Saucy Saturday: Vintage Sex Kitten Edition

A trio of vintage sex kittens:

1 Burlesque dancer Miss Linda L. Scott giving her best tiger cat impression. Captured by the intrepid portraitist of the bump-n-grind era, Maurice Seymour.

2 Mercedes Molinar getting out of her cosplay cat costume; photo by Peter Basch.

3 Sara Leighton aka Shirley Lorimer, nude on a tiger skin rug.

As found at DPopTart’s Tumblr ~ stick with the posts tagged “women”; you can’t go wrong there.

vintage 1960s sex kitten

Mercedes Molinar getting out of her cosplay cat costume

Sara Leighton aka Shirley Lorimer nude on tiger rug

Sunday Funnies: This Should Make You Come

Via Secret Phone Sex:

This Should Make You Come…

Phone sex is a very private, very fun, cock-tale party :p

You are invited!



(via Vintage Risque Novelty Box This Should Make by GustophersCorner)

this should make you come

vintage cocktail party invite novelty

Saucy Saturday: Vintage Ventriloquist Edition

Yes, Veronica Chaos is amazeballs (we are huge fans!), but the idea of nudity with ventriloquist dummies and sexy time with puppets isn’t a completely new thing. From Peter’s collection of vintage film negatives and slides comes this vintage slice of cheesecake featuring a bare-breasted, bow-tie wearing, lingerie-clad pinup posing with a ventriloquist dummy.

We don’t know if she was good or bad at ventriloquism… Perhaps the titties were to distract you from seeing her lips move… But then again, if her other set of lips were moving, those panties with a pussy on them would keep us from seeing them. (If you love such panties, check out A Slip Of A Girl’s finds!) Anyway, that’s entertainment!

vintage ventriloquist topless lingerie cheesecake

Sunday Funnies: WTF Table Edition

Her breasts were a-salted ~ and a-peppered! A vintage piece of tableware or kitchenware in which a a naked lady lays on your table, her ample breasts hold salt and pepper shakers. Shake those condiment holders, baby? For sale here.

vintage s&p shaker featuring nude boobies

Euphemistic Sex History, Anyone?

Do you appreciate sex history, art nudes, vintage risque illustration, puns & euphemisms? If so, have I got something to show you:

sex history vintage nude puns euphemism art risque

I think my favorite is Leda & The Hot Tap. But then, I am a bit of a mythology geek ~ and my man and I are partial to soapy baths. …But there are a number bathing themes here too.

Some of the quips and lines are so clever, it almost wants to make me turn this into a quiz… Almost. I am too lazy. But I will give anyone who dares to illuminate the playful text on this illustration plenty of bonus points and bragging rights.


Sex Worker Therapy Sessions, 1971

Secondhand Rose has been obsessing over the film Klute. If you’re not familiar with the incredible Jane Fonda film, here’s Rose’s review. (See all of Rose’s posts about the film and Jane Fonda here.) The short version of the movie, which surely omits the details and the fun, is that Jane plays a sex worker who finds herself front and center in a film noir murder mystery.

Some of the juiciest parts are the conversations Jane’s character, Bree, has with her therapist. Thankfully, someone has put these clips up on YouTube. But Spoiler Alert ~ do not watch if you have not already seen the flick unless you wish to spoil viewing the film!

Sunday Funnies: Vintage Cocktail Napkin Edition

“Fifty Nifties” is a vintage set of are paper cocktail napkins, made by Miles Kimball Creations of Oshkosh, WI. Dubbed “50” for the count of the napkins, they likely come from the 1950s (or other Mid-Century decade).

Being a Slightly injudicious Collection of Fifty Excellent and Colorful Paper Linen Cocktail Napkins, Each with Its Own Gay Illustration and Deliciously Spicy Bon Mot. Definitely a Must for Your Next At-Home, Bridge, Clam-Bake or Other Rumpus-Room Goings-On.

50 nifties vintage risque cocktail napkins

According to the seller, only 24 of the vintage risque napkins remain ~ and they contain some real beauts. We’ve copied a few of them below. Warning: Sexism, ageism, and the like. Via.

“A woman is as old as she looks. A man is not old until he stops looking.”

“She’s the cream in his coffee as long as he has plenty of sugar.”

“She has a figure like an hour glass and makes every minute count.”

“She’s just a bowlegged cow-girl who couldn’t keep her calves together.”

