Irv O. Neil On The Glory Days Of Porn (Interview Part Two)

Continuing my talk with author Irv O. Neil ~ this time, we travel back in time…

Tell us one story about working in NYC back in the Golden Era Of Smut!

I enjoyed being at photo shoots, having a hand in the direction and styling of a pictorial. When I worked for Charles Goodman starting in 1983 — he was the publisher of Swank, Stag, Porn Stars, X-Rated Cinema, D-Cup, Cheeks, Leg Action, Girls Over 40, and many other magazines — I got lots of opportunities to do this.

IrvONeil-NoirMode -1980sIn the mid-80s a model named Taija Rae came onto the scene, and one of her first pictorials was for my magazine For Adults Only. We shot it in the bathroom of a very nice apartment in Soho, and Taija was just gorgeous. She had a sweet personality, a girl next door face, and a really sexy body. She also had one of the best voices in the business, a kind of soft yet firm voice that was enchanting.

Anyhow, as the photographer did the shoot, I was almost in a daze from my instant infatuation with Taija. It was one of the first shoots I supervised, so the whole experience was new and overwhelming to me anyway. After the shoot I took a cab uptown with Taija to drop her off at Penn Station, and it was just a pleasure being in the taxi with her for that little while. I never had any relationship with Taija Rae other than a professional one, but I always thought she was one of the best and proud that she made a great appearance in my magazine.

So, I always enjoyed meeting the stars. Back in the days before anyone and his uncle could make a video and put it up online, the actresses (as well as the actors) still had the aura and charisma of movie stars. Like Vanessa Del Rio — larger than life. There is a part of me that always remains a fanboy, so I enjoyed meeting the ladies either in the office or even better, going to lunch or dinner with them.

One time I took the beautiful 80s star Rachel Ashley to a Chinese restaurant I used to frequent in Times Square–I interviewed her over a meal–and she was so drop-dead gorgeous that forever after the waiters at the place treated me with the awe you might give to somebody who’d come in there with Sophia Loren.

So there definitely is an up side to writing smut. ;) What other perks have their been?

Other than free magazines, I got the the pleasure of a fun, interesting job that never got boring, gave me an outlet for creativity, and introduced me to good people, some of whom continue to be my friends.

irv-cool-vintage-girlie-magI smile when you say “fanboy” ~ it’s such a sweet term, and I picture a shy you, rather red-faced, eyes averted, maybe even awkwardly twisting your toe in the sand… Is that how you felt when you working with all these stars and starlets?

No, not all the time… Just with the ones who pressed my personal buttons.

In some ways I am kind of a shy person, particularly around women I find very attractive. But having the attitude of a fanboy–a fan–was important because it always kept me connected to the readers. I was one of the readers myself, and this identification made me good at the work.

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Happy Thanksgiving, Here’s Some Pilgrim Sex History

freeman elliot pilgrim pinup 1950sLooking for some sex history involving the US holiday of Thanksgiving? Read Thanksgiving Sex? Sex Lives of the Pilgrims: Girls Gone Wild & Goodwives Chasing Native Men.

Once you’ve read that…

Consider other pilgrims giving thanks. These particular pilgrims are Islamic and they travel to Sex Mountain. Yes, you read that right; I said “Sex Mountain.”

It’s a bit of sex history ~ that lives on today. See Pilgrims Flock To ‘Sex Mountain’ In Search Of Fortune:

Married men, cheating housewives, government officials and prostitutes revelling in a mass ritual of adultery and sex. This is what happens on Gunung Kemukus in Indonesia, otherwise known as Sex Mountain.

…There are several versions of the mythic tale that date back to the 16th century. Legend has it a young Indonesian Prince Pangeran Samodro had an affair with his stepmother.

They ran away and hid on Gunung Kemukus. One day, while mid-coitus, they were caught, killed and buried atop the mountain. It’s now an Islamic shrine where this sex ritual takes place.

The story goes: pilgrims must copulate on the mountain every 35 days for seven consecutive times and blessings and wealth should come their way.

But for the magic to work and the money to flow, it’s believed their sex partner for the ritual should not be their spouse.

