Sex Dolls Can’t Get Enough & Have To Masturbate

After tweeting about the potential Halloween celebration with a vampire sex doll, I decided to revisit the post about Mona and the other plush Teddy Babe sex dolls. From there I traveled to this image of masturbating sex doll by GFELube.

masturbating sex doll TeddyBabe Cymona

Oh, The Joys Of Calamity

Model Calamity Amelie mixes vintage style with some pretty ~ and I mean pretty ~ risque themes. Among the works in her modeling portfolio are these wickedly stunning photographs by Emmelie Aslin. I adore the sexy lingerie-clad brunette posing with her gun, surrounded by her stuffed and mounted trophies, and the homage to the playful BDSM fetish queen, Miss Bettie Page herself, is super fun. But I think I adore the Return Of The Tentacle Beast poster most for its utter unexpectedness. (Oh, come on now; who doesn’t secretly fantasize about tentacles now and then?) It’s not often I look at photos and say, “Oh, what a wonderful pair!” and don’t mean the breasts ~ *wink* ~ but this time I am referring to the pairing of model & photographer. Found via this post at Smoke & Mirrors.

Calamity Amelie taxidermy

bettie page style lingerie play Emmelie Aslin

return of the tentacle beast pinup

Hot Flash Fiction Friday: The Babysitter Game

darling-crossdresser-deliaYou’re talking to the babysitter, again. She’s half your age and she giggles at everything you say. She blushes as if she’s been doing something she shouldn’t have done.

Silly girl. She gets flustered by your attention. She flips her hair and stands just a bit sideways so you notice her boobs.

You call the taxi for her so she can get safely home to her parents and her homework.

Once she’s gone I close the front door, turn around and…

Now you’re wearing the pretty babysitter dress with matching panties. You like to show them off and we play the babysitter game again.

Image Credits: DeliaCD.

What Kind Of Sex Kitten Are You? What Kind Of Mask Will You Wear?

Whatever kind of sex kitten you are, there are lots of sexy cat masks for you to wear. These are just a few (and some of my favorites) from Etsy.

Of course we begin with the classic little black cat mask. (Also in a sequin style.)

black leather mask small Cat woman style

If your idea of a sex kitten is with an emphasis on the “kitten,” there are pretty pink options.

Pink Lace Mask Sexy Halloween Costume Cat Eye Mask Butterfly WIngs Mardi Gras

Show off your sex kitten princess side with this silver cage style cat mask with black feather fascinator.

silver cage style cat mask with black feather fascinator

If your idea of a sex kitten is a modern Catwoman, wear this Kitty Halloween Mask in Black Leather.

Kitty Halloween Mask in Black Leather

Want a bit more kink in your Catwoman? Wear the Katty Latex Rubber Cat Mask.

KATTY Latex Rubber Cat Mask

If your idea of a sex kitten is to combine kink, mystery, and the visual play of fringed flapper knees, look at the Miss Kitty Fringe Mask with Patent Leather Ears!

Miss Kitty Fringe Mask with Patent Leather Ears

Like a little more strange? Get your freak on with Emily the strange Venetian cat masks.

Emily the strange Venetian cat masks

Purr-haps the “black cat” thing is too typical for you… How about a White Leather Cat Mask with Whiskers?

White Leather Cat Mask with Whiskers

If you’d like to look more like a fantasy lace version, consider the Lady Gaga Party Fancy White Lace up Kitten Ears Mask (this lady Gaga, not this one lol).

Wedding bridal Lady GAGA Party Fancy White Lace up Kitten Ears Mask

Real divas will enjoy the Midnight Kitty Mask with iridescent black sequins and silk lace.

Midnight Kitty - Iridescent Black Sequined Kitty Mask with Silk Lace Detail

For divas who love to play with color, there’s the Hot Pink Leather and Black Lace Applique Kitty Mask with Leopard Print Lining.

Hot Pink Leather and Lace Applique Kitty Mask with Leopard Print Lining

For sex kitten queens, there’s this Gold Cat Laser Cut Metal Venetian Masquerade mask with rhinestones.

Gold Cat Laser Cut Metal Venetian Masquerade mask - Swarovski Crystal Inspired Gems

Into a more literal version of cat cosplay? There’s this paper mache cat mask.

Halloween mask paper mache cat mask animal mask

Whatever cat mask you choose for play, you’ll enjoy the Black Belle de Jour Chainette Fringe Cat Sleep Mask for getting a little peace and quiet. After all, we sex kittens are very nocturnal creatures!

Black Belle de Jour Chainette Fringe Bunny Cat Ear Eye Pin Up Sleep Mask

Speaking Of Crossdressing…

Since we were just talking about crossdressing, I thought I’d share a lighter side of the crossdressing fetish. One of the recent confessions at Erika Lust‘s XConfessions website (where she turns cheeky confessions into short erotic films) was from a man who said a former girlfriend liked to see him dressed up in woman’s clothing:

She put makeup on me one night. Another night I wore a wig, and another night stockings. Maybe it sounds weird, but it never bothered me. She loved the way we fucked, and if seeing me in drag made her panties that wet, who was I to object?

True to her word, Erika created the erotic film, Dude Looks Like A Lady. (This, like all the films made at XConfessions, is available as part of the membership at Lust Cinema; review here.) I sure do love seeing a cock popping out of panties!

crossdressing erotica

dude looks like a lady sex

sex with a crossdresser

penis in panties