Romance and Intimacy with a Robot Lover

I do have one little kinky fetish which probably says a lot more about me than I would ever want anyone to know. But, that’s how it is. I’m into robots, mechanical men, androids, and so on (up to and including alien men from another planet – but that’s almost another whole story really).

It’s not such a big deal. Really.

Part of the attraction is the lack of emotion. Yes, there is something of the feeling of being ‘forced’, of giving into the situation because the robot is far stronger physically and also unwavering in following his duty/ orders. So much about sexual relationships is about the power and control, who has it and who gives it to them. There is something very erotic about being at the mercy of a big he-man robot.

I’ve written a story where the man starts as a robot trying to win his female owner over to feeling more for him and in the end the robot turns out to be an alien with a secret plot for world domination. Anyway…

Part of it is really being in control. To the point where I can shut him off/ unplug him and stuff him into the back of the closet, under the bed… or… turn him on and get exactly what I want from him without negotiations, discussions or feeling I will be judged for what I want, or don’t want, from him. It’s about not having to explain myself, to feel guilty or pressured about anything in our sexual relationship. He will never tell me I want too much sex. He will never complain at all.

Yet, I wonder, how sincere are his compliments? Will they fall flat? Will I pretend I believe him for the sake of my own vanity? If so, how long will that really work for me? Not long I’m sure. Honestly is a big deal to me. Sincerity too.

Still, whatever he feels, it’s not a real person I will have to deal with outside of the bedroom, by my own choice. I will never have to fit into the image of the good girl or feel I have fallen from my pedestal. My love life with the robot would be a different life from the every day where I go to work, deal with the commute, family, friends…. The robot is an island, isolated like an oasis just waiting for me to flip his switch.

Some people call it Robot Fetishism, some call it Technosexuality. I know I am not alone in this.

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