What Comes Around

What comes around, goes around. That’s the, in this case annoying, truthful saying. And a bit of a pun regarding phone sex ~ for those old enough to remember rotary dial phones, anyway.

Right after I write this, Phone Sex Secrets announces that she’s supposed to be appearing on a major television morning show about moms in the phone sex business.

Let’s just pray, shall we, that this is not the usual hatchet job by the media.

In related news, A Slip Of A Girl has issues too:

If you’re operating under the inaccurate impression that anyone — or everyone — who deals with any sort of monetary transactions regarding sexuality is “victimized,” then might I ask you how you feel about, well, pretty much darn near anything you can see or hear. What company doesn’t use sex to sell itself? What film or song doesn’t depict or manipulate our entwined confused thoughts and behaviors regarding sex?  At least I am honest and direct about it: Lingerie touches our intimate parts, thoughts, and dreams.

I pride myself on that honesty. Really I do.

I pride myself on having the integrity to be honest about what lingerie is, what it touches — including exposed raw nerves, those issues which make us uncomfortable. I try to do so gently, as much as possible. However, I’m not against ripping off a band aid now and then.

But I’m not visually graphic about lingerie’s erotic nature or relationship with us either. I’m proud of that too — because I think tease is not only “classier” but far more exciting and arousing because it engages the mind, the emotions…

Phone sex, chat, custom stories and whatnot, it pays some bills, it’s fun, and, fundamentally, what do you care? If you don’t like it, don’t worry — no one’s going to force you to participate in it.

That’s from her post about the delicate issues of blogging about delicates. And how her phone sex work apparently gets in the way.

Frankly, everything she mentions ~ in her “rantie” post and at her blog in general ~ is exactly why we love her blog.

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  1. Oh yay!! You’re so right!! Thanks again for the class, I LOVED it!

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