Escorts & Selling Sex In The Land Down Under

Not long after I retweeted the link to the transcript of Hungry Beast‘s interview with National Classification Board member Greg Scott about the Australian rules regarding nudity in Unrestricted Category publications (which raise a plethora of questions, not only in censorship but in terms of female body image, especially down under), long-time reader Mike asked how this might affect sex workers in Australia.

brisbane escorts tease in lingerie and heelsWhile I’m no expert on things Australian, I expect it has little, if any, impact. For while sex work, including escorting, is legal in Australia, I doubt sex workers are allowed to advertise in publications like Cosmo. (Here, in the US, you can’t even advertise sex toys in such publications ~ even if editorial covers the subject.) I’ve reached out to those I know who live or work in Australia for their input.

But even if sex workers are allowed such means of promoting their services, I doubt many of them would opt for using nude photos. Savvy escorts know that tease is more of a marketing draw than explicit photos. For example, the photos shown here. They are random examples taken from profiles of Brisbane escorts and Perth escorts.

And while we are speaking of Aussie escorts, the Daily Mail has a feature on Australian sex workers talking about their diverse client bases.

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