Bree Olson’s Still Fighting

It’s been nearly a year since former porn star (and Charlie Sheen “Goddess”) Bree Olson sent her tweet warning girls and young women not to dream of going into porn:

Olson’s tweet was both viral and controversial at the time; but since then, people mostly forgot about it.

bree olson on webcamShe hadn’t been making news, just reacting to it. Like having to proclaim her HIV-free status (over and over again) in light of Sheen’s HIV announcement, and speaking out against sadist James Deen.

Those situations might be enough for anyone to advise against becoming a porn star. But those weren’t the specifics of Olson’s complaints. Remember, the reason why Olson doesn’t recommend women work in the adult industry has to do with the responses of others to her former sex work, to the stigma and whorephobia ~ and resulting discrimination. Such discrimination has crippled her mainstream employment options. The shamming and bullying have taken their toll as well, resulting in depression and anxiety that prevents her from leaving her house. Yet she continues to be an activist voice.

In March, Olson participated in the Real Women Real Stories film project and shared more details about the painful way she lives now due to how people treat her.

There’s nothing wrong with porn, but how people treat you for the rest of your life, it’s not worth it.

… I wish people would treat me like they would treat a married registered nurse with 2.5 kids in Indiana. That’s how I wish people would treat me.

In an article for the Daily Dot, Olson went into greater detail about the pragmatic realities of the sex work stigma.

Things don’t just work themselves out when you get into the industry or leave it. You become a segregated part of society that has no civil rights group behind it. Life is already hard enough, don’t do this to yourself. The money isn’t worth the pain of what society will put you through forever.

Porn didn’t hurt me. The way society treats me for having done it does.

As for her financial situation, how someone so “hot” so recently could be at such financial risk, Olson explains:

There are no royalties in porn. I see ads to this day, and my movies are everywhere on the Internet. These faceless people behind the industry still make millions and face no repercussions, and I am left to try and come up with ideas of how to have my own business because there’s not much else I can do. We are the only entertainment industry that doesn’t offer talent royalties after they are gone. So now I am shunned by society and broke.

…Porn is the one industry where the more successful a woman is, the more she will suffer for the rest of her life.

My biggest regret was leaving the industry. Leaving all of that money and trying to get the world to like me. They still don’t, and they never will. I should have just put in another five years at least so that in more my smart financial years as I was older, I could have saved enough to live comfortably for the rest of my life.

Olson’s continued trying to make a living as best she can. For now, that means making the most of her name & celebrity, if not profitting from her films, via some interesting merch at her official site:

And, apparently, she’s been doing some work camming. But don’t expect to see too much of her on cam these days. At least not if she gets her wish granted. Bree Olson has a GoFundMe to help her get into treatment.

My name is Bree Olson, and my friends and family know me as Rachel Oberlin.

…Throughout my entire life, I have battled severe depression and anxiety which I have been able to hide through a variety of ways…until now. When I entered into the adult industry at age 18 as an escape from my childhood and to find myself, I never imagined how much worse things could become. I have spent the last decade masking my pain and losing myself even more so as doctors prescribed me mountains of benzodiazapines to make me feel better. I don’t feel better. I’ve never felt worse.

I have been in outpatient therpay since the age of 18 as I’ve tried to fight this dibilatating depression and anxiety. The benzodiazapines are highly addictive and even though I take them as prescribed, my mind and body are physically dependent on them.

As many of you know, drug dependecy is far more than getting off the drug itself. It is about getting out from under the weight of that drug and all the damage it does and finding out who you really are. It is about acquiring the tools to figure out how to cope and really just learning how to live again.

…I want my life back. I want to find out who Rachel Oberlin really is. Bree Olson has consumed my life and I’ve let her because I thought success is money but it’s not.

But money is necessary. Especially if you need rehab and such intensive mental health services.

bree olson Real Women Real StoriesPerhaps you’ve been a fan of Olson’s works. Today, instead of buying or streaming one of her films, send those dollars to Olson’s GoFundMe as a thank you for all the good wank times.

Perhaps you are or have been a sex worker, or the friend of one, and you can understand how devastating the stigma can be for many. Just as sex work isn’t for everyone, leaving brings it’s own set of problems that are too much for some. Even if that’s not been your experience, just a one dollar donation has to be worth the karma, right?


More Signs Of The Death Of Whorephobia ~ & How You Can Help

Would you like more proof that the US may be changing it’s views on sex work and ending the whorephobia? Lately, more clients and consumers of sex workers are voicing their concerns about the treatment of those who provide the adult entertainment. Once again, Greg Battiste, a self-professed “porn supporter“, has tweeted about the disrespect, censorship, and general discrimination towards sex workers:

While Battiste is clearly describing those in the adult industry whose work is legal (such as porn stars, cam girls, phone sex operators, strippers, etc.), his, in my opinion, appropriate use of the term “sex workers” indicates the broader umbrella of escorts as well as dominatrices & other BDSM service providers, etc.

