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I didn’t expect to find vintage naughty men. Women are photographed nude so men can look at them but… men don’t consider that women could enjoy seeing nude men. I don’t think (in those days one hundred years ago and to some extent still) any men thought to take photos for women. Maybe for other men. But, women weren’t supposed to enjoy sex too much. Only men like sex and only men think about sex and want sex. So why is it men need to much erotica and pornography to stimulate them? Could it be that women are actually more sexual and sensual and thus don’t need so much outside help to have an orgasm?

In my search for vintage naughty men I found an ashtray with a man on it had in fully dressed in a suit taking a towel from woman who seems to be floating in the air – perhaps hovering in a cloud of cigarette smoke (considering it is an ashtray). He’s naughty for playing a prank on her and she’s naughty for walking around wearing just a towel, and now not even that. This is why there were no nude naughty men. Naughtiness isn’t applied to men in the nude, only women. Of course, I’m assuming this is a couple in their own home rather than a stranger trying to molest her. They don’t look like a couple.


Often sex interests me just for the difference between men and women. People study and report about the battle of the sexes in the corporate and business world and in dating and relationships. But… how many people think about the way women and men still have such a huge gap between them when it comes to erotica, pornography, adult content and sexual material, online or not?

I found some vintage photos of women posed in lingerie, underwear, skirt raised or variations of that theme. The photos I looked at were being sold on Zazzle, not even an adult content site. They are all given the same general title of vintage naughty French girls. I looked at several of the photos, mostly thinking about the fashions a hundred years ago and wondering how impossible it would be to find names for those women and know something about who they were. Not likely any of them are still alive so it is a bit eerie to look at their photos now. At least I felt that way.

Do men ever think about who they are looking at, or only what they are looking at? Do women in those photos have any depth at all when viewed by men or are they just an image of body parts?

Anyway, because I am a woman and not gay, I wanted to find vintage naughty men. I didn’t particularly ask for French men, though that would have been fine with me.

However, if you look for vintage naughty men you find half a dozen videos about fucking (I almost never get tempted to look at adult sites with videos of men fucking various things). After those six links the next one was the vintage naughty ashtray being sold on eBay.  All the vintage naughty ashtrays had nude women, no nude men.

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  2. What you describe is the idea behind objectification. But I think there are other reasons why the female form is shown or “used” so much more often than the male… One, women are lovelier to look at, regardless of one’s orientation. Two, women are much better at insert themselves into the female form shown and able to fantasize about what might be happening to them. But that’s just the simple start of a very complex conversation lol

    PS I’ve written about those ashtray images here:

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  4. My Mother always says that too, about women being better to look at. I don’t agree. I think its a selfishness of some kind. Men take but don’t give. Admittedly I am somewhat jaded by men via online dating. But, again, that is men, not something made up but actual jerk off, dickhead, men.

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