Afraid To Go Into The Kitchen This Holiday?

Brooke Marks makes it more fun. Here she combines the kitschy thrills of Cthulhu cosplay with kitchen fun. It might be too late to get it for Thanksgiving, but if you’d like to play this at home, you can get a Cthulho knitted mask here.

brooke marks Cthulhu's kitchen

Inside Every Man There’s An Inner Cross Dresser

Look, the mail has arrived and it’s for the male of the house!

The cover of the box reads “Clothes That Make a Man” ~ let’s look inside…

Clothes That Make a Man

Oh, look! A pretty sketch of a pinup gal wearing a bra and panties! (While I am dying to look beneath the lingerie, we aren’t given any clues… My best guess is that we’ve already seen as much of our pinup girl as we are ever going to.)

vintage Clothes That Make a Man novelty gag humor gift

For me, this is just the epitome of a crossdresser: Dandy suit on the outside, feminine attire beneath.

But, sorry, my CD friends; that probably wasn’t the intended message with this vintage novelty or gag gift.

In fact, this was likely intended to connote the opposite: men become real men when they see a lady in her underthings. Insert manly grunts here. Unless, of course, the real gag was that you weren’t man enough to handle a woman because you were a foppish man who cared more about his dandy appearance. Then insert guffaws and hearty back-slaps here.

Copyright 1948, H. Fishlove & Co. of Chicago. Given the date, this would have been made under the auspicious eye of “Chicago gag kingpin” Irving Fishlove, who was the son of the company’s founder.

And, hey, it only cost 3 cents to mail that thing back in the 1940s or 1950s. …Ah, but having some fun at the expense of a friend via gender norms, that’s priceless.

1948 vintage h fishlove and company

mail a box for 3 pennies

Saucy Saturday: Cheeky Kari Sweets Edition

I like this photo-set of Kari Sweets. Sure, she wears a traditional black BDSM harness ~ but she also has a sweet, cheeky smile that’s not-so traditional. Even with the chains, she’s happy and eager!

kari sweets black leather bdsm smile

kari sweets leather and chains

Hot Flash Fiction Friday: How To Seduce A Shy Guy Edition

Last week, erotica author and phone sex operator Secondhand Rose was challenged to write a a short erotic story based on 4 words. The words were “shy boy” & “sleepy girl”.

For weeks now, Jen had been visiting Jeffers at his apartment. For weeks she had been subtly giving him signals that she was not only more than a friend, but oh-so available. To no avail. Every night she left for his apartment, she was hopeful; but every night she left his place oh-so frustrated! She knew he was shy – but come on already! What was a girl supposed to do?

Don’t worry, Jen has a plan. And from the looks of things, it works!

Features a horny scheming woman in a school girl outfit and tugs at some somnophilia fantasies too. Read the whole story here.

stroking her over her panties

Sailor Moon Blues?

Aww, what’s the matter? You didn’t get your Sailor Moon cosplay lingerie set in time? We warned you they’d sell out fast! Well, the good news is that you can still get your viewing kicks with this  Sailor Moon Lingerie DVD, featuring 180 minutes of video showing the top-ranking JAV girls modeling Peach John’s classy sexy lingerie.

sailor moon lingerie japanese dvd

A Proper Sex Kitten Foundation

When you’re a sex kitten, you rock it right down to your foundation ~ foundation garments included. Check out the sexy, wild, vintage-styled lingerie in leopard print: bras, girdles, and garter belts. And just like leopards are big cats, these come in big sex kitten sizes (also known as “plus sizes”) for the BBWs out there. Yup, even the full-body shaper and leopard print satin thong panties.

leopard print sexy open bottom girdle corsolet

vintage style sexy lingerie garters leopard print

leopard print thong panties and bra

leopard print full body open bottom girdle BBW

Saucy Saturday: Slumber Party Dreams Edition

A Slip Of A Girl shared these vintage finds — and waxed poetic about the slumber party fantasies babydoll nighties evoke… Pillow fights, as always, remain optional. Images of Sara from of The Dream Merchants II (where the vintage nighties are for sale).

vintage vermillion vanity fair nightie primrose vintage chiffon babydoll by Max Shwartz for Beau Monde

Sailor Moon Cosplay Just Got Sexier ~ & In Time For Halloween

Maybe you don’t know your Sailor Moon from your Sailor Neptune ~ but that’s OK, anime or hentia cosplay can be fun anyway. According to adult cosplay site Storybook Whorehouse, Japan’s version of Victoria’s Secret, Peach John, is making sexy little Sailor Moon lingerie sets. Apparently these bra, panties, and skirts sets sell out fast. And are not easily gotten in the US. But this site has them ~ for now. So get your fandom on, while teasingly exposing your fanny.

sailor moon narikii bra set sailor neptune

Saucy Saturday: Vintage Ventriloquist Edition

Yes, Veronica Chaos is amazeballs (we are huge fans!), but the idea of nudity with ventriloquist dummies and sexy time with puppets isn’t a completely new thing. From Peter’s collection of vintage film negatives and slides comes this vintage slice of cheesecake featuring a bare-breasted, bow-tie wearing, lingerie-clad pinup posing with a ventriloquist dummy.

We don’t know if she was good or bad at ventriloquism… Perhaps the titties were to distract you from seeing her lips move… But then again, if her other set of lips were moving, those panties with a pussy on them would keep us from seeing them. (If you love such panties, check out A Slip Of A Girl’s finds!) Anyway, that’s entertainment!

vintage ventriloquist topless lingerie cheesecake