An Interview with Erika Lust on Crowdsourcing Feminist Porn

“Even though I love coming up with my own scenarios for films, it feels way more communal and diverse to let people tell me their erotic visions. Ordinary people have extraordinary stories to tell, and they are a joy to shoot.”

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Love Erika Lust! Here’s my interview with her too.

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Looking For Mad Men Fan Fic Porn? Tomorrow It’s Here!

Tomorrow morning (April 23, 2015) Erika Lust brings you a most awesome Mad Men fan fiction porn!

Here’s a sneak peek at Poppy Cox playing a girl obsessed with Joan Harris, and her very glam vintage sex hook-up with Alexei Jackson.

mad man fan fic porn

Looks like someone is working so hard they have to eat at their desk. *wink* But it doesn’t look like the secretary minds at all ~ look at her hold onto that desk… Look at that orgasm face! What are you waiting for? Get over to Lust Cinema and join so you can be among the first to watch it!

eating secretary out at her desk


redhead orgasm face lingerie porn

Porn In The UK

bbfc_banned_porn_letterYou’ve probably heard about the new acts of censorship that went into effect Tuesday (December 1, 2014) in the UK. Part of the pornocalypse, these latest porn regulations were made via an amendment to the 2003 Communications Act. If you want the facts, get them from Myles Jackman. Jackman is a lawyer in the UK ~ the only solicitor in the country specializing in sexual liberties and obscenity law ~ and he’s written a factual, and scathing, review of the regulations here. (You can follow him on Twitter @ObscenityLawyer.)

While this new legislation is squarely aimed at UK producers of adult films (meaning consumers will not be prosecuted for viewing it), folks ought to be aware of just how this will affect them.

Those of us in the US who have long claimed that the best fetish stuff came from the UK (We’d always say, “It may be banned in Boston, but we can get it in Britain!”) surely know that pinching the UK porn producers will put an end to the stuff we love. But it’s worse than that.

Far worse.

It’s not just that the kinky fetish BDSM stuff’s been banned, but virtually anything to do with female power and pleasure as well. Even female orgasm. For while male orgasms are allowed ~ to both be seen and swallowed, female ejaculation, i.e. squirting, is not to be “consumed or put onto a body”. A guy can give a girl a good face-fucking; but femdom face-sitting is relatively banned as it can only be done “without breathing restriction” i.e. leaving airways open at all times. (Having participated in both, I can tell you which is more likely to restrict breathing and be dangerous ~ and it ain’t the face sitting.) And the rules about fisting certainly make it clear that they don’t understand what a fist is: you can’t insert all five fingers past the last knuckle. …Oh well, that only makes me squirt anyway ~ and that would land onto a body somehow.

The result, as you can clearly see, is a very sexist set of regulations.

Once again, Erika Lust says it best:

With this legislation, the UK is in danger of finding itself back in an age where porn is simply the boring, unrealistic, male fantasy of bimbos eagerly pleasing men as if it is their duty, where women are submissive and lack ownership of their sexuality. Women in the industry will now fear the loss of their livelihoods as well as their sexual independence.

In the industry, the thought is that many of these “rules” make no sense. How could female ejaculation possibly be any more “dangerous” than male ejaculation? This is utterly demeaning.

We need to rethink what is offensive or dangerous and what is, in fact, normal human nature, and remember that it’s more important to educate than regulate.

That point about education is key. Didn’t we learn anything from prohibition attempts? Don’t we have common sense any more? Sephy Hallow provides wise advise:

[W]e need to open up the debate, and be honest with ourselves. When I say it’s up to the grown ups to offer guidance to young people about sex and the web, I don’t just mean parents and teachers: I mean it’s up to all of us to shape the debate, decide how best we can balance the need to protect children and deny censorship, and provide that safe platform for children without limiting regular access to content for adult consumers. After all, if we can’t talk to other adults in an honest manner about our sexuality and its online expression, what chance have we got in educating young people about sex and the internet?

This is all about judgement, prejudice, shame, control, and freedom. (Isn’t censorship always?)

(Video by @RubyLunaMay of Alchemy-Eros.)

Our friends at Cliterati have also provided a nifty 10 point round-up of why the new regulations must end. That includes more about the kink and LGBTQ communities, so you probably want to read that too.

And then you can sign the petition to repeal the legislation if you’d like. There you’ll see this censorship in an economic light (and for the foolish factors).

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Feminism, Sexuality & Porn: Exclusive Interview With Erika Lust Of Lust Cinema

Yes, Erika Lust has won awards for her erotic films; but perhaps it’s more important that she makes films that you want to watch. And now, she employs the same eye she uses behind the camera to find and curate other aesthetically pleasing adult films at her site Lust Cinema. We are thrilled to have her visit us here at Sex Kitten!

love and lust in sex Erika Lust by Alberto GamazoHi Erika, tell us a little bit about yourself ~ including, of course, why you started Lust Cinema.

