Tale As Old As Time? Beauty & The Beast Buzz

Pop Sugar thought they were clever posting about a Beauty & The Beast inspired dildo. Maybe they were; I mean, why not capitalize on the new buzz surrounding Disney’s live action remake of Beauty & The Beast. Even if most of that buzz surrounds the upset over an openly gay character (Hey, at least it’s not Lumière, as a “flaming” candle.) instead of the teenage-buffalo romance:


Why let the fact that the rosebud-tipped glass dildo (which clearly stays away from anything remotely related to the fairy tale or “Belle”) has been around for quite awhile stop you either.

However, why point to the most expensive purchasing option for the toy? Not only is the Prisms Budding Rose Shaped Glass Dildo cheaper on Amazon ~ nearly half the price ~ but it ships free with Prime, and that means you’re not waiting the two weeks the other shop notes for shipping.

There are other glass rose sex toy options as well. But if the whole point was to capitalize on “the buzz,” why not go with a rose vibrator?

What Goes Best With A Little Black Dress?

Adria models black heels, a pair of bangle bracelets, with her pared down classic little black dress look.

adria little black dress heels

Of course, Adria is also a fashion risk taker: She wears a white bra and no panties beneath her classic little black dress.

adria white bra black heels

Adria also believes the perfect accessories for a classic little black dress are a big old zucchini and an even bigger dildo.

adria inserts zucchini in her cunt

adria big dildo

Nifty Nostalgia For Your Naughty Bits

If you’re of a certain age, maybe even younger, you’ll likely recall the old Sit & Spins and the Hoppity Hop Balls… For those of us who had some pretty nice sexual awakenings on those toys, the iRide conjures those old naughty nostalgic notions…

iRide sit and spin hoppity hop

Sunday Funnies: Get Hammered Edition

Both CR/LF & TrailerTrashGrl pointed this gem out: The Night Stick And Hammer With 2 Interchangeable Heads Vibrating Sex Tool.

sex hammer

This interchangeable vibrating pleasure system comes with two heads for a true multi functional tool. There are 12 vibration functions for powerful stimulation. Made entirely of body safe materials, the two attachments are made of pure, matte, soft silicone, with just the right amount of firmness. Choose the contoured hammer head, or something more insertable with the ribbed night stick.

From Tom of Finland, so it comes with a free collector print. And yes, this sex toy is phthalate & latex Free ~ so it is safe to get hammered. Get shopping discounts here.

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sexy christmas gifts

Sunday Funnies: Keep Getting’ It Up Edition (Or, The Condom Vs Dildo Debate)

At first glance, this retro ceramic mug with Japanese art design may not look like much…

Vintage 1970's NAUGHTY risqué Japanese Stoneware sex tea cup DOUBLE ENTENDRE cheeky sexy souvenir humorous erotic gift

Until you turn it around a bit and spy that interesting object there…

retro 1970's Japanese DOUBLE ENTENDRE condom or dildo with cum cup

While the seller sees the object as a used condom, with a white swish of semen; I spy, with my tiny little eye, a blue dildo and its just milked rewards. …I would insert a Confucius joke here ~ butt but Confucius was Chinese, not Japanese.

The seller translates the Japanese text on this sexual vintage stoneware mug as follows:

The text on the cup reads, “八起 人生 おもしろき” or “Hakki jinsei omoshiroki” which is translated as, “Get up eight times, life is interesting.” It is in reference to the adage, “Fall seven times, get up eight.” Though the meaning is probably closer to, “Life with ups and downs is interesting.”

Thanks, but, regardless of whether it’s a dildo or a condom, I think we get the meaning. No matter how many times that dick goes down, it’s better to get it back up.

(I still say it’s a dildo. “Bottoms up, retro 70’s cup!”)

Where’s Kid Rock’s Dildo Been?

sexy kid rockKid Rock’s been given 14 days to show up in a Las Vegas court ~ with a glass dildo. A specific glass dildo.


Well, this specific dildo is being subpoenaed as evidence in a sexual harassment case against the Insane Clown Posse. But don’t worry, Kid Rock’s not the one in trouble here.

According to press release from attorneys for former Insane Clown Posse publicist Andrea “Andy” Pellegrini, the glass dildo was proffered as a gift from former ICP and Psychopathic Records employee “Dirty Dan” Diamond. When Pellegrini refused the gift, Dirty Dan passed the dildo on to Kid Rock. Now, Kid Rock has to go to court, produce the sex toy, and, err, back up the story.

