Speaking Of Crossdressing…

Since we were just talking about crossdressing, I thought I’d share a lighter side of the crossdressing fetish. One of the recent confessions at Erika Lust‘s XConfessions website (where she turns cheeky confessions into short erotic films) was from a man who said a former girlfriend liked to see him dressed up in woman’s clothing:

She put makeup on me one night. Another night I wore a wig, and another night stockings. Maybe it sounds weird, but it never bothered me. She loved the way we fucked, and if seeing me in drag made her panties that wet, who was I to object?

True to her word, Erika created the erotic film, Dude Looks Like A Lady. (This, like all the films made at XConfessions, is available as part of the membership at Lust Cinema; review here.) I sure do love seeing a cock popping out of panties!

crossdressing erotica

dude looks like a lady sex

sex with a crossdresser

penis in panties

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