbating, etc. in scenes that are “integral to the story”. And let’s not forget the number of mainstream celebs who opt to be paid for appearances & “dates” either.)

sunny-lane-nudeI’m not saying that being a hardcore porn star is exactly the same as being an escort; of course it’s not. Just like being an escort it not just like being a phone sex operator, a sex blogger, erotica author, sex toy shop employee, a cam girl, a nude male model, a stripper, a dominatrix, etc… Each form of sex work comes with it’s own tasks, privacy, complexities, limitations, rate of pay, risks, etc. They are different types of jobs within the category of sex work. And it is precisely these job differences which a person choosing to enter sex work evaluates and considers when entering the adult industry.

But, according to Sunny Lane, who entered the porn industry after a stint at Nevada’s Moonlite Bunny Ranch, the porn industry is not-so welcoming to the idea that sex work is sex work:

“They thought it looked bad on the business,” says Lane. “It was like, ‘Ewwww, you’re an escort? Ewwww, you’re seeing your fans?’”

[It’s statements like this that make me think the decision makers in the porn industry are completely out of touch with reality. Not just the matter of what it is to be paid for sex, but the very notion of what drives those who pay for sex, on film or not ~ their customers and target market. Being so unaware of the power and desire of the fans means the porn execs have themselves to blame for the decrease in DVD porn sales; not just the usual scapegoats of “tube sites” and “the Internet”.]

The “Danger, Will Robinson!” alert of the Salon article points to the climate of diminishing porn returns pushing more porn stars not only into the more honest, yet less socially tolerated, work of paid escort dates, but into the less safe practice of unprotected sex too. Michael Whiteacre, a writer and industry activist who helps run the website the Real Porn Wiki Leaks, explains to EJ Dickson in the Salon article:

Because escorting is more profitable than shooting films, many view it in the same vein as feature dancing or doing interactive cam work: as a way to advertise themselves and earn extra cash in an increasingly competitive market. “The vast majority of performers who escort see it as part of one of their multiple revenue streams, because that’s what you need in the adult industry today,” says Whiteacre. “If you’re just waiting around for a booking from adult producers, it’s very hard to make ends meet.”

…Although most of these escort listings are intentionally vague, some performers’ back-page listings make no secret of the services they provide, with a few offering BBFS (“bareback full service,” or sex without a condom) for a nominal fee.

Having unprotected sex, especially with untested partners, is a thing to be concerned about ~ especially if you’re another sex worker, err, porn star who will be working with a partner who has had unprotected sex. Mike South (the very controversial Mike South aka Michael Strother) sounds off in the Salon article:

“I have no problem with escorting or prostitution,” says South. “It makes no sense whatsoever that selling sex is illegal and selling it with a camera in the room is legal. But I believe, like any profession, it should be practiced responsibly. When you are in the adult film industry and primarily shooting without condoms, it is your responsibility when you escort to wear a condom, and take into consideration that if you don’t, you might be endangering your co-workers.”

This argument would be more valid, however, if, as Salon points out, the adult film industry didn’t simply rely on the rigorous STD testing (which at least one study suggests results in porn performers having a lower risk of contracting HIV than members of the general population) and actually hired performers who demanded condoms be used on porn film sets.

Meanwhile, escorts and other “real” sex workers say they are feeling the pressure to perform their services without condoms in order to compete with the supposedly growing number of porn stars who promise bareback services. But are that many escorts, porn stars or not, really offering such services? Again, from that Salon report:

It’s important to note that escorts offering BBFS is relatively rare, and those who do offer the service generally require an up-to-date STI test before meeting the client. It’s difficult to gauge how many of the performers who escort offer this service, and many industry insiders I spoke with refuted the notion that the practice was widespread. “I see a lot of fear-mongering about it: ‘My God, they’re out there, these Typhoid Marys,’” says Whiteacre. “For sex workers, their body is their business, and it doesn’t make sense to have their bodies fail on them if that’s what’s making them their money.” Derek Hay, a former adult performer who runs the talent agency LA Direct Models, agrees: “It would surprise me a great deal if escorts are offering to see clients without a condom,” he told me.

I believe that Whiteacre and Hay are correct. Like any industry, sex work is bound to have some bad apples; so some escorts (those who have been in pornos or not) may offer sexual services without condoms. If I were still escorting today, I wouldn’t worry about them too much. Worry for them & their health, their clients’ health, yes; but I wouldn’t let them impact my business. I would still practice safe sex.

