Adult Sex Ed Month Is Cuming

adult sex ed monthThis June, the second Adult Sex Ed Month will be held. It may seem like a long time away yet, but I wanted to speak with event’s founder, Ms. Quote of A Good Woman’s Dirty Mind, to let everyone know about the event ~ and get prepared for it. It’s a pretty simple event, really just about Tweeting those sex ed articles and posts (those you’ve made or read this past year) using the #AdultSexEdMonth hashtag. But knowing the what and why of the event will likely make you want to start saving a list of links.

What made you want to start such an event?

A couple of reasons … The most important reason was realizing how many people have so many questions about sex, especially the really basic stuff. Having been divorced for 17 years, I’ve had a few men in my life in their 40’s and 50’s that still had sex like 18-year-old boys. They didn’t know what they were doing.

But it’s not just about techniques. A lot of people have very little knowledge of their bodies, let alone of the opposite sex. Finding credible information on search engines about kinks and fetishes online is even more difficult. Things like safe sex, consent, communication, relationships, sexual health, polyamory, and LGBT sex and issues are important things to share, too.

Another reason is in doing research on some topics, I’ve found that there can sometimes be very little or conflicting professional and clinical information, especially about things like female ejaculation, the G-spot and orgasms.

I’ve found that sex bloggers (and professional sex experts) usually provide the best, honest and frank information about sex, but they rarely come up on the top of Google searches. I felt starting a viral campaign would make their information more accessible to the masses.

At a bare minimum what do you hope the event achieves?

At a minimum, I just want adults to have access to complete and credible information about sex. I want to bring this information out in the mainstream.

Dreaming BIG, what do you envision from the event?

I’d love for people to be more open about discussing sex with their partners, friends and families. I want to take the shame and embarrassment out of sex. I don’t want people labeling all sex and adult content as porn or something deviant. Sex is something that almost all adults do and enjoy. If we can push for better sex and better attitudes about sex, we’ll have happier people.

Bloggers, writers, etc. can help make it all happen by posting/sharing; what else can people do to help?

This isn’t just about bloggers and writers. I encourage readers to share stories they find interesting and helpful, too. The more people share, the farther this kind of information gets out in the mainstream to the people who need it most.

Why did you pick June, no vacation this year? lol

I was writing a blog post last May (2013) on why we need more and better sex education for adults. While I was writing this, I thought, why don’t we do something about this … like now? I got the word out to a few bloggers that I knew and #AdultSexEdMonth took off like wildfire. A few bloggers became dozens of bloggers and hundreds of articles.

This wasn’t something I could do myself. I am by no means an expert on everything sexual. There are some things that don’t interest me or turn me on. When I look back on how many topics that were covered during last year’s #AdultSexEdMonth, it’s incredible, it blows my mind. I love the diversity of topics and even the diversity of information and opinions that were made within specific topics. There really is something for everyone.

Now, start saving those links, writing those articles, spreading the word about Adult Sex Month!

You can also find Adult Sex Month at Twitter and Facebook.

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