Of Sex Positive Kiwis & Adult Toys In New Zealand

wendy and ema of dvice adult toys new zealandOnce upon a time, two women from New Zealand, Wendy Lee and Ema Lyon, realized they had a specific kind of sexual frustration: No comfortable place to buy safe and good-looking sex toys. Fifteen years ago, the pair of kiwis decided to tackle their frustration head-on.

Worried about the health aspects and safety of sex toys, Ema and Wendy decided to go became makers of safe and healthy adult toys, primarily focusing on 100% silicone dildos. The ladies were taught how to mold silicon for their adult toys by Weta Workshop’s Richard Taylor. (Yes, that Taylor; the one who’s company created all of the props, prosthetics, weaponry, etc. for Jackson’s epic The Lord of the Rings film trilogy.) Those D.Vice silicone dildos, for both vaginal and anal penetration, cum come with a 10 year guarantee!

dvice silicone dildoSince dildos can be hand held or strapped into a harness, Ema and Wendy naturally thought of making quality, innovative, harnesses too. Comfortable, strong, and fully adjustable, D.Vice harnesses are available in a wide size range: from women’s size 6 (men’s size XXS) to size 26 (men’s size XXL). D.Vice harnesses are made in both leather and non-leather, vegan fabric, options.

Now the ladies had quality adult toys, but where to sell them? They began with sex toy parties and then, in 200, opened their own shop, Dvice Adult Toys in Wellington.

One of that shop’s first slogans was “Quality Sex Gear For Adventurous Everyday People” ~ and the church across the street played on that slogan with a “d.vout” one of their own: “Quality Spirituality for Adventurous Everyday People”. The ladies of D.Vice didn’t complain; they gave a discount to church members!

D.Vice focuses on a comfortable, sex-positive and no-sleaze store, staffed by knowledgeable, friendly and approachable folks, and stocked with safe, quality adult toys. Obviously Ema & Wendy had hit upon a grand idea ~ and a great need. Their business in New Zealand has not only proven successful, but grown from that home party plan to three store locations in New Zealand and online shopping as well. Now, D.Vice is New Zealand’s largest sex toy manufacturer and retailer.

While kiwis may appreciate the sex positive shops in their own backyards (including the cheaper shipping costs for online ordering), D.Vice appreciates their neighbors too. Along with making their own sex toys, D.Vice lives up to “buy local” by supporting local New Zealand businesses whenever they can. Including the edible products. Along with supporting their local economy, most of the edible products in their adult toy shops are either made in New Zealand (or Australia) to ensure freshness, higher quality, and deliciousness. It really is “Adult Toys New Zealand” at D.Vice.

A few years ago, in October of 2011, the sex positive pair and their shops were featured on 20/20. Here’s a YouTube video of their segment (the real stuff starts at 1:00):

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