So, A Penis Bag Is A Thing

Every now & then I like to window shop at J List. It’s the easiest way to see, read about, and buy actual Japanese things here in the US. Today, I spotted a Otokonoko Bukuro.

Otokonoko Bukuro

Not knowing what “otokonoko” is, I put a pin in that for searching later & decided, in my Ugly American way, that given the product image, “Bukuro” seems enough like “burrito”. Turns out, I’m not so wrong. Only instead of wrapping your meat in a flour tortilla, you wrap your meat and beans it in silky luxury:

The latest trend in Japan’s otokonoko community is this Otokonoko Bukuro, a “penis bag” that securely fits over your penis and testicles, providing…we’re not sure actually. Protection? A smooth feeling? Sexy style? The material is extra soft, a silky two-way stretch material that will expand to handle any size.

Otokonoko Bukuro Penis Bag

As for otokonoko, the word translates to “male daughter”, and is part of a long history and deep continuum of crossdressing. More at Wikipedia, should you need to know.

At the end of the day, this Otokonoko Bukuro Penis Bag is rather like men’s pantyhose ~ without the pesky leg coverings.

japan penis bag

Inside Every Man There’s An Inner Cross Dresser

Look, the mail has arrived and it’s for the male of the house!

The cover of the box reads “Clothes That Make a Man” ~ let’s look inside…

Clothes That Make a Man

Oh, look! A pretty sketch of a pinup gal wearing a bra and panties! (While I am dying to look beneath the lingerie, we aren’t given any clues… My best guess is that we’ve already seen as much of our pinup girl as we are ever going to.)

vintage Clothes That Make a Man novelty gag humor gift

For me, this is just the epitome of a crossdresser: Dandy suit on the outside, feminine attire beneath.

But, sorry, my CD friends; that probably wasn’t the intended message with this vintage novelty or gag gift.

In fact, this was likely intended to connote the opposite: men become real men when they see a lady in her underthings. Insert manly grunts here. Unless, of course, the real gag was that you weren’t man enough to handle a woman because you were a foppish man who cared more about his dandy appearance. Then insert guffaws and hearty back-slaps here.

Copyright 1948, H. Fishlove & Co. of Chicago. Given the date, this would have been made under the auspicious eye of “Chicago gag kingpin” Irving Fishlove, who was the son of the company’s founder.

And, hey, it only cost 3 cents to mail that thing back in the 1940s or 1950s. …Ah, but having some fun at the expense of a friend via gender norms, that’s priceless.

1948 vintage h fishlove and company

mail a box for 3 pennies

Pretty Pink Panties for Boys

I know I do not want to share my underwear with boys. I don’t mind him wearing panties, or dressing him up in frilly things (for my amusement). But, he can’t wear my underwear. That’s mine alone.

The cut out part of this doesn’t really work for me. I don’t think he would like me laughing at him while I tell him to walk back and forth faster, again. The colour is wonderful and I like the silkiness and rose pattern. These have that nice touch of being pretty without being prissy. I admit, I like men to be manly, even when wearing pretty pink undies.

Lace short features crotchless front, peek-a-boo cutout back.

Source: Neon Lace Double Pleasure, Pink – Frisky Business Boutique

Mutiny In The Big House Monogram Pictures Corp Men In Drag Crossdressing Movie Memorabilia

“Vintage Glossy 8 x 10 Photo Mutiny In The Big House Monogram Pictures Corp Men In Drag Crossdressing Movie Memorabilia


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Hot Flash Fiction Friday: The Babysitter Game

darling-crossdresser-deliaYou’re talking to the babysitter, again. She’s half your age and she giggles at everything you say. She blushes as if she’s been doing something she shouldn’t have done.

Silly girl. She gets flustered by your attention. She flips her hair and stands just a bit sideways so you notice her boobs.

You call the taxi for her so she can get safely home to her parents and her homework.

Once she’s gone I close the front door, turn around and…

Now you’re wearing the pretty babysitter dress with matching panties. You like to show them off and we play the babysitter game again.

Image Credits: DeliaCD.

Weird Al’s Aunt Jemima Treatment

Weird Al’s hot again. But he’s never been hotter than as a crossdressing Jessica Dawn giving a naked Lily Bergman the Aunt Jemima Treatment.

weird and naked uhf porn parody

WoodRocket parodies the cult classic, UHF, saying, “We parody a parody. We are so meta.”

This even has Weird Al Yankovic saying, “Amaze-balls.” Or something to that affect.


Speaking Of Crossdressing…

Since we were just talking about crossdressing, I thought I’d share a lighter side of the crossdressing fetish. One of the recent confessions at Erika Lust‘s XConfessions website (where she turns cheeky confessions into short erotic films) was from a man who said a former girlfriend liked to see him dressed up in woman’s clothing:

She put makeup on me one night. Another night I wore a wig, and another night stockings. Maybe it sounds weird, but it never bothered me. She loved the way we fucked, and if seeing me in drag made her panties that wet, who was I to object?

True to her word, Erika created the erotic film, Dude Looks Like A Lady. (This, like all the films made at XConfessions, is available as part of the membership at Lust Cinema; review here.) I sure do love seeing a cock popping out of panties!

crossdressing erotica

dude looks like a lady sex

sex with a crossdresser

penis in panties