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Bad Teddy on Your Back

I’ve never been a teddy bear hugger. This one doesn’t look too easily huggable.

A lot of Halloween and dark or morbid looking things in this online shop. Some of it makes me feel sad. So much skin revealed, even bare butts. How can women become respected, powerful, or leaders looking this way. It bothers me that this is still encouraged. It’s not about modesty, but immodesty and being controlled and lead.

Found at Dolls Kill.

The Rhinestone Tie

Possibly for a special occasion, but a little bling will pick you up on an ordinary day too.

I found several rhinestone ties once I started looking. Some were very colourful, with lots of patterns to choose from. But, I picked these two for their low key fashion flair.

My favourite comes from Lancetti:

The tie above comes from Exotiq Apparel.

There are plain ties, no pattern just rhinestones in a basic column and row. I found plenty of those on Etsy. But, they seem just a little too ordinary, like something done as a craft project. I think these ties look like something you chose to wear. A little boldness and risk without going overboard.

A Sleep Mask for Men

This is a sleep mask for men. You may think men don’t need a sleep mask. But, how often have you wished you could shut out the world for awhile and just get some rest? Or, you may be one of those people who sleep with their eyes open and wake up with dry, scratchy eyes.

You may think it’s too girly. It’s not, this is a soft grey, like a manly sweatshirt. No frilly bits or sparkles, unless you get the urge to add them yourself.

You may even think it could be dangerous if you have a Domme with a wicked sense of humour… you would be right about that one.

Still… doesn’t this little man look happy? All comfortable, snug in his bed, alone. I expect his Domme is just out of the picture coming up with some… plan for his day. A good plan.

PLEMO Sleep Mask, Ultra-Soft Velvet Eye Cover, Breathe-Easy for Bedtime & Travel [Improved Version]

Lace Boxers for Men


Got a bulge like Beckham but nowhere fitting to house it Manties are well and truly bringing sexy back to the menrsquos lingerie game that is.

Source: Manties Mens Lace Boxers | Firebox.com – Shop for the Unusual

I think these look much better than men wearing women’s underwear. These actually fit and don’t look like something someone will repost in a rude meme. If you really want to wear lace, silk or other stereotypically feminine underwear – make it your own. Be deliberate about it and don’t apologize for wanting something different. Underwear is personal.

Not my Way – Menstrual Tea

How angry would you really have to be to go this far, or this direction? Even knowing it is fake, a trick, this would not be something I’d do. Not even as a fetish. It’s one thing to go too far in that one moment… but then life goes on and that one moment never goes away.

There’s nothing darker than bleeding for a week without dying – except these period products.

Source: These Menstrual Marvels Make Hell Week Better. Period. | Dirge Magazine

Medical Fetish in Space

Do you have a medical fetish? If so, which are you – the doctor/ nurse or the patient? Most people are the patient in this fetish. Maybe that’s because being the doctor is a bit on the creepy side, a bit too much madness in the science. It’s all fun until someone loses an eye, right?

I like the medical fetish. I have my own fantasies and imaginings. I can day dream up all kinds of odd and wonderfully stimulating things. It’s fun.

In reality though, I’d be a little concerned if someone had all the equipment tucked away in their basement and wanted me to come over to play. Of course, I’m not a submissive. I can play a submissive in my own fantasies but, I don’t want to give up control really. I don’t have the patience or trust for that.

These illustrations come from Deviant Art.

Sex Positive Airbnb


The premise is simple. You pick your location, then scroll through the guest rooms (or prison cells and play pens) that are available. Anyone with the appropriate space or equipment is free to act as host, just as long as they are open and “accepting of sexual diversity”. Some apparently even stay to offer extra “educational” services – though this is not an official part of the Kink policy.

Source: A ‘sex positive’ version of Airbnb is now online | Dazed

A different vacation for those who want to take their sex on the road. I’d rather not. A road trip with a stop over is one thing. For some reason I don’t like the idea of being in a place rented from someone else versus my own place. Maybe it’s a feeling of comfort to be in your own space and know where everything is.

What do you think about KinkBNB?