The Evocative Power Of Erotica

Perhaps you’ve heard of the Peck and Call Girls, today’s courtesans, modern muses who provide virtual escort services via phone sex, chat, etc.? …You could call them “phone sex operators,” but they are really so much more than that; I know that as I’m lucky enough to know over half of these stunning, capricious creatures ~ known as much for their intellect as their masturbatory assistance. They, like any great sex workers, clearly know the key to arousing a man ~ from discerning gentlemen to silly cads alike ~ is via the largest, most powerful sex organ: the brain.

To wit, they recently posted a discussion about the esoteric attributes of erotica ~ with Robert, owner of Delta Of Venus. More than the old “erotica vs porn” debate, they pluck at the heart & lust strings of what makes erotica work… Tease, romance, unvarnished reality, nostalgia, connection, mystery…

Here’s a snippet from Robert:

To use maybe an unsexy term, good erotica is always putting in work, it’s gathering a momentum beyond just blood flow and pulse rate and dilated pupils. This work could be eliciting a memory for the viewer, or striking their imagination (sexual or otherwise) in just the right way, or launching a train of thought or feeling about beauty or desire or whatever. Plenty of erotica evokes contradictory emotions too – maybe arousal mixed with the unsettling or absurd, and part of the pleasure is holding those feelings together in tension.

“Arousal mixed with the unsettling or absurd”…. That lingers. I’m tempted to jump into the conversation myself; but I have written about this quite a bit before, including:

In Praise Of Vintage Porn (2012)

Why Do Modern Women Love Vintage Babes? (2004)

Articulating Thoughts On Porn (2004)

However, I will keep my eye on the Twitter conversations… You never know what will inspire a thought ~ or what other pretty pictures you’ll see!

Merry Clitmas, Everyone!

My greedy little femdom findom friend, Angel, alerted me to these beauties from Penelopi Jones.

the clitoring clit ring

Handmade of precious metals in New York City, the collection consists of rings, pendants, and earrings. And, yes, that is a cit you are seeing ~ in fact, this jewelry is an anatomy lesson:

This provocative little anatomical form, mysterious yet oddly familiar, is a subtly stylized representation of a thing we all know, yet may know surprisingly little about. Until very recently both science and culture have misunderstood and often ignored all but the very tip of it. Our jewelry is inspired by the form of the newly rediscovered full internal clitoris. The sensitive little button at the top of a woman’s vagina is apparently just the tip of the iceberg. What lies beneath the surface is vastly more complex and fascinating. It contains eight thousand nerve endings at its tip that permeate throughout the vulva suggesting that even vaginal orgasms are technically “clitoral.” Over a lifetime a clitoris can increase in sensitivity and size seven times. The armlike appendages are the the “crura,” they form a wishbone-like shape that we like to think of as a tuning fork, a device for sending and receiving vibrational energy, possibly for exploring the resonant structure of the universe.

PenelopiJones has hand crafted these jewelry objects as a fun and elegant conversation piece to help you illustrate to your lovers and friends a greater understanding of the miraculous structure of the internal clitoris. May it serve you as a talisman for extraordinary orgasms!

And you can take 15% off of sterling silver rings and pendants until December 28th with promo code clitsmas.

Keep up with other deals and news from P on Twitter at @penelopijones.

Saucy Saturday: Champagne & Baby Oil Edition

That’s Carlotta Champagne to be precise ~ and she’s using that bottle of baby oil in delightful ways, with and without the white lace lingerie! This is one sticky situation which will likely lead to more sticky, erm, solutions. *wink*

carlotta champagne white lace baby oil breasts

carlotta champagne baby oil white lace panties

Back When Smoking Was Way More Acceptable Than Smut…

This rather unassuming pack of “Mild” cigarettes was anything but mild back in the day, it was pretty wild!

vintage mild cigarette pack viewer

For the man’s man who was on the go and still needed to enjoy a peepshow, this portable little plastic box was merely designed to look like the average Joe’s pack of cigs. In reality, it operates much like the Fisher Price camera you likely had as a kid ~ only instead of seeing a trip to the zoo, you get a whole other sort of education by peeping at “art studies” of “Hollywood’s most glamorous art models” which are ~ you guessed it ~ nudes.

vintage hollywood glamour art model peepshow nudes

This particular portable pack of vintage porn is Series 1. Appropriately, you were to ask your dealer for more.

get more from your dealer

Hot Flash Fiction Friday: Fun with a Little Penis

“Hello Dolly!” I yelled across the train station. He knew I was looking right at him, but he pretended he didn’t. Poor Dolly and his cute, little penis. We had such fun last night. At least I did.

Dolly, as I like to call him, wandered into my room from a party in another apartment down the hall. My fault for not having the door locked but, I was expecting my roommate home any minute.

Instead, Dolly came in. He didn’t have a coat, or a shirt or pants on. Just underwear. I knew there was a party, it was loud. I even knew Dolly, we had been introduced last year at a social event. He asked for my number but never phoned. So I didn’t look him up. But, now he was here. Pretty much nude and passed out drunk.

I decided to do something about it. I had time, art supplies and a collection of kitchen gadgets. Somewhere in all of that an idea was sure to come along.

