Talking Female Dominants & Male Submissives With Author Irv O. Neil

Continuing my talk with Irv O. Neil (part one, part two), we now get to main course of the erotica feasts the author dishes up…

erotica author irv o neil maskMost of your stories feature dominant females ~ and you’re not shy about expressing those fantasies yourself. The terms “Dominant” and “submissive” are rather subjective… Care to provide the types of femdomme that you are talking about?

My femdom stories — all my sex stories for that matter — are erotic adventure stories. Usually, it’s about a guy who finds himself in a wonderfully sexual situation, and we see what happens, how it plays out, and sometimes even what he learns about himself in the process of living out a situation and getting off. My story The Cuckold and the Cleavage is of this latter type that mixes sex and self-understanding.

I’ve also focused on women protagonists, but not nearly as often. However, my non-porn novel Fate of a Stripper goes back and forth between the stripper and her customer, giving them about equal weight in the point-of-view.

the cruel touch-vintage paperbackIn my femdom stories, the men are erotically submissive, meaning they want to be overpowered emotionally, sexually, and sometimes physically by women, given orders by women: sometimes just to serve them, other times to be humiliated or punished too. They want to be the bottoms in the relationship, and do as the women say. But in many of my stories the men are also ambivalent about it, and struggle to accept this part of their nature, or at least understand it. That reflects my own ambivalence. It is full of potentially dramatic conflict for stories, and endlessly interesting to write and think about.

The kind of dominant female I find attractive in real life is a basically kind-hearted woman who likes to role-play being in control over a man, but can treat him as an equal outside the scenes. But in my stories I explore the spectrum of dominant females.

In Learning to be Cruel Parts 1 and 2, the domme really is cruel and destructive and the man takes it; in Toes Are For Sucking, it is something of a game to the woman and the man, which keeps the encounter in the realm of temporary fun with no strings attached and no real destruction wreaked; in She Made Me a Cuckold on Black Friday, the domme is a self-absorbed brat princess who financially drains and sexually humiliates her helpless slave; in Mommy’s Little Dunce the domme is a self-appointed “esoteric therapist” who plays along in a warm but firmly maternal way with the sub’s desire for punishment; in Dominant Chinese Twins Enslave Whiny Man, the twins are almost surreal cartoons of merciless Asian girls, one a stripper, the other a scientist; in Naked Before Her, the domme is a playful but controlling magazine model, probably closest to the type that I personally like; and in The Dominatrix Who Couldn’t Die, she is a supernatural being who reveals a man’s hidden nature to himself at a terrible cost. My ebook anthology Spell of Dominance has five stories, and two from the female dommes’ points-of-view, one as a beginner to D/s, and the other as an experienced “sugarbaby/dominatrix.”

Irv Slave Or FanI’m so glad you mentioned the self-understanding, your own ambivalence, the struggle… Not just in the specific sense of BDSM submission, but in the overall submission to eroticism itself. When I read your book, I was impressed by (and I quote myself) the sense of psychological tension you created. I’ve long been fond of this sort of tasty tease. It’s not merely the notion of the classic Sam & Diane “Will they or won’t they” tension, but tugging at an individual’s struggle, the sense of giving in to lust itself is powerful. You call this “dramatic conflict”, yes? And it’s a staple for a good story, erotic or not. After all these years of writing smut, works that typically end in the same way, how do you continue to find or create such conflict?

Every story potentially presents a different conflict if the characters have enough individuality. Or, if they’re similar types from story to story, they can still say different things and react in different ways. I’m entertained listening to what my characters say. Sometimes they are quite witty or just amusing. I love to write dialogue and see what’s on their minds. Also, there are just so many aspects of human feelings that can be explored through the sexual angle. Sex brings out the spectrum of emotions — and emotions fuel the eroticism to me.

As a writer or even as a person, I’ve never been interested in just naked bodies, but the hearts and minds inside them.

I firmly believe that shows in your writing, Irv. It’s why I’m such a fan.

If you’ve become a fan of Irv O. Neil’s too, you can follow him on Twitter and read his blog, Erotica Is My Trade. The interview continues on Thursday too!

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