An Interview with Erika Lust on Crowdsourcing Feminist Porn

“Even though I love coming up with my own scenarios for films, it feels way more communal and diverse to let people tell me their erotic visions. Ordinary people have extraordinary stories to tell, and they are a joy to shoot.”

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Love Erika Lust! Here’s my interview with her too.

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Coming Out Like A Porn Star


This week Erika reviews Jiz Lee’s book anthology. I’ve not yet sat down with it myself, but by all accounts it’s one I’ll be making time for soon. We’re such big Jiz L…

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Coming Out Like a Porn Star: Essays on Pornography, Protection, and Privacy, by Jiz Lee

James Deen’s Alleged Assaults Were Ignored, Laughed Off by Casts and Crews #sexwork #porn #rape

Since Saturday, when porn actress and writer Stoya tweeted that she was raped by porn hero James Deen, four more adult film performers have come out agains

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Cauterucci’s article gives the most balanced view of the whole James Deen rape story ~ including the debacles facing women in porn and sex work. While the adult industry has a much faster (and positive) response to its stars who rape and abuse than Hollywood and mainstream media do, there are always the following issues of whether or not it is rape if a person is paid or likes rough sex. 


“There is nothing wrong or rape-like about enjoying rough sex and being good at it. There is nothing wrong or suspicious about acting out a consensual rape fantasy. But, as in offscreen/noncommercial sex, the entire validity of porn as an industry hinges on consent. Perversely, that may be one reason why a porn actress might feel compelled to stay silent about these kinds of violations: Women who act in adult films are often portrayed as victims with little agency or know-how, who must resort to a demeaning and dangerous career because they have no other options. Stories like the ones Fires, Lux, Rayne, and Peters tell—important as they are—don’t exactly contradict that myth.

But neither porn nor rough sex subjected these women to sexual assault, and they didn’t turn James Deen into a rapist. The allegations against Deen are full of references to ways porn actresses control their own careers: through lists of acts they won’t perform, lists of people they won’t perform with, and contracts that specify exactly what will happen in a scene. Deviating from the agreed-upon variety, timing, and manner of sex is just as wrong as any other kind of assault. The women who’ve told their horrifying stories about Deen know that. Deen and the bystanders who looked on and laughed did, too.”

Click links for more info on rape & rape fantasies ~ including issues in porn & sex work.

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Are young men really porn-watching, video game-playing losers?

The Guy Behind the Stanford Prison Experiment Says Video Games Are Destroying Men

In 1971, the psychologist Philip Zimbardo spearheaded the Stanford prison experiment to show how the hierarchy of the penitentiary system could turn otherwise reasonable men into monsters. Now, Zimbardo has identified a new threat to mankind: the Internet. Excessive video game use and porn consumption, Zimbardo says, is turning modern…


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Bluestockings Boutique Is Selling Lingerie To Under-Served Customers, Including The LGBT Community

An e-retailer launched its online store yesterday with the proclamation that it would be incredibly inclusive to all: Introducing “underthings for everyone” by Bluestockings Boutique. On the brand’s about page, Founder Jeanna Kadlec states that BB is a lingerie boutique that was started with intersectional feminist principles in mind. She specifically considers the LGBTQIA community, who believes that “representation is not an idea — it’s a practice.” I can 100 percent get behind pretty much all of this — yes to lingerie for all, to actual representation, and to understanding the implications that the lingerie industry can have on women, non-binary, and queer people!


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Phone Sex Domination with a German Accent

german accent femdom

Brains and sophistication are sexy. Do you like a little German accent? I lived in Germany until 2 years ago when I relocated to the states. Strict and sensual, kinky and clever.

I love phone calls and I love Voices.

While I love a lot of things I am NOT submissive. You do not have to be sub but do not call me if you are “dominant”.

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Ultimate Vintage Sex Kitten Babydoll Nightie Sheer Black Nylon Chiffon with Black Marabou Feather Trim Super Mid-Century Baby Doll Lingerie

Me-wow! Meet the playful peek-a-boo nightie that ruled the boudoir of any proper (improper?!) Mid-Century sex kitten!

A sheer black babydoll nightie made of a cloud of black nylon chiffon, trimmed with a band of satin ribbon just before the slightly ruffled hem made of more sheer black chiffon — all topped off with flirty black marabou feathers! The fluffy feathers are not merely decolletage decoration either, my dears — it serves as the shoulder straps!

Just like something that would have come out of the closet of Monroe, Mansfield or any other bombshell of the 50s or 60s!

Unlike many modern or contemporary nighties, this little vixen is short — short enough to show off those great panties (preferably ruffled!)


I already have 3 of these (2 black, 1 red) or not share this with you & buy it myself. ;)

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Don’t ask if porn “empowers” women – instead, ask if your feminism does

We don’t demand that waitresses feel “empowered” in their jobs for us to recognise their agency in choosing the work, and we don’t tell other workers who serve male customers that they can’t be feminist.


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