Hot Flash Fiction Friday: An Hour and 29 Minutes

Another hour and 29 minutes to go until the store closing time. Then a few minutes, at least, before she would actually close the curtains on the display window. Possibly up to 2 hours left to keep standing still and pretending to just be a mannequin, like any other mannequin in the window of a storefront along main street.

She had said it was predicament bondage. Something she was interested in but had never thought he would go for.

This wasn’t the kind of serving in the BDSM books. The men in those stories licked boots, wore panties or did other stuff that sounded a lot better than standing in public, modeling a full suit in a store window. Posed for everyone to see and wonder why the mannequin has a hook in it’s mouth. Would anyone suspect he was a real boy?

BBW smoking watchingTime to think about something else… getting hard was against the rules. Why is it so hard not to get hard once you are told not to get hard? The suit pants were beginning to strain again. Think about ice… cold, cold and wet and slippery… No, that wasn’t helping.

Still another hour and 29 minutes on the clock. Could she have stopped the clock? Could she be that evil?

Image Credits: A dominant woman smokes as she watches from the window… Is she making sure her mannequin is behaving? Via.

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