Flashback Friday: Eek! He’ll See Me Nude!

Circa 2004, comes this bit of body image sex positivity

I don’t know what all the fuss is about, kids, but lately Gracie has received some emails from women ~ frantic women who are worried about how they look in bed to their partners.

Read it for what’s more likely to be going on in your partner’s head than your fears.

Paunchy & Raunchy!

A fabulous, fantastic pin celebrating the sexiness of BBW women with dirty minds. I love the burlesque design too. A collaboration between Two Dimes Design & Weird Empire; so while it is currently sold out here, you can still buy it here. Via @DPopTart & @LucindaLunacy.

PS As long as you’re shopping… Check out the Pizza Slut pinup poster and the Introverted & Perverted pin.

paunchy and raunchy chubby burlesque pinup pin

You <3 Boobs

Yes, everyone loves boobs. And now, boobs are heart-ing you back.

meagiesx heart-shapped tittoosYou likely may nave notices a stream of heart-shaped areolas on your Twitter timeline or your Tumblr dash. You might have wondered if the photos were photoshopped ~ or, if they were “real”, if the artful hearts surrounding the nipples were the result of cosmetic surgery or tattoos. The answer is they are tit-toos. More precisely, it’s a medical tattooing called micropigmentation. And it’s the same process used for restoring a more natural look after breast surgeries.

The coloration process of “tittooing” on the nipple and areola uses pigment, rather than ink. This is because tattoo ink will eventually turn blue, whereas the pigment, an inorganic iron oxide, allows for a more natural color. And there are various shades to select from. However, these pigments fade faster than inks. Which means the pigments used to color and “shape” the areola and nipple generally needs to be retouched anywhere from a year to six years. So if you opt for such body art or alterations, you likely need to plan on some up-keep.

This video shows just how the process of micropigmentation treatment goes — only in this case, the treatment is to restore color and shape to a patient’s areolae and nipples, not to make the hearts. Video from La Belle Forme, in Glasgow.

For a variation on this theme, Nibbles has a more simplistic line-drawing version of hearts on her breasts. As she explains in this short video, there are some considerations regarding tattoos on the breast ~ including what happens to the shape of the tats when the nipple gets hard.

Image Credits: Meagiesx; via.

Escorts & Selling Sex In The Land Down Under

Not long after I retweeted the link to the transcript of Hungry Beast‘s interview with National Classification Board member Greg Scott about the Australian rules regarding nudity in Unrestricted Category publications (which raise a plethora of questions, not only in censorship but in terms of female body image, especially down under), long-time reader Mike asked how this might affect sex workers in Australia.

brisbane escorts tease in lingerie and heelsWhile I’m no expert on things Australian, I expect it has little, if any, impact. For while sex work, including escorting, is legal in Australia, I doubt sex workers are allowed to advertise in publications like Cosmo. (Here, in the US, you can’t even advertise sex toys in such publications ~ even if editorial covers the subject.) I’ve reached out to those I know who live or work in Australia for their input.

But even if sex workers are allowed such means of promoting their services, I doubt many of them would opt for using nude photos. Savvy escorts know that tease is more of a marketing draw than explicit photos. For example, the photos shown here. They are random examples taken from profiles of Brisbane escorts and Perth escorts.

And while we are speaking of Aussie escorts, the Daily Mail has a feature on Australian sex workers talking about their diverse client bases.

sexy perth australia escorts

“Anyone Can Be Sexy; It Is A Matter Of How A Person Feels About Himself Or Herself”

It was 28 years ago this month that the July issue of Playboy went on sale. One of the most notable features of this issue of the magazine was the pictorial of Ellen Stohl.

Ellen Stohl in peach on bed

The young woman who got the gig by sending in a letter:

My name is Ellen Stohl, I am a model/actress, who three years ago was injured in a tragic auto accident. At first, I had given up hope of pursuing my career, but after a few months and a lot of learning, I realized a wheelchair should not make a difference. Since that realization, I have been working twice as hard to achieve my career goals not only for myself but also to teach society that being disabled does not make a difference. The reason I choose Playboy for this endeavor is that sexuality is the hardest thing for disabled persons to hold onto. Not to say that they are not capable, but rather that society’s emphasis on perfection puts this definitive damper on self-esteem. Well, I believe it is time to show society the real story. Anyone can be sexy; it is a matter of how a person feels about himself or herself, and personally I feel great.

Her wish was granted and the July 1987 issue was the first in which a disabled woman appeared in a Playboy pictorial.

july 1987 playboy Ellen Stohl

upskirt lace Ellen Stohl playboy

At the time, this issue was known as “the uncomfortable issue.”

