Saucy Saturday: Footsie Fun For Everyone Edition

Lotus Lain and Mia Li are playing footsie…

Lotus Lain and Mia Li play footsie

When they notice someone watching… While that might sound creepy, the peepin’ Tom dude is invited into the action.

worship Lotus Lain and Mia Li's feet

If you love toes, feet, foot jobs, and some tramping, then this is for you.

Lotus Lain and Mia Li give a foot job

worshiping the feet of Mia Li and Lotus Lain

…For some reason, even though Lotus is of mixed ethnicity, I’m thinking of singing “Ebony & Asian-Li” to the tune of Ebony & Ivory

Fetish Alert: Weird Vintage Shakers

This + This = This.

weird risque vintage salt & pepper shakers

But I’m not entirely convinced these two shakers are an original set, but rather single shakers put together.

Vintage nude salt and pepper shaker, Mid Century modern pottery, 1950’s nude one piece is the top half of her with salt coming out of breasts, the other are her legs coming out of the ocean/ground with even painted toe nails one hole for pepper

Celebrating The Early Days Of Spring With The Leg Warmer Fetish

Eight years ago I wrote about the nostalgia for 80s porn. While I am still searching for erotica and explicit porn featuring shaker sweaters, I am happy to report that leg warmers are alive and well ~ and not just in retro or vintage porn, but offered by today’s porn producers too.

Not everyone is a fan, even if they do understand the whole foot fetish thing. Perhaps they simply don’t understand this variation of the leg lover. Or perhaps you have to be of a certain age to have fond recollections of leg warmers… (Not that your nostalgia has to be my nostalgia.) From classy to sassy, leg warmers were everywhere ~ including porn.


Becky Bailey vintage leg warmers so 80s

Leg warmers have always had a connection to dance & fitness ~ and the 1980s certainly gave many men the chance to masturbate to aerobic and exercise videos in the same way generations before them pleasured themselves via mom’s lingerie catalogs (and before that, just the pages in departments store catalog pages which sold undergarments).

jane fonda leg warmers

The fitness angle continues today, to be sure. But leg warmers have also been adopted by others as well.

There are those seeking snuggley comfort… Both the wearer and viewer enjoy the softer, sweeter, more intimate things in life…


And then there are those with those Japanese kawaii fantasies. While “kawaii” means “lovable, cute, or adorable,” apparently the Japanese only call leg warmers “Super Loose Socks“. (Which is more than a little disappointing, even after all my time documenting the weird Japanese names for fetish things). But hosiery, by any other name, still looks (and possibly smells) as sweet by any other name, so…

japanese anime leg warmers

Here, the appeal is largely that of a cute schoolgirl ~ even if the point of view is a peepin’ perv.

authentic japanese loose socks aka leg warmers

But of course, leg warmers are not only part of fashion, comfort, or even simple role play ~ they can be part of extreme cosplay. Depending upon how loosely you wish to define “leg warmers,” there are steampunk variations and even limb covers for those who enjoy the whole furry thing

pawstar furry fetish cosplay leg warmers boot covers

But this whole subject ~ like many ladies’ legs! ~ can go on for days… Suffice it to say, leg warmers remain hot.

Image Credits: 1) Marianne Gravatte wearing leg warmers, circa 1982, from the pages of Playboy Playmate Collection #4 (1983 imported Japanese edition); 2) Becky Bailey, from headband to leg warmers, from big hair to pubic hair ~ so 80s it hurts; 3) the iconic & legendary Jane Fonda; 4) the super sexy to snuggle with Tasty Trixie; 5) Japanese anime girl and Asian school girl wearing leg warmers via JList; 6) Pawstar Party Furz Faux Fur Furry Leg Warmers.

5 Everyday Items You Didn’t Know Were Worth Selling

Journalism student and aspiring adult blogger Carl Greenlake steps into our parlour sharing some tips on the lucrative world of fetishes.

Right now, there are an array of items scattered around your house that you’re probably not even using and could be selling for big bucks. Now, these aren’t the type of things that one would sell on eBay (or any mainstream site for that matter). These are the products searched for in the incognito tab. The products where history has to be cleared post-search. These are… the everyday items that are bought and sold regularly in the adult industry.

Before you start flogging your toasters and kettles on the internet, it’s not that simple. The reason these buyers want to purchase these products is because of the seller. They have usually read a profile or even spoken to the seller directly, building a sort of rapport; a relationship if you will. The items become more than just their literal worth. They become a something from someone you know. This is what gives them their monetary value. Buyers enjoy purchasing these pieces because they feel a connection with the seller and revel in owning something they have owned.

Don’t get me wrong, these buyers aren’t usually buying pens and some of the items are slightly risqué; but this is the adult industry, what did you expect?

