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I first met LA Sex & Relationships Examiner Suzi Fox when she interviewed me as part of her series on sex workers and sex work. Before you run off and read all her interesting articles, I thought you might like to know a little bit more about her…

Suzi, when did you began writing for the Examiner ~ and why did you opt to write about sex and relationships?

I started writing for the LA Examiner in January of this year, but before that I wrote and still do submit articles for Campus Circle. Being a performer myself (not sexual performer – well at least not publicly *wink*) I was drawn to write music reviews and do interviews with musicians. You can access those articles on my own site

I perform with The Bruce Sanborn Band as a vocalist and percussionist and although Bruce writes all of the music we perform, we both are passionate about writing (and each other). Now that is a whole other story – a love story like NO OTHER – that will be in an E-book eventually.

I have also been a ghost-writer for a male Dating and Relationship Coach. Now that was funny!

I had to get inside the head of a 45-year-old man and write articles for him as him on sex and relationships. We had lots of fun with these topics and as that project came to a close I realized perhaps I was pretty good at that and could start a column of my own since those topics are very much in demand. I was shocked to see how many 40-something single women out there are paying money for advice on sex and relationships! A lot of them are divorced and still hoping for that someone special but feel they may be missing a piece to the puzzle and need to educate themselves on sex or relating to guys in the dating scene after having been “out of the game” so to speak for so long.

Is the ‘relationships’ part just a way to be able to cover sex without fear of being censored for discussing sex? *wink*

I write about relationships because I feel healthy ones are an integral part of enjoying life on this earth.

When I say “healthy relationships” I am referring to people who can communicate truth to one another, express their joy, pain, frustrations and disappointments with each other and experience non-judgmental responses, acceptance, forgiveness, if needed, and unconditional love. I think if we have a deficit of people in our life who can accept us for who we are and love us no matter what, we suffer greatly and tend to isolate. We were never meant to travel the journey alone. There is a craving within us for emotional connection, for touch, for a mutual building up and encouragement.

I wrote about the benefits of touch here; that info alone could be a selling point for those in the sex work industry.

And what made you decide to write about sex work, let alone from such a non-judgemental point of view?

I started thinking about people groups who have been traditionally trashed by other self-righteous groups. Many of these religious people pride themselves in “exposing the darkness” and I thought it might be nice to expose some of the darkness these groups of people have been promoting. It’s time to slay the stereotypes that have been created to keep the minds of people in boxes, lest they realize the truth.

Amen, sister, amen!

Now that you know Suzi (like I know Suzi lol), you can begin reading her series of interviews with phone sex operators, cam girls, dungeon workers, strippers, escorts and other sex workers here.


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