Associate editor Kate Nolan said, “On the surface, it’s a noble statement: People with disabilities still have their sexuality. But do you think we’d run pictures of someone who was really, seriously deformed? Of course we wouldn’t. This is a safe kind of exploitation. We’re saying, ‘We’ve got pictures of someone who is disabled. Buy our magazine and look at the pictures.’ But the woman looks ‘normal.’ So we’re protected, in a way. I really think we’re opening ourselves up to charges that we`re no better than Hustler. The idea sounded horrible to me when I first heard it, and I haven`t changed my mind.”

But the decision wasn’t up to Nolan; it was, despite the tone of later interviews which made it sound like Hefner was hip, up to Playboy’s editorial director Arthur Kretchmer. This was his stated reasoning:

“We all so easily dehumanize people,” Kretchmer said. “We categorize people because it’s easy. We categorize people in wheelchairs as ‘cripples,’ and we all get on with our lives and forget about them.”

“I may be naive, but I don’t see this as exploitation. The word ‘exploitation’ comes up in other contexts when people criticize Playboy, but in this case I think we’re on the side of the angels.

“I think we are honoring Ellen Stohl’s faith in us. We are allowing her to be whole–to be sexual–and I think it is a wonderful tribute to Playboy that we are the magazine to which she wrote.”

“I agree with Kate Nolan that this would all be different if Ellen Stohl was terribly disfigured. In that case, we would be putting on what would be called a freak show. We’re not doing that.”

Kretchmer may have seemed brave at the time, but if he was so against dehumanizing people why would he so blithely label others as “a freak show?”

In the end, Stohl’s photos were beautiful and their publication was a first step. But many more steps would need to be taken ~ still need to be taken ~ in order to show that anyone can be sexy.

Stohl did an interview with CBS in 2011, and she’s still on the mission ~ including posing nude. She also has a website, EllenStohlStory.

Ellen Stohl playboy Ellen Stohl vintage retro red lace bra bush

Celebrating Memorial Day In A Thankful (& Arousing) Way

All photos by Michael Stokes. (The last one is of Alex Minsky & Shaholly Ayers; Ayers did not lose her arm in service, but other women have. And what the hell ~ it’s a hot photo!)

michael stokes photography amputee

Alex Minsky & Shaholly Ayers

Saucy Saturday: BBW Erotic Art Edition

Via Storybook Whorehouse I found the French artist Giovanni who runs his own blog called Drawings & Tits (Very Big). OK, even if there’s nothing lost in translation and Giovanni is a man of few and simple words it doesn’t really matter. Giovanni expresses himself and his sex fantasies through his art.

bbw group sex art by giovanni

bbw on top of small man fucking giovanni

I don’t read French, and copy & pasting into translation takes too much time, so I am not certain if we are ever introduced to the cast of characters; but it seem pretty clear there is a cast of regulars who so enjoy the fine ample qualities of our heroines. And make no mistake, these are big beautiful, truly plus-sized, women. They have more than just exaggerated femaleness. Along with huge breasts and large asses these women have round faces, double chins, skin folds, and big bellies that men just want to grab.

handful of bbw belly giovanni

My favorite works are those in which she is in color and the men, in black white, pale by comparison. So even when she is shown as submissive with a group of men, she is the vibrant leader of all the action. But even when the works have the cast of characters in the same color palate, there’s something about the men’s faces… Amazement, awe, a bit of self-loathing… Something that says she may be the object of lust ~ but they are the comical ones, so driven with desire. It is that presentation which makes the slightly repetitive or limited works rather special. Reminiscent of Robert Crumb’s fetish work.

giovanni bbw erotic artsubmissive fetish bbw erotic art by giovanni

In Giovanni’s fetish artworks, whoever that large woman is, whatever and whoever she is doing, she is fabulous, large & in charge, enjoying all the attention.

bbw queen takes sex slave giovanni

bbw submissive huge tits art by giovanni

bbw nude erotic fetish art giovanni

Intimate Photos Take Us Into the Bedrooms of People With Disabilities (NSFW) – Feature Shoot

For Je t’aime moi aussi, photographer Olivier Fermariello enters the bedrooms of individuals with disabilities, cutting through taboo and rarely discussed topics to reveal the complex sexual identities of his subjects. In a world that subscribes to a relatively homogeneous definition of beauty, physical differences at times become a source of discomfort. Here, Fermariello combats the prejudice surrounding disabled individuals, who are too often unjustly and inaccurately relegated to a realm of n

Source: www.featureshoot.com

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Science Confirms The Bigger The Belly, The Better The Lover

Now, a new study confirms what we’ve always known to be true: That gentlemen with an inch (or two) to pinch make better lovers… At least when it comes to sexual stamina.

Source: www.queerty.com

If the way to man’s heart is through his stomach, the pay-off could be grand!

…Now where’s the study about women?

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