First, I stripped him bare. That was a surprise. I’d never seen a micro, tiny penis before. Gorillas and such in nature documentaries don’t count. I thought it was cute. Like a little dolly penis. I played with it awhile. It got a bit longer, and a bit thicker, but not much. I didn’t get him to ejaculate. Likely due to him being passed out drunk. Disappointing.

I drew all over him. Personal tattoos. I left out his hands and face so he could go to work and not have a lot of explaining to do. I took photos of him. I posed him and took more photos. I had a lot of fun playing with my sleeping dolly.

My roommate had called and said she wouldn’t be coming in that night. So Dolly and I had the night to ourselves, well, mostly I had the night to myself with Dolly. I left him nude. He’s actually quite good looking and muscled. I’d never had the time to really explore a man’s body before. I’d only slept with a couple of boys and they weren’t interested in foreplay, not really. So, that night with Dolly, I had foreplay. All the foreplay I wanted with him.

His little penis was fun. Each time I got him hard again it was like watching time lapse photography of budding trees and plants.

In the morning he woke up not feeling so well. But, still hard as a rock, even when he realized all (or most) of what I had done to him. I guess I did take advantage of him. Some could say it was wrong. But, I didn’t use permanent ink and most of it washed off in the shower. I made him breakfast. He didn’t look me in the eye, didn’t really speak and rushed out the door with just a shy backward glance.

“Good bye, Dolly!” I yelled after him as he raced down the stairs.

Maybe this time he will call. I’d like to play with his little dolly penis again. Next time I want to make it squirt and tie a fussy little bow around it, like a tiny dolly dress.

Of course, if he doesn’t phone… I do have all those pictures. I’ve never blackmailed anyone before. It’s kind of a turn on to have Dolly under my thumb, maybe over my knee too.


Vintage Ken Doll found on Etsy.


Hot Flash Fiction Friday: How To Seduce A Shy Guy Edition

Last week, erotica author and phone sex operator Secondhand Rose was challenged to write a a short erotic story based on 4 words. The words were “shy boy” & “sleepy girl”.

For weeks now, Jen had been visiting Jeffers at his apartment. For weeks she had been subtly giving him signals that she was not only more than a friend, but oh-so available. To no avail. Every night she left for his apartment, she was hopeful; but every night she left his place oh-so frustrated! She knew he was shy – but come on already! What was a girl supposed to do?

Don’t worry, Jen has a plan. And from the looks of things, it works!

Features a horny scheming woman in a school girl outfit and tugs at some somnophilia fantasies too. Read the whole story here.

stroking her over her panties

Hot Flash Fiction Friday: Face Fucking, Masturbation & Forced Orgasm Edition

Pinkie is a real life submissive ~ and a phone sex operator who turns her money over to her Master, Blackie. She’s got a book out via Tit-Elation, and here’s a little excerpt for Hot Flash Fiction Friday. This takes place after Pinkie has served her Master’s Hong Kong business associates by being a face-fuck toy and she was forced to strip and masturbate for the group of men.

Blackie knows me so well, he knew I was close. “Go ahead and come, you little whore; you can squirt for them too yet.”

When he said “squirt,” the room filled with expectant “ahhs” as if they were a crowd at a Fourth of July celebration who had heard the whistles of the finale fireworks launched into the air.

…It seemed like hours, but I know it was only minutes that I lay there panting and screaming, tears running down my face, smearing my makeup and soaking the hotel bedding — while my body jerked and clenched and then finally just trembled while I lay there muttering something about “no more.”

Someone took the Hitachi from my hand and away from my twitching clit. The bodies began to disburse — except for one. The boss appeared at my face and ordered me to open it. “Now you tired whore, I fuck your face and you have no pleasure, no hope, no wishes other than for it to end.”

You can read the rest ~ and a lot more ~ in the ebook, Pinkie and Blackie: Tales of a Phone Sex Submissive.

pinkie book phone sex submissive

Cam Girls Gone Wild

Camgirls have been making news these past few months.

Girls were getting in trouble ~ legal trouble ~ for doing public shows. This worldwide trend included, and I quote, the putting on of webcam shows and taking erotic photos in “one of the world’s least sexy places — the public library.”


Many people find the library and librarians to be among the sexist of things. But whatever. The point is, what was once a private intimate experience has moved into the public realm. As a former sex worker and wild lover, I can attest to the fact that sex in public, paid or not, is a dangerous thing. Sure, it’s part of the thrill; but I do not advise it.

In other camgirl news, a performer was just this month booted off a webcam site for acting out racist fantasies. The thought police is offended. Apparently few folks understand the thrill of exploring taboos via role playing.

spicywebcamsAnd this is what cam sites are all about: Consenting legal adults playing out taboo fantasies together.

Frankly, the Nazi fetish thing is less upsetting as it’s a private consensual thing. (The public places thing not-so-much as being in public breaks the golden rule of consent for anyone around, ya dig?)

Now, I have no way of knowing what all the cam girls shown here, from SpicyWebcams, do; they are for (sexy) illustrative purposes! But the premise of adult cam sites is the same thing: to engage in safe, sane, and consensual sexy fantasy time. So, guys and girls, be safe, sane, and consensual and everyone can have a good time. The rest of you, keep your nose ~ and eyes ~ out of it.

UPDATE: PSO Secondhand Rose on racial fantasies, like BBC.