Can’t Find The Hitachi Magic Wand?

Ever since Betty Dodson featured it in her workshops and book, Liberating Masturbation (1974), women have squirmed and gushed their way to happiness with the Hitachi Magic Wand. Since then, the electric plug-in massager has been at the top of … Continue reading

Hot Flash Fiction Friday: Face Fucking, Masturbation & Forced Orgasm Edition

Pinkie is a real life submissive ~ and a phone sex operator who turns her money over to her Master, Blackie. She’s got a book out via Tit-Elation, and here’s a little excerpt for Hot Flash Fiction Friday. This takes … Continue reading

You Might Want To Rethink Those Twin Fantasies

Everyone with fantasies of twins may want to reconsider as it’s been a rough week in twin sister news. First, a spurned wife leaves her cheating husband and twin naked in busy car park and then a Florida woman was … Continue reading

Exclusive Kaylee Pond Interview Part Four: What Women Want To Know About Being A CamGirl

We’ve been talking with the lovely 26 year-old webcam model, and self proclaimed geek, Kaylee Pond. In this last part (yes, I know; it’s sad to see it end!), Kaylee answers some more personal questions ~ the sort many of … Continue reading

See The Ventriloquist’s Lips Move!

By now, you’ve probably heard about the stripper-turned-ventriloquist who’s turned the art of screwing around with dummies into a sweet show for puppet fetishists. Yes, lots of girls crave some wood; but camgirl Veronica Chaos makes that a literal thing … Continue reading

Clearing Up The Confusion About Magic Wands & Funky Japanese Vibrator Attachments

There’s a lot of confusion about magic wand vibrators. Not only has the most famous of all, the Hitachi wand, changed names and manufacturers, but there are other wands available too. And there are a number of fun and fanciful … Continue reading

Woman sues Georgia city for requiring doctor’s prescription to buy a vibrator

See on – Let’s Get Sex Positive Did you know that there are places in these here United States–land of the free and home of the brave–where it is actually illegal to purchase or sell vibrators or other sex … Continue reading

Of Orgasm Faces & Hysterical Literature

Kaylee Pond does her Hysterical Literature shows on the third Monday of the month. This is the only time that I do public cum shows, the only other way to see me orgasm is to buy one of my videos … Continue reading

Sex Toy Safety: Fuck Yourself The Healthy Way

Are jelly toys safe? What are the concerns ~ and how can you best protect yourself? What is a “jelly”, “gel rubber”, or Cyberskin toy made of? These adult toys or sexual aids are made with a soft plastic, porous … Continue reading