Naughty Nuns & More On A Sunday

So I was looking at these (relatively vintage) photos of “Naughty Nuns” by Cliff Feulner…

Naughty Nuns by Cliff Feulner 1

And I thought of works by ManWoman, some of which we had shared several years ago in a post about how Americans mothers are to be as covered as women in burqas ~ and for the same reasons, entitled Sins of The Mother.

God is My Foundation 1980's Silkscreen by ManWoman

But my memory had failed me, because there were no “naughty nun” artworks.

There was, however, a work that plays on the Virgin Mary inside every woman’s vagina. Or maybe that’s the, err, finger of God about to do that immaculate conception thing?

Virgin Mary in her Panties by manwoman

ManWoman’s piece is entitled Virgin Mary in her Panties, and, via the holy grace of the WayBackMachine we can see that the artist described the painting thus:

Two Italian ladies viewing this painting were crying, “Maria, Maria!”, and slapping their hands on their cheeks. They ran and got the police to have the show shut down. Two burly Vancouver bulls waddled around the gallery laughing at the paintings and they left, deciding there were bigger crimes in the streets to deal with than my cartoon therapy.

As a young man, everytime I got near homeplate with a girl, the Virgin Mary would jump out of her crotch, saying, “Stop in the name of Jeeezus!” My excuse for painting this is that the Goddess has been grossly misrepresented in the frigid Virgin Mary perpetuated by the church. One must copulate with the Goddess to gain redemption! This aspect has been totally rejected by organized religion. I say, “Make love to the Virgin Mary and give birth to yourself!”

ManWoman does a lot of vagina art.

manwoman sacred vaginas art

And his Sacred Vaginas series exposes more than the traditional yoni.

Instead of Mary being surrounded by radiance, or that bathtub grotto thing you see on lawns, ManWoman sees the external female genitals and his artwork seeks to educate. In modern, and often graphic, ways.

Vulva of Guadalupe sculpture by manwoman


ManWoman, a Canadian artist formerly known as Patrick Charles Kemball, is not only on a mission to enlighten all about female genitalia and the ties between spirituality and sexuality; he’s also on mission to bring back the swastika ~ in it’s original meaning.

Nazis and all, I am sad to report that I believe the swastika has better chance of redemption than the vagina.

gangbanged by my holiness manwoman

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