A Proper Sex Kitten Foundation

When you’re a sex kitten, you rock it right down to your foundation ~ foundation garments included. Check out the sexy, wild, vintage-styled lingerie in leopard print: bras, girdles, and garter belts. And just like leopards are big cats, these come in big sex kitten sizes (also known as “plus sizes”) for the BBWs out there. Yup, even the full-body shaper and leopard print satin thong panties.

leopard print sexy open bottom girdle corsolet

vintage style sexy lingerie garters leopard print

leopard print thong panties and bra

leopard print full body open bottom girdle BBW

Saucy Saturday: Slumber Party Dreams Edition

A Slip Of A Girl shared these vintage finds — and waxed poetic about the slumber party fantasies babydoll nighties evoke… Pillow fights, as always, remain optional. Images of Sara from of The Dream Merchants II (where the vintage nighties are for sale).

vintage vermillion vanity fair nightie primrose vintage chiffon babydoll by Max Shwartz for Beau Monde

Sailor Moon Cosplay Just Got Sexier ~ & In Time For Halloween

Maybe you don’t know your Sailor Moon from your Sailor Neptune ~ but that’s OK, anime or hentia cosplay can be fun anyway. According to adult cosplay site Storybook Whorehouse, Japan’s version of Victoria’s Secret, Peach John, is making sexy little Sailor Moon lingerie sets. Apparently these bra, panties, and skirts sets sell out fast. And are not easily gotten in the US. But this site has them ~ for now. So get your fandom on, while teasingly exposing your fanny.

sailor moon narikii bra set sailor neptune

Saucy Saturday: Vintage Ventriloquist Edition

Yes, Veronica Chaos is amazeballs (we are huge fans!), but the idea of nudity with ventriloquist dummies and sexy time with puppets isn’t a completely new thing. From Peter’s collection of vintage film negatives and slides comes this vintage slice of cheesecake featuring a bare-breasted, bow-tie wearing, lingerie-clad pinup posing with a ventriloquist dummy.

We don’t know if she was good or bad at ventriloquism… Perhaps the titties were to distract you from seeing her lips move… But then again, if her other set of lips were moving, those panties with a pussy on them would keep us from seeing them. (If you love such panties, check out A Slip Of A Girl’s finds!) Anyway, that’s entertainment!

vintage ventriloquist topless lingerie cheesecake

Looking For Mad Men Fan Fic Porn? Tomorrow It’s Here!

Tomorrow morning (April 23, 2015) Erika Lust brings you a most awesome Mad Men fan fiction porn!

Here’s a sneak peek at Poppy Cox playing a girl obsessed with Joan Harris, and her very glam vintage sex hook-up with Alexei Jackson.

mad man fan fic porn

Looks like someone is working so hard they have to eat at their desk. *wink* But it doesn’t look like the secretary minds at all ~ look at her hold onto that desk… Look at that orgasm face! What are you waiting for? Get over to Lust Cinema and join so you can be among the first to watch it!

eating secretary out at her desk


redhead orgasm face lingerie porn

Bluestockings Boutique Is Selling Lingerie To Under-Served Customers, Including The LGBT Community

An e-retailer launched its online store yesterday with the proclamation that it would be incredibly inclusive to all: Introducing “underthings for everyone” by Bluestockings Boutique. On the brand’s about page, Founder Jeanna Kadlec states that BB is a lingerie boutique that was started with intersectional feminist principles in mind. She specifically considers the LGBTQIA community, who believes that “representation is not an idea — it’s a practice.” I can 100 percent get behind pretty much all of this — yes to lingerie for all, to actual representation, and to understanding the implications that the lingerie industry can have on women, non-binary, and queer people!

Source: www.bustle.com

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Ultimate Vintage Sex Kitten Babydoll Nightie Sheer Black Nylon Chiffon with Black Marabou Feather Trim Super Mid-Century Baby Doll Lingerie

Me-wow! Meet the playful peek-a-boo nightie that ruled the boudoir of any proper (improper?!) Mid-Century sex kitten!

A sheer black babydoll nightie made of a cloud of black nylon chiffon, trimmed with a band of satin ribbon just before the slightly ruffled hem made of more sheer black chiffon — all topped off with flirty black marabou feathers! The fluffy feathers are not merely decolletage decoration either, my dears — it serves as the shoulder straps!

Just like something that would have come out of the closet of Monroe, Mansfield or any other bombshell of the 50s or 60s!

Unlike many modern or contemporary nighties, this little vixen is short — short enough to show off those great panties (preferably ruffled!)

Source: www.etsy.com

I already have 3 of these (2 black, 1 red) or not share this with you & buy it myself. ;)

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I Scored On Sunday With A Campus Cutie

One of my vices is collecting sex history. In the past few years, I’ve been focusing mainly on collecting items pertaining to the history of sex work. But on Sunday when I was browsing in a local antique mall I found her, the Nitey Night Campus Cutie figurine made by Marx in 1964 (the year of my birth). With her, my Campus Cutie collection is complete! Now I might just take the others out of storage and display them all. No one in my house is into doll fucking or cumming on figurines, so they’ll be safe.