Less Women Watch Pornos Online; Here’s Why

Last month, the Pew Research Center released a report on the online viewing habits of 1,003 Americans. Among Pew’s findings, no surprise, is that watching online videos has increased ~ as has the number of those who admit to watching adult videos, i.e. porn, which is now at 12%. (If that number seems low to you, as it apparently did to Pew, Pew notes that “this may reflect a reluctance to report the behavior among some adults.”) But where it gets more interesting is in the gender split: 25% of men admitted to watching adult videos, but only 8% of women did. That’s way less than half.

That low 8% surprised a lot of people and had them pondering why. Most people said as Slate did, that our culture has made women even more reluctant to admit to such a dirty deed. I’m sure that’s part of it… And, yeah, there’s that “women are less visual” thing. But still…

I’m surprised no one pointed to the obvious reason: Women’s anatomy.

While male genitalia is up front and center, especially when aroused, and so is easily accessed while sitting in an office chair, female genitalia is not so easily accessed. Take it from me; Ive nearly flipped the damn chair over trying to masturbate sitting in a desk chair while watching porn on my pc. Even if you take your laptop to the sofa, or your tablet to the bedroom, there’s just not a comfortable way to reach your naughty bits while watching the monitor. Watching pornography online may be more accessible than ever, but our womanly bits remain where they always have been. And the best way to reach them is to spread our legs and lean back…


Yeah, there’s doggy style; but when two of the all-fours you are on are there for support, how do you masturbate & monitor the monitor? And if you’re going to take the trouble to hook your computer up to the TV, well, you might as well just slide an adult DVD in before you split those legs and side that vibe in.

Now I’ll admit that some women might be more coordinated than I am; but only some. I am quite flexible, you know. But like sex in the car, if a more comfortable and luxurious position is available, I will always take that. I believe most other women would agree.

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