Celebrating The 4th With Fine USA Beefcake

Home of the free because of the brave indeed. All images via Boots & Dogtags (which also has some explicit images, including man on man lust). The last, and my favorite, photo is of Alex Minsky, the former marine who lost his right leg in Afghanistan and is now a model and actor. What. A. Man. More on Minsky here and here.

home of the free because of the brave

sexy military man fatigues

stars and stripes beefcake

sexy vet with flag


Being Sexy & Patriotic in The USA

In 1953, there was Metro Goldwyn Mayer cartoon short directed by Tex Avery about a “family” of airplanes. The animation was entitled Little Johnny Jet (soundtrack here) and it featured the Statue of Liberty giving a panty peep.

statue of liberty panty peep

The Statue of Liberty isn’t the only one willing to be titillating in the name of her country. At some point in the 60s, Annette Moore wore a red, white, and blue mini-dress over some sheer panties and lifted her leg, offering a look at more than a handful of bush beneath those sheer panties. She sure gave the red-blooded American males something to fight for ~ even if there wasn’t a war.

Annette Moore red white and blue panty peep

If you’d like to play Lady Liberty, with a hint of Lady Libertine, you can use this pattern to knit your own red, white & blue mini-dress in time for the US holiday. Just add some sheer panties with authentic vintage style to complete the look. We’re giving you plenty of time to get knitting.

red white and blue mini dress pattern to knit