Naked Vintage Soldiers

Photographer Michael Stokes collects vintage photography, including vintage photos of nude soldiers. Via Taschen he published the collection as My Buddy: World War II Laid Bare and it focuses on the special relationships between men. Not just at wartime. But a time when “men were men”, sex was between a man & a woman, and this was just men being boys and horsing around. The military did all it could to ensure such male bonding took place. Sure, there were probably some closeted gay guys there. But no one really worried their pretty little heads about that. (And they indeed did have pretty heads ~ of all sizes. For these were young men, great physical specimens in the prime of life; even if they were living in a wartime hell.) However, it is near impossible for us to look at these photos today and not see eroticism.

my buddy book cover vintage male nudes

My Buddy World War II Laid Bare nudes

vintage nude male soldiers


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