I’m Erika Lust, age 37, born in Stockholm and living in Barcelona. I graduated from the university of Lund with a degree in Political Science (and a focus in feminism), then moved to Barcelona to learn Spanish. Early on, I found a job working for a big production house – getting coffee, picking actors up from the airport, etc – which inspired me to take classes in film directing. While studying feminism in college, I had learned from author Linda Williams that porn could be empowering to women’s sexuality, and yet I’d never seen any porn that appealed to me. Fake bodies, fake orgasms, bad lighting, bad dialog … where was I (and the sex I enjoyed) being represented in this genre??

erika lust's the good girl pizza man sexSo naturally, the first film I wanted to make was an explicit one – The Good Girl – which flipped the ‘pizza guy’ stereotype into something more feminist. After it was downloaded over 1 million times, I was inspired to start my own production company, Lust Films, in 2005 and have made 4 feature films and one ongoing erotic series since then.

In 2010, after really establishing myself in the independent and feminist porn communities, I decided to found Lust Cinema – where all the best erotica, from filmmakers with my values, could be discovered in one place. The catalog now has hundreds of films ranging from modern to vintage, tutorials to art, romance to kink, features to amateur compilations. But all these movies have one thing in common: bringing a fresh perspective to the adult industry thanks to including women’s pleasure, passion, intimacy, love and lust!

What filmmakers, studios, performers, have you been influenced by? Not just the one’s you admire, but who and what has made you feel the old, “Ick! Someone has to do better than that — I can do better than that!”

In general, I can say that I admire many of my contemporary indie porn filmmakers: Candida Royalle for pioneering the idea that women wanted x films and had a powerful voice as creators. Jennifer Lyon Bell and Murielle Scherre for showing intimacy rarely captured in explicit film. Tristan Taormino for her commitment to sex education. Ovidie for her smart comedies about sexual taboos. Anna Span for championing the female sexual point-of-view. Jacky St. James for infusing her films with modern stories and cinematography. Pierre Roshan for infusing all his video guides with unprecedented eroticism. These are just a few of the talented filmmakers that come to mind, out of many who are creating the new generation of good porn today.

Ovidie-Liberte-Sexuelle Anna-Span-Uniform-Behaviour

In terms of negatives, I have very little interest in mainstream works or production houses. I want to create something original and completely erotic, and I just don’t find athletic, violent, pleasureless sex (Nacho Vidal or Rocco Siffredi are examples I often use) inspiring in any way.

There are a lot of adult filmmakers who say they are for women; what do you think makes Lust Cinema so different?

I think what makes Lust Cinema different is the same thing that makes my own films different… I don’t try to represent all women, I don’t try to define a genre, I just pick the films that speak to me. This isn’t something that can be marketed like “porn for women”, it is actually extremely personal. Because don’t all women like different things?

handcuffs lust cinema legs shoes

All I can do is follow my vision, and it just happens that there are many others who value the same things that I do. In this way, my cinema is very different from the ‘women friendly’ category in porn tube sites. What does that even mean? Soft lighting and more cunnilingus? Were any of the films even made BY women? Unlike other films and sites, my work and Lust Cinema is not just a product to invent, label and sell – it’s a new way of seeing erotica and sex. And that is something that stays with you … even after you (and your partner) orgasm.

List 5 characteristics that you think are most necessary for erotic films for women.

In my opinion …

1) Women’s pleasure. This has a million different looks and outlets, but most people know the difference between someone who is enjoying themselves, and someone who is bored and just putting on a show by screaming.

orgasm faces lust cinema

2) Cinematography. Even before I studied filmmaking, things like bad lighting, weird angles, gray colors, grainy picture, horrible costumes, awful sets and weird items in the background used to distract me to the point where I wouldn’t be interested in the sex at all. Really high-quality adult movies can be made (and have been!) with an iPhone … so there is just no excuse now.

cabaret desire corset set

3) Originality. This means NO MORE stereotypes, NO MORE formulas. I don’t want to see any more teachers & schoolgirls, pimps & whores, executives & casting couches. I am bored with the formula blowjob-sex-anal (cunnilingus if you’re are lucky) with dirty talk and rough behavior and facials as the norm. Let’s try something new, okay?

xxxconfessions erika lust films

4) Sensuality. Kissing would be nice, some build up, foreplay. Close up shots of erogenous zones (not just genitals): like sucking an earlobe, gripping a buttock, brushing the spine, kissing the neck. I’m a holistic creature and sex isn’t just about the genitals to me.

erotic kiss erika lust films

5) Relatability. Who are these women I see in mainstream films? Because they don’t look like me or anyone I know. And the men? They are not the men I swoon over in the street, and definitely not the ones I would date. And what are they doing? She is wearing heels to bed and screaming her head off as he (well we can only see him from the waist down) thrusts like an Olympic athlete and calls her names. This is not the way I have sex and this isn’t my fantasy either. Show me guys and girls who look like my neighbors and baristas making out and fumbling with buttons. Show me the passion and vitality that happens in our private lives and sex, but never in the porno we watch.

socks on screw against the wall lust cinema

The success of 50 Shades of Grey has ignited the old discussions about women and submission, rape fantasies and feminism, and the like. I’m pretty sure you’ll find it as ridiculous and offensive as I do, but what are your thoughts on female fantasies that involve BDSM or rough sex? Have you any comments or insight from your site members?

