Poetry Brothel puts the bawd in bard

A party where you can pay to have verse read to you in a bordello-style setting is packing in the punters – but are poetry and sex work really comparable? asks Sarah Theeboom

…Prostitution and poetry, they claim, are not the uneasy bedfellows they might seem. “Sex work and poetry are two of the oldest professions,” says Berger. “Both are incredibly intimate acts that explore love, fantasy and the underside of people.”

Adamski agrees. “It’s all about intimacy. You can have pretty good sex or you can enjoy a poem without it. But if it connects to you intimately, it’s so much better.” And that’s what they sell at the Poetry Brothel, he says: an intimate experience of art with the artist who created it.

Source: www.theguardian.com

I am utterly smitten by this!

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