Sunday Funnies: Trump Dick Edition

Just to be clear, I absolutely, sincerely, believe Donald Trump is a dick in the most negative of ways; however, this Trump dick trickery [not (yet?) to be confused with Tricky Dicky Nixon] is just silly paper doll play time. In this Make Donald Trump’s Penis [Great Again], you are instructed to print, cut out, and then “glue-on the penis you think this dickless Donald Trump deserves.”

Personally, I’d rather use a pin… You know, like Pin The Tail On The Donkey. Because even if Trump is running as a Republican Elephant, not a Democratic Donkey, Trump is certainly an ass. …And pins would match the pain I feel watching him as a presidential candidate.

Make Donald Trump's Penis Great Again

From WoodRocket‘s new “Fluff” humor section.

The Mad Scientist Is In The Lab, Working On Something BIG

In For Science, Dr. Carol Wright is a brilliant researcher ~ but, as she’s in a male dominated field, her work is dismissed. Frustrated, she decides to continue her research by testing it on herself. To her surprise ~ and the delight of those with giantess fantasies ~ the side effect of her formula is rapid growth. Oh, and it also increases her sex drive too. Why not? It’s a comic sex fantasy, after all. *wink*


Coming Out Like A Porn Star


This week Erika reviews Jiz Lee’s book anthology. I’ve not yet sat down with it myself, but by all accounts it’s one I’ll be making time for soon. We’re such big Jiz L…

Sourced through from:

Coming Out Like a Porn Star: Essays on Pornography, Protection, and Privacy, by Jiz Lee

Saucy Saturday: Saturday Morning Filmation Lust Edition

Are you old enough to remember the classic live-action Saturday morning Filmation Associates television shows? If so, you no doubt recall the lovely JoAnna Cameron of The Secrets Of Isis. What an icon of female power ~ and lust! Now you can, as Storybook Whorehouse says, “get this vintage comic & stay up late at night reading with a flashlight under the covers — and wanking with a Fleshlight.”

vintage isis comic

Of course, ladies lusted after Isis too… So consider this a great Halloween or cosplay idea ~ and feel free to use the sex toy of your choice. *wink*

Via Storybook Whorehouse who has lots of other Saturday Morning Cartoon Porn.

See also: The Secret of Isis: JoAnna Cameron.

JoAnna Cameron as Isis vintage retro graphic novel comic

Sunday Funnies: Skiing Is Dangerous For Your Junk Edition

A vintage print block featuring a man downhill skiing. The text reads “Wow! Was that close.” But, as you can see, it wasn’t merely a close call as this poor man is missing his package ~ and behind him, you can see that it is left on the obstacle he thought he missed. I guess it was also cold enough that he didn’t feel a thing during his dick amputation. But the accident sure left a mark and he is going to feel it later. For sale at Etsy.

beware while skiing

Sunday Funnies: Decking His Balls

In a twist on BDSM Santa’s use of a Christmas tree, some femdommes make their own human Christmas trees out of a male submissive ~ including decking his balls with hot wax and using his cock as candle holder.

hot wax at christmas with male slave

femdom uses man as human christmas tree

Sunday Funnies: She Said Her Pussy Was On Fire, So He Put A Log In It

That’s not the real story behind this bewitching dirty comic; it’s about a witch in an enchanted forest. But the image struck me as funny. (Maybe that’s because I’ve had my pussy on fire too many times. Don’t let my response “stump” you lol)

log in fire witch toon porno

Who You Gonna Call?

The correct response is, “Ghostbusters!” But when Janine Melnitz is getting banged by what appears to be a blonde Egon, who does she cry out for? Like most of us, if it’s good, it’s probably God. *wink* Via.

Janine Melnitz toon erotica