The truth is, even when the work is legal, there are great barriers in the adult industry. This does not mean just societal disapproval. Such a stigma is more than just a frowny-face, but a terrible reality which still, as Lynn of Phone Sex Secrets recently pointed out, affects such fundamental things as housing and child custody. I could tell you horror stories myself…

But there are other barriers in this work as well. In fact, simply the matter of doing business ~ including being paid ~ remains an issue. And it spills over into all sorts of things, like having your Amazon account removed because someone at the company thinks that book your brother sent you was payment for sex services. Stupid and annoying, yeah; but also discrimination. As petty as it may sound, it quality-of-life threatening for many. How well would your life work without your Prime Membership? Mine would suck! (For more on all the stigmas & barriers, please see here, here, & here.)

It is a start when consumers of adult services speak up for the injustices and voice respect for those who provide such services. And it helps when you share/retweet such things.

But consumers of sex worker services ~ and others in the adult industry, including webmasters, sex toys, and other adult products ~ must also exercise their consumer powers.

Paying for porn and other adult entertainment is a very good start. Apply your purchasing power correctly, by doing business with ethical companies. And remember also to vocally boycott those companies, including banks, social media, wishlist and gift services, etc. who would censor and otherwise deprive sex workers from making their money.

But don’t forget to use your powers as a citizen as well. Remember to vote for candidates and referendums which support sex workers (& sexual positivity in general, which includes women’s reproductive rights, LGBTQ rights, etc.). And write letters to those currently in office to urge them to support sex work and sex positive legislation as well.

20 Tokens Until Savvy Saffron Is Topless!

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camgirl SavvySaffron

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Need help understanding the differences in camgirl sites? There’s an excellent little cam & clip girl tutorial here.

Arousr Info Update

arousr-sextingAwhile ago we reviewed sexting, phone sex, and video chat site Arousr and found it rather awesome. If you’re still on the fence, check out this interview Arousr staff which dishes on aspects for chat hosts as well as the authenticity factor for clients. (Yes, the girls are real!)

Helpful tips: You can search for sexy women who are willing to have adult chat and private cam sessions by several demographics, including blondes, chicks with big boobs, and, for those of you with Yellow Fever, Asians. Of course, there’s a directory of fetish interests and conversation topics as well. You can also simply see who is available right now.

Here’s where you get the free app.

OK, This Guy Loves His Cam Girl ~ But This Is Not For Kids

Link hopping from this post about cam & clip girls, I found these “This Guy Loves His Cam Girl” shirts ~ for infants & kids.

inappropriate cam girl gear

This is not OK. We do not believe in sexualizing kids.

And while we do believe there are enough women watching girls on cam to support sales of such merch, please get their gender right. Simply change “guy” to “gal” or something.

Lesson: Don’t automate your merch-making activities.

Even Then They Knew It Would Be Used To Watch Pretty Women

Over 100 years ago, in 1910, our French grandparents imagined what life would be like in the year 2000. This illustration by Villemard depicts the “videotelephony” ~ and you’ll notice the scene shows men watching a pretty woman, much like today’s cam girls. Via.


How To Support Porn Stars, Sex Workers, & Women

Greg Battiste is just another guy who happens to like porn. More importantly, Battiste also respects those who make porn. Perhaps most importantly, he’s given a list of tips on how to respectfully interact with porn stars. It covers everything from dic pics to asking for freebies and more.

Greg Battiste's tips

As SecretPhoneSex (aka Lynn of PhoneSexSecrets) says, those are good tips for dealing with phone sex operators, cam girls, any sex worker really.

Battiste saw that and raised the bar to include all women. For that alone, you should follow Battiste. But he does offer some pretty good porn stuff too. *wink*

Cam Girls Gone Wild

Camgirls have been making news these past few months.

Girls were getting in trouble ~ legal trouble ~ for doing public shows. This worldwide trend included, and I quote, the putting on of webcam shows and taking erotic photos in “one of the world’s least sexy places — the public library.”


Many people find the library and librarians to be among the sexist of things. But whatever. The point is, what was once a private intimate experience has moved into the public realm. As a former sex worker and wild lover, I can attest to the fact that sex in public, paid or not, is a dangerous thing. Sure, it’s part of the thrill; but I do not advise it.

In other camgirl news, a performer was just this month booted off a webcam site for acting out racist fantasies. The thought police is offended. Apparently few folks understand the thrill of exploring taboos via role playing.

spicywebcamsAnd this is what cam sites are all about: Consenting legal adults playing out taboo fantasies together.

Frankly, the Nazi fetish thing is less upsetting as it’s a private consensual thing. (The public places thing not-so-much as being in public breaks the golden rule of consent for anyone around, ya dig?)