Naked Vintage Soldiers

Photographer Michael Stokes collects vintage photography, including vintage photos of nude soldiers. Via Taschen he published the collection as My Buddy: World War II Laid Bare and it focuses on the special relationships between men. Not just at wartime. But a time when “men were men”, sex was between a man & a woman, and this was just men being boys and horsing around. The military did all it could to ensure such male bonding took place. Sure, there were probably some closeted gay guys there. But no one really worried their pretty little heads about that. (And they indeed did have pretty heads ~ of all sizes. For these were young men, great physical specimens in the prime of life; even if they were living in a wartime hell.) However, it is near impossible for us to look at these photos today and not see eroticism.

my buddy book cover vintage male nudes

My Buddy World War II Laid Bare nudes

vintage nude male soldiers


True Tales of Andy Warhol’s Sex Couch

Sixties art house erotica was provocative, but was it a turn on?

Listen to Episode 104 of Slate’s The Gist: Subscribe in iTunes ∙ RSS feed ∙ Download ∙ Play in another tab Today on The Gist, we talk about Andy Warhol’s erotic films with McGill University professor Ara Osterweil, who explains how movies like Couch and Blow Job transformed American visual culture. Osterweil is the author…


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Oh, The Joys Of Calamity

Model Calamity Amelie mixes vintage style with some pretty ~ and I mean pretty ~ risque themes. Among the works in her modeling portfolio are these wickedly stunning photographs by Emmelie Aslin. I adore the sexy lingerie-clad brunette posing with her gun, surrounded by her stuffed and mounted trophies, and the homage to the playful BDSM fetish queen, Miss Bettie Page herself, is super fun. But I think I adore the Return Of The Tentacle Beast poster most for its utter unexpectedness. (Oh, come on now; who doesn’t secretly fantasize about tentacles now and then?) It’s not often I look at photos and say, “Oh, what a wonderful pair!” and don’t mean the breasts ~ *wink* ~ but this time I am referring to the pairing of model & photographer. Found via this post at Smoke & Mirrors.

Calamity Amelie taxidermy

bettie page style lingerie play Emmelie Aslin

return of the tentacle beast pinup

The Earliest Webcam Equipment?

A vintage (1968) advertisement from Western Electric for the “Picturephone” ~ and you just know this was used for erotic fun. All communication and entertainment technology has been used for sex.

vintage telephone camera ad

Western Electric is crossing a telephone with a TV set.

What you’ll use is called, simply enough, a Picturephone set. Someday it will let you see who you are talking to, and let them see you.

The Picturephone set is just one of the communications of the future Western Electric is working on with Bell Telephone Laboratories. Western Electric builds regular phones and equipment for your Bell telephone company. But we also build for the future.

Image from The Golden Age of Advertising: The 60s; via.

Dirty Sunday Morning Church Snickers

In this article about Christian sex questions, i.e. what the Bible says about sex, there is a list of “the ten things God forbids.” Number nine is all about “obscenity and coarse jokes” ~ or, as I like to call it, “humorous irony”.

In Ephesians 4:29, Paul says, “Let no unwholesome word proceed from your mouth.” The Greek word for unwholesome is very descriptive and literally mans “rotten” or “decaying.” In Ephesians 5:4, the Bible warns us to avoid “silly talk” or, as it is called in some versions, “coarse jesting.” We have all been around people who can see a sexual connotation in some innocent phrase and then begin to snicker or laugh. This is wrong. However, this does not rule out appropriate sexual humor in the privacy of marriage, but rather inappropriate sexual comments in a public setting.

Using the mouths of Greeks to clarify a word while disseminating The Word is just too funny! Especially when number three on the list of God’s forbidden things is homosexuality ~ and we all know the Greeks have a history in that department. (A far better history too, I might add.)

Of course, the fact that I find this funny ~ and am blogging it in public ~ is precisely the sort of obscene and course behavior these particular Christians are talking about. But then again, I’m pretty proud of finding the sexual connotations, innuendo, and even puns in the most innocent things… Especially when I can make others snicker or laugh. In public or private.

Guess I’m going to hell.


god-loves-sex-churchBut then again, I believe in a God who loves sex.  That god, I’m pretty sure, actually exists. I know I am lucky enough to say his name every time my legs are spread.

I’m pretty darn sure that god has a great sense of humor too.