Can’t Find The Hitachi Magic Wand?

Ever since Betty Dodson featured it in her workshops and book, Liberating Masturbation (1974), women have squirmed and gushed their way to happiness with the Hitachi Magic Wand. Since then, the electric plug-in massager has been at the top of many a “best” list for sex toys and adult gift-giving guides, as well as been featured in many adult films and websites. But recently many have been unable to find the toy while shopping online, causing quite a panic.

no longer hitachi but the same magic wand originalBut don’t panic ~ the original Magic Wand is still around ~ just under a new name. The Hitachi Magic Wand is now the Magic Wand Original.

There’s a long story behind it, but basically Hitachi no longer wanted to be associated with the personal massager that became a sex toy. In lieu of Hitachi just ceasing production, and women everywhere wailing their loss, product distributor Vibratex made a deal with the corporate giant: Vibratex would continue to sell the orgasm machine, but remove Hitachi’s name from it.

Now dubbed the Magic Wand Original (or Original Magic Wand), the name change, which occurred in the Spring of this year, will stump more than a few online adult store search engines. No worries; you can now find it here. And, yes, you can still get the G-spot attachment too.

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