Who Doesn’t Want A Man Servant?

Remember last year when we told you about that imaginary boyfriend service? Well, there’s an even better service now, which employs humans, not bots: Man Service. Vice‘s Broadly gave us the alert:

While they state that this is not a sexual service, one just has to laugh. First, the fact that you’re not paying for sex is what all escort services say, so as to avoid illegalities. Ditto BDSM service providers. But, really, even if you and your escort, or dungeon master, never do the nasty deed together, the reality is that such things feed your sex life. Even if only via masturbation fantasies. (And, remember, masturbation is sex!)

The real clue here is the emphasis on intimacy. Sure, you can clean up the dirty side by referring to the female clients as “professionals” ~ but the added “with little time to meet men” and “paying for relationships” lines place us right back at paid companionship which is escorting!

While there are plenty of studies and jokes about women getting turned on by men doing housework, these man servants aren’t like the smarmy versions of Deuce Bigalow pushing a vacuum that you may have in your mind…

deuce bigalow lederhosen

Yeah, as you can tell by the gratuitous use of that specific Rob Schneider / Bigalow pic, I’m still on that lederhosen kick! But, no, Man Servants are not like that.

While Man Servants may vacuum, do the dishes, and take out the trash without complaining ~ and compliment you as he does it ~ he’ll be dressed for your fantasies: “Dressed to the nines in his signature suit and pocket square. No banana hammocks here.”

Apparently, the folks at Man Servants decided this was the female fantasy version of the classic male Fi-Fi the French Maid fantasy.

(Have we come a long way, baby? I’m sure other feminists and feminist bloggers will chime in, with many saying, “No, this is not feminism!”)

Oh, and Man Servant services include other female fantasy offerings as well:

man servant duties

But whether the guy is vacuuming, massaging you ~ even without a promised happy ending, or just arm candy, and then goes away, no string attached, until the if or when you hire him again, he is in the business of for-hire companionship. I repeat, that is exactly what escorting is.

This, my friends, is sex work.

This is where many of the feminists I imagine (for I am not going to go look for them), will take great issue. Sadly, many feminists are anti sex work. Even when sex work is all about female autonomy & women’s rights. *sigh*

Regardless of such complaints, this business is mainstream. And it’s real. Even if only limited to a few major cities so far.

Now, the remaining question is this: If such male escorting services are becoming more mainstream and acceptable, is this a step forward for sex work in general?

Sunday Funnies: Obligatory Easter Bunny Edition

Sean Ferguson getting ready for some hoppy cosplay. (Sure hope the rabbit mask doesn’t mean he fucks like a bunny; I’d like is to last quite a while… In my fantasies it sure does!)

Sean Ferguson bunny mask

Saucy Saturday: Sean Ferguson Edition

I sort of fell in love with the artistic and natural nude sides (all sides!) of Sean Ferguson in Son of Jericho at The Temptation of Eve

sexy tattooed hunk Sean Ferguson

naked back ass Sean Ferguson

Sean Ferguson art nude

classic nude muscle beefcake Son of Jericho Ferguson

Sean Ferguson nature boy

natural nude Sean Ferguson

(Animated gifs by Jerk-Smooth Tumblr.)

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Santa Flashes ~ And The Top Hat Is A Nice Touch

Sure, Santa Clause may be shown wearing a top hat while flashing himself on these retro men’s briefs; but I’m more interested in the man in the top hat who is modeling the underwear.

retro santa briefs and a top hat

Should you be interested in purchasing the retro 1980s Santa briefs

Naughty Superstar Santa briefs. 100% cotton. Made by Addiction. Labeled as a small, and they are quite small. Best suited for a 28-30″ waist and slim build. Excellent condition. Please see actual measurements below.

Waist: 24-32″
Front rise: 10″
Leg opening, around: 20″ (unstretched)

beefcake retro santa holiday underwear

santa flashing in tophat retro mens briefs

back of superstar santa flashing undewear by by Addiction 80s