Sex Kittens Get A Little Help Getting Wet

I’m not going to say that I’m a lazy masturbator, but who hasn’t stripped, grabbed their favorite sex toy, and assumed the position of choice only to discover that the lube wasn’t right there on the nightstand. Arg!

While it can be rather motivational to recall where you last used it (say, on the desk, to give yer fella a tit-job), such memories may not be quite arousing enough to makeup for the trek to go find that bottle of lube… I hear this is thrice as frustrating for those with kids ~ requiring you to get dressed again to go in pursuit of the missing lube, then repeat all the stripping etc. you just did. Should you turn your frustration into a mad sprint and go for the lube? Or just go to bed sexually frustrated? I’ll admit, I’ve done the latter a number of times. *sigh*

If this has ever happened to you, then you need to know about the self-lubing vibrators from Cascade Toys.

cascade toys by lovelife

These vibes are equipped with Lube Play™ technology. The Lube Play™ technology gives you a lubed toy with a simple push of a button! Yay, technology!

There are three lube dispensing vibrators currently available from Cascade: the ribbed-shaft Wave, the classic “pocket rocket” Flow, and the G-spot stimulating Ripple. Each waterproof vibe has nine vibration settings, sure to tickle your fancy.

Cascade Wave sex toys Cascade Flow vibes Cascade Ripple lubricating vibratorsAnd now there are Single Sheaths as well (in each of the three styles), which you can use with your Cascade lubricating vibe to achieve different sensations.

lubeplay cascade toys

Vibrators and sheaths come in three colors, hot pink, blue, and (my favorite) purple. And, yes, the insert-able part of these toys are made from silicone, so they are both latex free and phthalate free. Completely safe to use.

Each toy comes with an instruction manual (including details on how easy these sex toys are to clean and change lube cartridges), a 22 ml water-based lubricant cartridge (approximately 30 uses), a magnetic charger hub, and a USB charger cable ~ all in a cosmetic-style bag with waterproof storage pockets. It’s a nice way to keep all your goodies together and avoid those scenes we discussed at the beginning. What an easy weekend getaway romance kit too. (We sex kittens sooooo believe in those!)

With the lube built-in to the toy, it won’t matter where you left your other bottle of lube, now, will it?

Having a long marathon session and you want a little more lubricant? No problem! With these sex toys there’s no more need to stop the action, fumble for the bottle, or deal with sticky hands ~ just hit that button again!

(And, wise-asses who worry about running out of lube quickly, go ahead and order the three-pack of lube refills right away.)

I highly recommend the Ripple ~ both the G-spot stimulator and the touch-of-a-button lube dispenser makes this toy “Johnny On The Spot” in more way than one. *wink*

PS These toys would also be great for menopausal and post-menopausal women who have issues with vaginal dryness.

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