Welcome to Sex Kitten!

Sex-Kitten.Net has been around nearly a decade, in one form or another. It was begun by me, Gracie Passette, as a place for women, by women, about women ~ not only to discuss sex, but certainly not avoiding it.

More changes to come with the new digs, so stay tuned ~ it’s a pleasure to have you here.

With much affection,

To reach Gracie, use the form below or email at gracie.passette@gmail.com.

PS You can find past “about” information in the Letters From The Editor Archives; the rest of the old site archives can also be found at the top of the sidebar under Ye Olde Cat House.

PPS There’s also the Sex Kitten Feed.

PPS You can find more information here, including information and contact for submissions, advertising, etc.

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