Like you, I think the idea that what a woman does to get off dictates or contradicts her identity as a feminist is ridiculous.

interracial black male dominant submissive female

Based solely on submissions, I would have to agree that it BDSM fantasies are pretty widespread among women. I wouldn’t say by any means it is the most prevalent on the site, and not one shared by men and women equally (female submission/male domination that is). It is a taboo topic, only recently made a little more mainstream, and taboo is always going to fuel fantasies.

I see the apparent rise similar to the explosion of vibrator popularity after Sex in the City … it’s not that vibrators didn’t exist or women didn’t use them before, just that people weren’t as keen to talk about it. In this way, though I really am not a fan of either Sex in the City or 50 Shades, it’s great when pop culture stimulates honest and open conversation about women’s sexuality because that can only further attitudes of embracing it.

erika lust behind the cameraAs a former escort, I consider adult film-making and performing to be forms of sex work. I know there are (partially legal) reasons for some to wish to create distinctions, but do you consider yourself a sex worker? Have you any thoughts on the rights of sex workers?

I think I consider myself more of a filmmaker than a sex worker, though performers more often identify that way. Either way, I certainly work within the sex industry. My own liberal personal belief is that sex work should be recognized as legitimate work (not simply the decriminalization of an exploited person) and given a legal framework to protect their health, livelihood and finances.

Many female filmmakers and fine porn producers have left the marketplace, leaving many to say women aren’t interested in porn. What do you say to them?

I think for as many who have left, there is an even greater amount joining the industry. This is thanks in part to the internet, which allows many women to realize their unique visions even though they may not have had the opportunity (or desire) to be backed by a large production company.

In addition, there is actually a huge rise in women as consumers of porn – or at least more women reporting their consumption. All in all, it is definitely part of a growing sector of the industry – one that will change the old, stereotyped face of porn for the better!

We sure hope so!

Should you, dear reader, need any more incentive to visit Lust Cinema, check out this trailer for Erika Lust’s Five Hot Stories for Her:

Lip-Biting Lust

Erika Lust released her first pornographic film, The Good Girl, for free on the internet in 2004 ~ in just a few months it was downloaded over 2 million times going on to win Best Short Film at the International Erotic Film Festival in 2005. Since then, she’s formed Erika Lust Films and several of her erotic works have earned Movie of The Year at the Feminist Porn Awards. And now Erika has her own online movie theatre, Lust Cinema, where she shows not only her own films but the cinematic carnal delights of others. Yes, one place to get all the lusty lip-biting erotica you need.

lip biting good sex

You can call the films at Lust Cinema “indie porn”, because it’s not from those big generic porn production companies. You can call it “alternative porn” ~ but it’s not necessarily full of tattooed and pierced Suicide Girls. You can call it “porn for women”, but only if you take that expression to mean it’s hot enough for any gender. You can call it “erotica for couples”, so long as you still know it’s hardcore porn. There are a lot of words you can use to describe the adult films at Lust Cinema… honest, fresh, innovative, intimate, classy, modern, beautiful… However, Erika (I think I can say this for her) and I would prefer the term “best porn” because that’s what it really is.

lust cinema hands on junk

If you think “best” is too subjective (and I can’t really argue with you there), then let’s go with “sensual adult films”. Yeah, a lot of people use the word “sensual” to describe their erotic & porn works ~ and we all know that at least two-thirds of them don’t know what the word means. Sensuality is about arousing and gratifying the senses ~ all of the senses. And Lust Cinema films hit all the senses. Well, maybe not scent… Smell-o-vision was a flop, after all. But everything else is as lush and pleasing as it can be.

mirrors lust cinema handcuffs erika lust handcuffs lust cinema erotic film submission handcuffs lust cinema lingerie erotic film

At Lust Cinema, you get everything from great music and gorgeous sets (complete with proper lighting for the film’s mood) to clothing and lingerie that real people wear (or wish they could wear!). Oh, yeah, there are plenty of naked folks doing dirty deeds too. It’s like combining the best of softcore ambiance with the best of hardcore action.

Liberte-sexuelle group sex lust cinema

Lust Cinema offers films you (and your partner, should they be so lucky as to watch with you) will enjoy ~ both in the moment, and later on, as they linger in your mind… stirring & rousing you… Making you bit your lip again just thinking about it!

Manuel-del-placer porn film scene

Members get all of Erika Lust’s films, including the ongoing XConfessions series, as well as the works of dozens of other directors of special erotic films. Included in Lust Cinema’s catalog of hundreds of films are vintage adult films and helpful sex “how to” movies. Along with the HD pornos to get you off, there’s “behind the scenes making of” content too. Updates are added to the site four times a month. Pour yourself some wine and watch some Lust Cinema tonight…

barcelona erika lust films