Meet My Girlie Crush: Webcam Girl Kalyee Pond (Exclusive Interview!)

In case you haven’t noticed, I have a girlie crush on a 26 year old, busty, redheaded webcam model named Kaylee Pond.

busty redhead camgirl kaylee pond

Kaylee is not only a deliciously curvy creature to feast your eyes upon, but she has other big erotic assets too. Her fierce intelligence, quirky sense of humor, sweet nature, and crafty (and somewhat campy) cosplay fun ignite the mightiest of all sex organs ~ The Brain.

Oh, yes, I’ve been admiring this charming girl from afar for quite some time now…

nerdy camgirl fun with kaylee pond as princess leia

Sometimes, dears, wishes do come true and I found myself in the delightful position of having an incredibly entertaining chat with the self-proclaimed geek girl from California. As two girls are wont to do, we talked for quite some time. (She really is as effervescent as I’d imagined!) That means that I’m going to break the interview up into several parts. But I’m sure you’ll be more than willing to come back to hear more from (and see more of!) Ms Kaylee Pond once you meet her. Those who already adore her can attest to that! So, without any further ado, let’s meet Kaylee Pond!

Hi, Kaylee! Before we get into more about you let’s talk a bit about camming in general. I know you from MyFreeCams; but I know nothing about how that site works. Is it free to watch, or free for girls to use, or what? Do folks schedule appointments, or do you set a schedule? Can you help explain how this all works?

Sure thing!

It is free to watch anything in public chat; however, in general, to progress the show, viewers must tip. A lot of this depends on the model, but for the most part models aren’t likely to get naked, facilitate games and raffles, perform sex shows, or take any requests without members tipping her for it.

cute sweet camgirl kaylee pond MFC is an incredibly flexible site so models can really use the platform in a lot of different ways. Seriously, models get to make so many personal judgement calls and there are so many options for how to run shows. Models don’t technically have to pay the site, but MFC does take a (fair, in my opinion) cut of site currency (called tokens on MFC) which pays for keeping the site running. Members purchase tokens and they get added to their account, then choose who they tip them to. Models ALWAYS get five cents per token no matter what. Sometimes that means you’re getting 50%, since tokens start at ten cents; and sometimes that means you’re getting more, because members can purchase higher token packages and pay less per token.

There are different kinds of shows available on MFC.

  • Public: Free to watch
  • Group: 10 tokens per minute deducted automatically, any number can watch with minimum of 3 at first
  • Private: 60 tokens per minute deducted automatically, for one person but people can spy on this for a reduced rate but can’t speak or interact
  • True Private: 80 tokens per minute deducted automatically, no one else will be able to see what is happening in the private, just one person and the model.

I usually spend most of my time in public chat where anyone can watch my shows, and then, for me to get naked or for people to play games, they have to tip.

If I’m feeling like the show is headed in an extra frisky direction, I usually encourage a Group show where I usually have some fun with some toys and orgasm.

kaylee pond valentine

For me personally, I only do Privates by appointment; so those pretty much never happen during my regularly scheduled shows and happen in the day or after the Public shows. These shows are much more exclusive and it’s pretty important to me that I give the best show possible, so I like being able to tailor everything to the desires of the member and be prepared and excited for our time together! I think it creates a much better experience and it also means that my viewers never have to wonder if I’ll be randomly whisked away to a private show. I think that works awesomely for other girls, but I think that for my style, which can often be quite theatrical and/or community driven, it would take some of the excitement away if I were to vanish sporadically through the night. I like to focus and give the best show I can to my viewers!

sexy nerdporn camgirl kaylee pond pierced nipples I do have a regular schedule that I stick to quite adamantly! Each model has a schedule available on their profile, but often those seem to be very flexible. Unless something crazy has happened, I am always online during my scheduled days and times and I think it makes me and my viewers really happy! I like being dependable and I feel like that can be really important. I also have a monthly schedule that members who join my fan club have access to. That schedule shows what game or activity will be happening for each day of the month so they can be prepared and get excited!

OK, so that covers the basics well enough. Now let’s dish ~ about the tasty dish that is you! I’m assuming “Kaylee Pond” is a performance name… Where did the name come from? Does it have any nerdy significance?

Oh yes absolutely! I was trying for a while to come up with a name that I felt represented me and my personality, and had geeky references without being too “in your face” so I chose two of my very favorite science fiction show characters and smushed them together.

“Kaylee” is from the character Kaylee Frye on the show Firefly, she is the ship’s plucky mechanic who is sweet as pie and very happy and friendly. I’m compared with Kaylee a lot due to my bubbly demeanor and I connect with her character a lot, so it was the perfect choice!

Kaylee Frye cosplay- Used for a costume contest kaylee frye firefly cosplay by kaylee pond kaylee pond cosplay as kaylee wearing jane's hat on firefly

“Pond” is from my very favorite Companion on the show Doctor Who, named Amy Pond. She is clever, confident, and a bit sassy which are also traits that I feel I have sometimes.

amy pond cosplay by camgirl kaylee pond amy pond cosplay by kaylee pond kaylee camgirl cosplay amy pond dr who

Essentially, I’m a mash-up! More than anything, I love both characters and the shows and communities that they come from.

camgirl kaylee pond busting out of bra in kaylee frye cosplaySpeaking of “mashing up” things… You’re a curvy busty gal ~ what’s your bra size?

I am indeed, I’m a 36F! I often wear bras that are too small for me during shows because it can be tough to find affordable and pretty bras once you go over D or DD. The “bursting out” effect is often quite fun, though!

Are you a natural redhead?

Ah alas, though I wish with all of my heart that I was, I am not! I am naturally a brunette but I really do feel happier and more comfortable as a redhead, it just feels so RIGHT. I’ve been faking being a redhead for a few years now and feel much happier with this color but it would be great if I didn’t have to dye my hair all of the time!

Right now, we’ll take a little break (and let Kaylee dye her lovely locks, perhaps?) ~ come on back on Monday for more exclusive chat with Kaylee Pond!  Meanwhile, keep up with Kaylee on Twitter & Tumblr!

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  3. Hi Kaylee, you are as lovely & charming as Gracie said when she gushed to me about the interview!

    PS I meant what I tweeted about helping you find some affordable fitting bras!

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