How To Support Porn Stars, Sex Workers, & Women

Greg Battiste is just another guy who happens to like porn. More importantly, Battiste also respects those who make porn. Perhaps most importantly, he’s given a list of tips on how to respectfully interact with porn stars. It covers everything from dic pics to asking for freebies and more.

Greg Battiste's tips

As SecretPhoneSex (aka Lynn of PhoneSexSecrets) says, those are good tips for dealing with phone sex operators, cam girls, any sex worker really.

Battiste saw that and raised the bar to include all women. For that alone, you should follow Battiste. But he does offer some pretty good porn stuff too. *wink*

A Plain and Simple Get Well Soon Card for Men

get well soon for men

JessicaSweets on Etsy.

Found at Jessica Sweets on Etsy.

Just a bit too plain for me. But, that leaves space so the card sender can create their own art on the card. Draw happy faces, sunshines, rainbows and a hot air balloon… or something like that.

This probably isn’t a card you would send to your Mother. Not your sister either. Girlfriends and wives… kind of risky.