Sunday Funnies: Obligatory Easter Bunny Edition

Sean Ferguson getting ready for some hoppy cosplay. (Sure hope the rabbit mask doesn’t mean he fucks like a bunny; I’d like is to last quite a while… In my fantasies it sure does!)

Sean Ferguson bunny mask

Celebrating The Early Days Of Spring With The Leg Warmer Fetish

Eight years ago I wrote about the nostalgia for 80s porn. While I am still searching for erotica and explicit porn featuring shaker sweaters, I am happy to report that leg warmers are alive and well ~ and not just in retro or vintage porn, but offered by today’s porn producers too.

Not everyone is a fan, even if they do understand the whole foot fetish thing. Perhaps they simply don’t understand this variation of the leg lover. Or perhaps you have to be of a certain age to have fond recollections of leg warmers… (Not that your nostalgia has to be my nostalgia.) From classy to sassy, leg warmers were everywhere ~ including porn.


Becky Bailey vintage leg warmers so 80s

Leg warmers have always had a connection to dance & fitness ~ and the 1980s certainly gave many men the chance to masturbate to aerobic and exercise videos in the same way generations before them pleasured themselves via mom’s lingerie catalogs (and before that, just the pages in departments store catalog pages which sold undergarments).

jane fonda leg warmers

The fitness angle continues today, to be sure. But leg warmers have also been adopted by others as well.

There are those seeking snuggley comfort… Both the wearer and viewer enjoy the softer, sweeter, more intimate things in life…


And then there are those with those Japanese kawaii fantasies. While “kawaii” means “lovable, cute, or adorable,” apparently the Japanese only call leg warmers “Super Loose Socks“. (Which is more than a little disappointing, even after all my time documenting the weird Japanese names for fetish things). But hosiery, by any other name, still looks (and possibly smells) as sweet by any other name, so…

japanese anime leg warmers

Here, the appeal is largely that of a cute schoolgirl ~ even if the point of view is a peepin’ perv.

authentic japanese loose socks aka leg warmers

But of course, leg warmers are not only part of fashion, comfort, or even simple role play ~ they can be part of extreme cosplay. Depending upon how loosely you wish to define “leg warmers,” there are steampunk variations and even limb covers for those who enjoy the whole furry thing

pawstar furry fetish cosplay leg warmers boot covers

But this whole subject ~ like many ladies’ legs! ~ can go on for days… Suffice it to say, leg warmers remain hot.

Image Credits: 1) Marianne Gravatte wearing leg warmers, circa 1982, from the pages of Playboy Playmate Collection #4 (1983 imported Japanese edition); 2) Becky Bailey, from headband to leg warmers, from big hair to pubic hair ~ so 80s it hurts; 3) the iconic & legendary Jane Fonda; 4) the super sexy to snuggle with Tasty Trixie; 5) Japanese anime girl and Asian school girl wearing leg warmers via JList; 6) Pawstar Party Furz Faux Fur Furry Leg Warmers.

Draped In Golden Chains

These golden chains are sexy. Suitable for role-playing the softer side of sex slave games.

sexy gold chains body jewelry

golden hip chains body jewlery

More than a little lux ~ yet, inexpensive too. Magnifique Waist Jewelry and Magnifique Shoulder Jewelry just $30.09 each.

Plus, you can save even more with these exclusive Sex Kitten discount codes when shopping at Sexclectic:

Use code SKWAY to take 15% off any order; or use code SEXKITTEN to take $10 off orders of $50 or more.

Sex Kittens On The Prowl!

Via A Slip of a Girl, I discovered Isibella Mircalla Karnstein (aka Little Skylark) and The Chateau: Catgirl Manor ~ where I then found this Christmas video of sex kittens! If you love the look, you can get the kitty cat pet look with cat ears, collars, and fluffy tails at Sexclectic. (Discount codes here.)

Afraid To Go Into The Kitchen This Holiday?

Brooke Marks makes it more fun. Here she combines the kitschy thrills of Cthulhu cosplay with kitchen fun. It might be too late to get it for Thanksgiving, but if you’d like to play this at home, you can get a Cthulho knitted mask here.

brooke marks Cthulhu's kitchen

Sailor Moon Blues?

Aww, what’s the matter? You didn’t get your Sailor Moon cosplay lingerie set in time? We warned you they’d sell out fast! Well, the good news is that you can still get your viewing kicks with this  Sailor Moon Lingerie DVD, featuring 180 minutes of video showing the top-ranking JAV girls modeling Peach John’s classy sexy lingerie.

sailor moon lingerie japanese dvd

Sunday Funnies: Halloween Humiliation Edition

Trailer Trash Angel proves she’s so not your Angel with it comes to phone sex, relishing in creating very twisted fantasies. This is especially clear with the Halloween Challenge she posted this year, in which she instructs callers purchase two of these Dobby the House Elf masks which submissive male callers will wear while performing on cam for her. Why two masks, you ask? Angel says, “One for your ugly face & another to hide that sad little sock puppet cock of yours.”

ugly dobby servant mask

That sort of twisted Harry Potter cosplay seems humiliating enough ~ but Angel takes it even further:

you may just impress Me if you find an even smaller one to put on that wee willie! I mean, there are options, like taking the head off a Dobby figure and placing it over that button-cock of yours. Look, this one even has a sock! And a diary, symbolic of your loser confessions.

Hey, it’s also poseable! So get two of those; I have other bad ideas…

If you think that Malfoy was cruel and sadistic to poor little Dobby, well, you just haven’t met Me yet. I assure you, I’m far worse. I can make a loser pig cry on cam in less than 10 minutes. …And yet, they beg for more!

Dobby the House Elf Poseable Action Figure with Diary and Sock

If you and your “Dobby-dick” are up, erm, ready for such a challenge, you should book your session asap; according to her Twitter feed, it’s booking fast.

Saucy Saturday: Saturday Morning Filmation Lust Edition

Are you old enough to remember the classic live-action Saturday morning Filmation Associates television shows? If so, you no doubt recall the lovely JoAnna Cameron of The Secrets Of Isis. What an icon of female power ~ and lust! Now you can, as Storybook Whorehouse says, “get this vintage comic & stay up late at night reading with a flashlight under the covers — and wanking with a Fleshlight.”

vintage isis comic

Of course, ladies lusted after Isis too… So consider this a great Halloween or cosplay idea ~ and feel free to use the sex toy of your choice. *wink*

Via Storybook Whorehouse who has lots of other Saturday Morning Cartoon Porn.

See also: The Secret of Isis: JoAnna Cameron.

JoAnna Cameron as Isis vintage retro graphic novel comic

Sailor Moon Cosplay Just Got Sexier ~ & In Time For Halloween

Maybe you don’t know your Sailor Moon from your Sailor Neptune ~ but that’s OK, anime or hentia cosplay can be fun anyway. According to adult cosplay site Storybook Whorehouse, Japan’s version of Victoria’s Secret, Peach John, is making sexy little Sailor Moon lingerie sets. Apparently these bra, panties, and skirts sets sell out fast. And are not easily gotten in the US. But this site has them ~ for now. So get your fandom on, while teasingly exposing your fanny.

sailor moon narikii bra set sailor neptune