Onaholes: The More The Merrier?

Hey, Hannah Smothers & Cosmo, if you think that the 3fap three-hole masturbation toy for men is confusing and upsetting, well, you must have missed this Fucking Ageist Cantaloupe Sex Toy from six years ago.

While the 3fap offers three holes (mouth, vagina, & ass) the Wet Sucker Setsugekka Orgy Onahole suggests an orgy of one man with at least three different women who each will wait their turns… There are three pussy onaholes, each representing three a woman of a different age, and one, apparently ageless, asshole.

The Setsugekka predates the 3fap by six years.

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Hot Flash Fiction Friday: Man in a Santa Bib

santabibI sat down on his lap, tied a new Santa Claus bib around his neck and tucked up under his chin. I had made Christmas cookies.

“Have you been a really good boy today?” I asked, waving the cookie around for him to see.

He nodded energetically, half eager puppy and half happy boy.

Breaking off a small piece of cookie I fed it to him.

His hands roamed over me, hoping for more than a cookie. I was okay with that. I’d started getting wet when I put the bib on him, over his official and important looking blue suit.

He grinned when his roaming hands found my bare breasts. I’d taken off my bra while I was baking the cookies. If something was going to pinch at my boobs I would rather it be him.

I broke off another piece of cookie, teased him with it then ate it myself. He laughed, lifted up my shirt and nibbled me.

I left the cookie on the table. His belt was easy to find but I got playful and took my time finding it. Then I let the belt slip through the loops of his pants slowly. I held it, the ends in my fist and lightly whacked him on the back with the leather strap.

He had my nipple, sucking, pulling and stretching it deep into his mouth. It felt good.

Under his bib I slipped his tie off and unbuttoned his suit coat, then the dress shirt too. I pulled his mouth away from my breast so he could kiss me.

He forgot all about his cookies until much later, after I’d stripped him from his blue suit, after we made love with him wearing just his little boy bib and after we played a little more with me telling him exactly what to do in our bed. He was such a good boy we had cookies and chilled white wine as a late night snack when I finally let him take the bib off.

Funny how sexy a man can look in a little bib.

Colouring Books for Adults

I’m not sure why adults need colouring books. Unless, of course, you have a Domme who thinks it’s funny to send a man into the store to buy crayons. She might even send him in with all coins so he would have to count out his money and hope he had enough with the tax added on. Just like a little boy with his allowance – don’t spend it all in one place.

Which colouring book would a nice Domme get for her boy… boobies

colour my boobs

or pussies…

coloring vaginas


So hard to choose… Not really. I can’t take either one seriously. Plus, I’d have more fun if he were colouring the sex positions colouring book. Which would he pick to colour first?

sex positions colouring