Now, I have no way of knowing what all the cam girls shown here, from SpicyWebcams, do; they are for (sexy) illustrative purposes! But the premise of adult cam sites is the same thing: to engage in safe, sane, and consensual sexy fantasy time. So, guys and girls, be safe, sane, and consensual and everyone can have a good time. The rest of you, keep your nose ~ and eyes ~ out of it.

UPDATE: PSO Secondhand Rose on racial fantasies, like BBC.

The Sex Kitten Arousr Review

While apps like Tinder allow you to message one another, they are designed for real world hookups. You join Tinder via a Facebook login, after all, which means your real identity is exposed. Even if you take precautions, there is risk that your friends, family, coworkers, etc. will know what you are up to. These days, if you want your sex to be really safe, you need more than a condom to protect you from STIs; you need to protect your heart, reputation, digital privacy, etc.. But nothing combines the pleasure of orgasm with the ultimate safety of masturbation via virtual sex. So why not grab your phone and get sexting with a stranger?

free arousr android sexting app

This is where Arousr comes (or cums) in. It combines the erotic thrills of casual sex with the confidential anonymity one loses too easily in this digital age. Grab your mobile phone and text the Arousr number of the chat host of your choice (or use the free app), and you’re ready to have the safest sex via sexting anonymously. You can even share photos. It’s kind of like the chat rooms of yesteryear, but with greater privacy, the ability to be mobile, and the assurance that you are sexting with a legal adult.

What’s more, you can also elevate your sexy texting to phone sex and even video chat. In many cases, you can also get video clips to enjoy while the hottie of your choice is unavailable ~ for some credits, of course.

Arousr is clearly aimed at male users. But then, aren’t most sex services? Bonus points, dudes who use Arousr, for being horny and sending your dirty thoughts and dick pics to someone who is legal, willing, and waiting instead of harassing someone who is not interested.

sexting at arousr

Joining Arousr is relatively easy ~ just be aware that your user name cannot be more than 10 characters long (if it is, you’ll need to reload the page to enter a new/shorter handle; otherwise the page won’t let you hit the register/submit button). While chat hosts are required to provide proof that they are of legal age, users are only required to put in the year of their birth and agree to the terms of use. This potentially allows underage users, but most of the chat hosts are savvy enough to not offer any explicit photos or videos for the free chat, at least not right off the bat.

Most of them will click to activate “Premium Mode” before such adult acts. This means the free sexting with that person stops and that you’ll need to spend credits to continue the action. There are no tricks here. You’ll get a notice that states, “Replying to this message will put you in Premium Mode.” This means that if you wish to continue the conversation, you must reply to the message with your PIN code. Then, and only then, will you be charged the 10 credits for each message sent from that chat host. If you do not wish to pay to continue, do not answer the message; you can then simply move onto another member.

When you join, you get 100 credits added to your account. At 10 credits per text, that’s 10 free sex messages.

What happens when the credits run out? Why, you must pay for credits, of course.

You can invest as little as $15 or as much as $100; in any case, it comes out to about 5¢ per credit. To help those of you who are mathematically challenged (either by nature, or due to arousal and blood flowing away from your brain), that comes out to 50¢ per text message. If you’re going the phone sex route, that would be $1.40 per minute; video calls are typically higher.

Overall, Arousr is aces. Additional details on Arousr, a TelePass company, can be found here.

If you are interested in becoming a paid chat host, women as well as bisexual and gay men can earn 50% of the take. Apply here.

How to Look Hot for Web Sex 

For me online sex can’t get any better than IRC. Several women could talk behind the scenes while they sexted (on IRC you can keep a private chat, open a channel with several people and chat in a group all at the same time, in different windows, all in text format) with men. The behind the scenes conversation was always far funnier and personal than the men were. I still think 90% of men online are just sex trolls and they tend to prove me right.

I never got into the webcam sex stuff. I’d have to actually have a reason to want to share more than online chat with a guy – which would mean he would have to prove himself to be more than a sex troll. But, I have sent sexy scans of my boobs to a man I dated (offline). That was as much fun for me as it was for him. Setting up the pose, coming up with something creative… it was all fun. I liked knowing he would find it sexy too.

So I understand the new online sex stuff, the thrill of it. That feeling of being bold, daring and sexy all at the same time. Of course, just as I did then, you want to send a good impression and a great image. This article was mainly about the cosmetics to wear, that’s all less important than the lighting. Good lighting makes you look sexy even without cosmetics.

Find the Right Setup- Choose a spot in the house with natural light. “If you’re Skyping at night, try to make it as bright as possible with the light coming toward you,” says Scantlin. “Never sit with the lighting behind you.” Scantlin explains that positioning the light in front of you (shining on your face) will brighten your face and highlight your features so your date can see you better. If the light is behind you (shining at the back of your head), your face will appear dark. “The light doesn’t have to be a spotlight, but by positioning it so it points toward your face, you will allow your features—and perfect makeup—to shine,” she says.

Source: How to Look Your Hottest for Skype Sex | Women’s Health Magazine