Underwear & Undergarments

pantiesYou know that pair of underwear that you’ve been meaning to throw away because you don’t wear them anymore? Well, there is a person out there that really wants them and will pay you money to have them. The used underwear business is booming. Thousands of purchases are made every day with more than that amount being listed. Sites like SofiaGray and communities such as Reddit have created platforms for sellers to advertise their used underwear to potential buyers.

SofiaGray reported that some of their most popular sellers earn any where $500 to $3000 a month and have stated that one seller managed to sell a single pair of underwear for $5000!

Shoes & Socks

The foot fetish may be the most well-known of the fetishes, mainly due to it being the least taboo. The popularity of this fetish has caused a whole new sub-fetish to be born: the used shoes and socks market. A fairly new model it may be, but it has been recently growing in traction; buyers purchase socks and shoes that still have the scent of the previous owner on it. Similar to underwear, the buyer generally gains sexual pleasure from the scent. offers a marketplace where these very items can be bought and sold. A handful of sellers have gone as far as just selling the insole of the shoes, with some even being edible!


used cig buttsA habit that has lasted the ages and was once all the rage is now a profitable business. For the companies selling the cigarettes, it’s always been lucrative but now the buyers are having success. Just another reason not to kick the habit.

Smokers are now able to sell their used cigarettes and cigarette butts for more than a whole pack of cigarettes. However, buyers aren’t looking for any old butt lying in the street, they want something that’s been treated with love and care. Usually with the remains of lipstick at the bottom…the personal touch is what makes this a sellable item. The customers appreciate the fact that the seller has used the cigarette, that their lips were once around it and they are now the proud owner.


tamponAs far as fetishes and interests go, I believe ‘if it’s not hurting anyone, no judgement should be made’. That being said, this particular item does raise some sanitation issues: Merchants are selling their tampons and sanitary towels or pads, after they have been used.

The laws on this vary country to country as it’s generally not safe to sell something which has another person’s blood on it. However, the trading of these items continue, though a lot more scarcely than the other products in this article.

If you are considering of entering this market, please ensure to check the laws and regulations in your region.

Bed Sheets

Who doesn’t love sliding into a newly made bed with fresh sheets? Probably not many, but there are some who prefer love sliding into a newly made bed with your previously used sheets. The last item on the agenda probably requires the least amount of work as you can actually make money in your sleep. Once the bed sheet has been slept in for a day, a week, or even a month, an ad can be thrown online where there’ll be lots of potential buyers. Obviously the more ‘activities’ that have been performed on the sheets, the more of a hot ticket item it will be. Some vendors even take requests from buyers to give the sheets a more of a personal feel.

There aren’t many sites which offer the ability to sell used sheets or bedding; the marketplace at AdultWork would probably again be your best bet.

Saucy Saturday: Bailey Knox Makes Sexy Christmas Cards With Boob & Toe Prints

Bailey Knox poses in pretty red lingerie ~ trimmed in feathers ~ before baring breasts and toes to make holiday cards for fans.

bailey knox christmas lingerie

Those 70s Feet Tell A Sex Story

I was reading about those 1970s sex feet and did some searching of my own. I found this vintage men’s handkerchief, which is bomb-tasticly awesome in its comic book panel-esque sex storyline, done nearly entirely with bare feet. There’s the electric moment when their feet touch ~ and you can feel the “Wanna?” eyebrow wiggles. Then the mount, the action… But what’s up with that one just before the big finis? Presumably her legs go up, he really gets going ~ and goes off like a gunshot! (It looked like a gunshot to the anus to me at first… Still kinda does.) True to what Epiphora & Stoya have been talking about, male ejaculation is the climax that matters in storytelling. No mention or depiction of the lady’s orgasm. I guess that’s why in that last panel only one person looks like they are satisfied enough to roll over and sleep.

Vintage Mens Risqué foot sex Handkerchief

Dragon Lady Toenails?

Quib asks if referring to an Asian phone sex & camgirl Mistress’s feet as having “Dragon Lady Toenails” is racist.

At the time of this posting, the PSO in question, MzKim, has not yet replied. However, a sex worker like MzKim likely has played with far worse fantasies.

Over a year ago I wrote about “Yellow Fever” and sexual fantasies regarding Asian women. Overall, I agree with the advice given to Quib. But I hope MzKim finds the post and replies.

mzkim foot fetish phone sex mistress

A Pretty Pink Pair

Penthouse Pet Justine Joli (September 2007) has a lovely pair…

justine joli lovely pair

Justine-Joli-smoking in lingerie


Of feet.

And those of you with a foot fetish can enjoy them with this CyberSkin masturbator ~ complete with hand-painted pink toenails.

foot job from justine joli pet

Designed to mimic real human flesh, CyberSkin brings the elasticity, softness, and, with just a small about of friction, the warmth of actual skin to your masturbatory pleasures. Plus, with the added features of Dual Density you’ll feel the underlying bone structure of her firm foot job.

justine jolie nude feet