But somehow I just can’t help but feel that beneath this whole discussion lies the dreaded whorephobia… Porn stars just aren’t supposed to be “sex workers”. They’re supposed to have “risen above” that. But the reality is that sex workers are sex workers are sex workers.

Saucy Saturday: The Piano Man Strokes All The Right Notes

Erika Lust does it again with Cinema X Pigalle

In this short artsy erotic film, a Parisian man plays the piano in an old cinema-turned-art house theatre in the notorious Pigalle district… There he fantasizes about a female patron while an old dirty movie plays in the background.

sexy piano player in theatre porn

sex on the piano lust cinema

Irina Vega & her real life partner Fenyx Santos star in this sexy flick at Lust Cinema.

cinephilia-erika lust

Hot Flash Fiction Friday: Business Trip

He took a breath through his nose, braced just so, remembering her words.

“You are nothing but what I want you to be, pet. And right now what I want is to focus on the real reason why we’re on this trip.”

Man-as-Object-Della-CalfeeThe pile of things resting on his back shifted a little as he exhaled and he felt the nudge of her shiny black pump against the denim of his pants, reminding him without breaking off her conversation to hold perfectly still.

He knew every item she’d charged him to keep in place: The old fashioned white plastic phone with the curly cord, the binder, black with sharp little coloured tags peeping up. The heavy metal pen and the cheap plastic pencil. She’d left the laptop on the real desk, taking advantage of the spacious hotel room to set up this tableau in the middle of the floor.

“Yes, I know. Tonight.”

He knew a dozen emails were ticking up on her regular phone, and but some things demanded a real human voice.

Half a world away, he knew a man was sitting in an expensive and ergonomic chair, squirming and sweating at the words traveling down the phone line. It was morning in the place they’d left, mid day here and he knew every word his Ma’am said was nailing her ex-client to the ground.

She seldom used that voice with him, the one that you couldn’t disagree with. She didn’t have to. But even hearing it used on someone else made him suppress a shiver.

The conversation ended, and her black pump began to slide up his muscled thigh, and he knew, without  looking, that she had a smile of triumph and the call was over. He began to crawl over to her, holding his back perfectly straight so nothing slipped and fell to the floor. The phone clicked into the receiver and her fingers reached for his hair, stroking.

Presently she stood up and lifted the weights from his back, putting them away. He could watch her legs, wrapped in soap bubble thin nylon that did nothing to hide the pale curving shape and long lines, and the hem of her severe black wool skirt.

“Come here, pet. Kneel.”

He kept his head down, positioned just so, until the firmness of her shoe under his chin pulled his head up to meet her gaze. She pushed her glasses up the bridge of her nose with a finger tip, and her smile took on a more contented look, edge sheathed for now. His hand wrapped around one slender ankle and around the shaft of her pump, pulling it off so he could plant a kiss on her warm sole.

“Very well done, Ma’am.”

Her legs began to part, from prim to showing him the space between, and he nudged himself forward, kissing up her thigh to where the professional wool skirt hid the top of a stocking and the bite of a secret garter.

When his lips found the centre, nuzzling against the softness and sensing the wet that saturated her panties, he didn’t need to see her face to know she would have closed her eyes. The chair creaked and her hand grabbed, rough for a handful of his hair, grinding aggressively into his face.

Business was her battle ground and victory always meant these games. And for his place in that, he was content.

Created by Miss Pearl (Pearl O’Leslie), a Canadian female dominant and writer, who loves to share the fun she has with femdom through her blog and stories, as well as giving her non-professional perspective on kink. When she’s not banging out sexy prose, she helps organize in her local BDSM community, chases being the centre of attention and adores lovingly terrorizing a consenting man.

Check out for more femdom stories and other BDSM themed fiction and non-fiction or follow her twitter musings and updates @omisspearl.

Why Your Nipples Are Itchy, and Everything Else You Need To Know About Your Headlights

Nipples don’t usually like to cause much trouble — they go along to get along, trooping around quietly in your bra until you need to unleash them for practical and/or recreational purposes — which might be why, when your nipples feel strange, it can sometimes be kind of terrifying. And that terror


By Gaby_Moss, via @LadySexBlogger (You can tell ‘em @GraciePassette sent ya & said to follow them!)

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