“Virgin Wool comes the sheep that runs fastest.”

“He’s the butcher who backed into the slicing machine and got behind in his orders.”

“From 28 to 30 are the best 10 years in a woman’s life.”

vintage ageism sexism bar napkins

vintage hour glass and can't keep her calves together jokes

Sunday Funnies: Skiing Is Dangerous For Your Junk Edition

A vintage print block featuring a man downhill skiing. The text reads “Wow! Was that close.” But, as you can see, it wasn’t merely a close call as this poor man is missing his package ~ and behind him, you can see that it is left on the obstacle he thought he missed. I guess it was also cold enough that he didn’t feel a thing during his dick amputation. But the accident sure left a mark and he is going to feel it later. For sale at Etsy.

beware while skiing

“Anyone Can Be Sexy; It Is A Matter Of How A Person Feels About Himself Or Herself”

It was 28 years ago this month that the July issue of Playboy went on sale. One of the most notable features of this issue of the magazine was the pictorial of Ellen Stohl.

Ellen Stohl in peach on bed

The young woman who got the gig by sending in a letter:

My name is Ellen Stohl, I am a model/actress, who three years ago was injured in a tragic auto accident. At first, I had given up hope of pursuing my career, but after a few months and a lot of learning, I realized a wheelchair should not make a difference. Since that realization, I have been working twice as hard to achieve my career goals not only for myself but also to teach society that being disabled does not make a difference. The reason I choose Playboy for this endeavor is that sexuality is the hardest thing for disabled persons to hold onto. Not to say that they are not capable, but rather that society’s emphasis on perfection puts this definitive damper on self-esteem. Well, I believe it is time to show society the real story. Anyone can be sexy; it is a matter of how a person feels about himself or herself, and personally I feel great.

Her wish was granted and the July 1987 issue was the first in which a disabled woman appeared in a Playboy pictorial.

july 1987 playboy Ellen Stohl

upskirt lace Ellen Stohl playboy

At the time, this issue was known as “the uncomfortable issue.”

Associate editor Kate Nolan said, “On the surface, it’s a noble statement: People with disabilities still have their sexuality. But do you think we’d run pictures of someone who was really, seriously deformed? Of course we wouldn’t. This is a safe kind of exploitation. We’re saying, ‘We’ve got pictures of someone who is disabled. Buy our magazine and look at the pictures.’ But the woman looks ‘normal.’ So we’re protected, in a way. I really think we’re opening ourselves up to charges that we`re no better than Hustler. The idea sounded horrible to me when I first heard it, and I haven`t changed my mind.”

But the decision wasn’t up to Nolan; it was, despite the tone of later interviews which made it sound like Hefner was hip, up to Playboy’s editorial director Arthur Kretchmer. This was his stated reasoning:

“We all so easily dehumanize people,” Kretchmer said. “We categorize people because it’s easy. We categorize people in wheelchairs as ‘cripples,’ and we all get on with our lives and forget about them.”

“I may be naive, but I don’t see this as exploitation. The word ‘exploitation’ comes up in other contexts when people criticize Playboy, but in this case I think we’re on the side of the angels.

“I think we are honoring Ellen Stohl’s faith in us. We are allowing her to be whole–to be sexual–and I think it is a wonderful tribute to Playboy that we are the magazine to which she wrote.”

“I agree with Kate Nolan that this would all be different if Ellen Stohl was terribly disfigured. In that case, we would be putting on what would be called a freak show. We’re not doing that.”

Kretchmer may have seemed brave at the time, but if he was so against dehumanizing people why would he so blithely label others as “a freak show?”

In the end, Stohl’s photos were beautiful and their publication was a first step. But many more steps would need to be taken ~ still need to be taken ~ in order to show that anyone can be sexy.

Stohl did an interview with CBS in 2011, and she’s still on the mission ~ including posing nude. She also has a website, EllenStohlStory.

Ellen Stohl playboy Ellen Stohl vintage retro red lace bra bush

Poor Sailor Man… 

He takes off his clothes and disappears If he really wanted sex he should find a way to keep his clothes on. .

Super fun World War 2 era thick, heavy white ironstone pottery coffee cup / mug with risque painted decoration of a nude U.S. Navy sailor

Source: 1940s Naughty Nude Sailor Coffee Mug WWII Era by JackJettVintage