That’s kind of an unnatural position… While many of us love to tell stories of just where our sex toys have been & what they’ve been up to, we usually don’t have to even think of what’s gone on with them before we even got them.

Like Tom Breihan, I expect that Kid Rock has a lot of dildos ~ and other adult sex toys. After all, he wants to start an escort service for all the right reasons.

You’d Better Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself

From the “This Is Why Some Fantasies Are Better Left Fantasies” file comes this, err, “entry” on anal sex fantasies. The infographic, found via Secret Phone Sex, was made by phone sex operator Cameryn Moore who had a very specific reason for making it:

One of my “extreme top” callers likes to have me ram dildoes in my ass, end to end, no lube. One day he had me cram 30 inches of dildoes in there, and wondered what percentage of the large intestine that much dildo would occupy…

anal infographic dildos intestines

Of Sex Positive Kiwis & Adult Toys In New Zealand

wendy and ema of dvice adult toys new zealandOnce upon a time, two women from New Zealand, Wendy Lee and Ema Lyon, realized they had a specific kind of sexual frustration: No comfortable place to buy safe and good-looking sex toys. Fifteen years ago, the pair of kiwis decided to tackle their frustration head-on.

Worried about the health aspects and safety of sex toys, Ema and Wendy decided to go became makers of safe and healthy adult toys, primarily focusing on 100% silicone dildos. The ladies were taught how to mold silicon for their adult toys by Weta Workshop’s Richard Taylor. (Yes, that Taylor; the one who’s company created all of the props, prosthetics, weaponry, etc. for Jackson’s epic The Lord of the Rings film trilogy.) Those D.Vice silicone dildos, for both vaginal and anal penetration, cum come with a 10 year guarantee!

dvice silicone dildoSince dildos can be hand held or strapped into a harness, Ema and Wendy naturally thought of making quality, innovative, harnesses too. Comfortable, strong, and fully adjustable, D.Vice harnesses are available in a wide size range: from women’s size 6 (men’s size XXS) to size 26 (men’s size XXL). D.Vice harnesses are made in both leather and non-leather, vegan fabric, options.

Now the ladies had quality adult toys, but where to sell them? They began with sex toy parties and then, in 200, opened their own shop, Dvice Adult Toys in Wellington.

One of that shop’s first slogans was “Quality Sex Gear For Adventurous Everyday People” ~ and the church across the street played on that slogan with a “d.vout” one of their own: “Quality Spirituality for Adventurous Everyday People”. The ladies of D.Vice didn’t complain; they gave a discount to church members!

D.Vice focuses on a comfortable, sex-positive and no-sleaze store, staffed by knowledgeable, friendly and approachable folks, and stocked with safe, quality adult toys. Obviously Ema & Wendy had hit upon a grand idea ~ and a great need. Their business in New Zealand has not only proven successful, but grown from that home party plan to three store locations in New Zealand and online shopping as well. Now, D.Vice is New Zealand’s largest sex toy manufacturer and retailer.

While kiwis may appreciate the sex positive shops in their own backyards (including the cheaper shipping costs for online ordering), D.Vice appreciates their neighbors too. Along with making their own sex toys, D.Vice lives up to “buy local” by supporting local New Zealand businesses whenever they can. Including the edible products. Along with supporting their local economy, most of the edible products in their adult toy shops are either made in New Zealand (or Australia) to ensure freshness, higher quality, and deliciousness. It really is “Adult Toys New Zealand” at D.Vice.

A few years ago, in October of 2011, the sex positive pair and their shops were featured on 20/20. Here’s a YouTube video of their segment (the real stuff starts at 1:00):

Tease The Season!

Get ready to tease ~ and please ~ this holiday season with this red & white candy cane glass dildo called the Tasty Treat.

Red Tasty Treat Candy Cane Glass Dildo By RubyGlass21

Not only does this adult toy look like the candy, but it contains sweet treats. The deep red glass wrap adds a slight ribbed sensation, and the curved cane part works great as a handle. Like all candy canes, the Tasty Treat dildo has a bit of a bite of it’s own too ~ the venetian-worked, egg-shaped head allows for easy insertion (even anally!), but it reaches into that pussy and strokes that sweet g-spot! It’ll make you come right down Candy Cane Lane!

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