Sex Kittens On The Prowl!

Via A Slip of a Girl, I discovered Isibella Mircalla Karnstein (aka Little Skylark) and The Chateau: Catgirl Manor ~ where I then found this Christmas video of sex kittens! If you love the look, you can get the kitty cat pet look with cat ears, collars, and fluffy tails at Sexclectic. (Discount codes here.)

Saucy Saturday: Bailey Knox Makes Sexy Christmas Cards With Boob & Toe Prints

Bailey Knox poses in pretty red lingerie ~ trimmed in feathers ~ before baring breasts and toes to make holiday cards for fans.

bailey knox christmas lingerie

Sunday Funnies: Grandfather Clock Edition

Sorry to disappoint those of you looking for some hot grandfather clock pendulum action. But you’re no worse off than poor grandma here, who finds herself with the same old swinger. A sad Christmas gift, in a sad little holiday stocking. You can personalize this card too.

grandfather cock

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black friday cyber monday sneak peek adult gifts sex toys vibes masturbators lotions


Hot Flash Fiction Friday: Man in a Santa Bib

santabibI sat down on his lap, tied a new Santa Claus bib around his neck and tucked up under his chin. I had made Christmas cookies.

“Have you been a really good boy today?” I asked, waving the cookie around for him to see.

He nodded energetically, half eager puppy and half happy boy.

Breaking off a small piece of cookie I fed it to him.

His hands roamed over me, hoping for more than a cookie. I was okay with that. I’d started getting wet when I put the bib on him, over his official and important looking blue suit.

He grinned when his roaming hands found my bare breasts. I’d taken off my bra while I was baking the cookies. If something was going to pinch at my boobs I would rather it be him.

I broke off another piece of cookie, teased him with it then ate it myself. He laughed, lifted up my shirt and nibbled me.

I left the cookie on the table. His belt was easy to find but I got playful and took my time finding it. Then I let the belt slip through the loops of his pants slowly. I held it, the ends in my fist and lightly whacked him on the back with the leather strap.

He had my nipple, sucking, pulling and stretching it deep into his mouth. It felt good.

Under his bib I slipped his tie off and unbuttoned his suit coat, then the dress shirt too. I pulled his mouth away from my breast so he could kiss me.

He forgot all about his cookies until much later, after I’d stripped him from his blue suit, after we made love with him wearing just his little boy bib and after we played a little more with me telling him exactly what to do in our bed. He was such a good boy we had cookies and chilled white wine as a late night snack when I finally let him take the bib off.

Funny how sexy a man can look in a little bib.

Sunday Funnies: Decking His Balls

In a twist on BDSM Santa’s use of a Christmas tree, some femdommes make their own human Christmas trees out of a male submissive ~ including decking his balls with hot wax and using his cock as candle holder.

hot wax at christmas with male slave

femdom uses man as human christmas tree

The Delights Of Sex Toy Gift Giving (Just In Time For Black Friday!)

sex toy gift givingWho says giving sex toys for the holidays is a bad idea? Act now and you can get special exclusive savings at Sexclectic too.

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(Image via; more photos there too.)

Merry Christmas, Sex Kittens — And Sex Bunnies!

Classic cheesecake pinups are definitely part of a very vintage Christmas! Photos by Katerina Katonik.