Sex Fantasy Ed Class Topic: Does Mr. 50 Shades Of Grey Have An Avoidant Attachment Style?

Oh, I do wish there was such a thing as “sex fantasy education class” ~ or any real sex ed, for that matter. *sigh* But, sadly, there’s even less intellectual pursuit towards the understanding of sexual fantasies than there is … Continue reading

Forget 50 Shades, Read About 40 Years ~ In Porn: The Irv O. Neil Interview

Irv O. Neil is a New York-based writer and editor who has been in the porn business since 1974. Yes, that’s him as a mad doctor with a foot fetish in a 1998 Leg Action pictorial with Maya Moore (photos … Continue reading

50 Shades Of… Red!

I’m not the only one annoyed or downright fed-up with the 50 Shades phenom. There may be one good thing about all this mainstream glorification of 50 Shades: The subject of BDSM is no longer in the closet. However, the … Continue reading

The Obligatory 50 Shades Of Grey Post (Includes Gender Rant & What Rocks My Heart-Shaped World)

If you were under a rock last week, you missed all the ruckus surrounding the release of the trailer for the film version of 50 Shades Of Grey. (The film won’t be out until Valentines’ Day, 2015; but one must … Continue reading

TV’s Turning Up The Sex ~ And I Love It (Mostly)

Typically, summer seems to bring out some of the worst in fluff TV. Often, this is most visible in cheap “reality” television which exploits celebrity itself by making celebrities do odd things. But it is also apparent in the cliched, … Continue reading

“I found myself begging for a blindfold just so I didn’t have to read anymore”

I take it back; I do know someone who read 50 Shades… My friend Dr. Susan Block read it & wrote this: As a writer and avid reader, I confess I found it to be 50 Shades of Torture, and … Continue reading