The Panty Game for Women

Found on Etsy. This could be a lot of fun. Would you pick something really racy, old fashioned, or exceptionally pretty? Kind of a shame if you pick something she never wears. I think the game should mention what kind of underwear she likes: thong, brief, etc. That would help. I think knowing the type is as important as knowing the size.

Sweet, Wet, Eroge Dreams

Love Japanese eroge? Are you a huge, hardcore fan of the Starless Nymphomaniacs Paradise, specifically? Do you love the eroge degradation and rape-fantasy play so much you dream of being house servant Sawatari? Well, then have I got some pillow covers for you!

Here’s MILF Marie Mamiya:

Seishojo Pillow Cover STARLESS NymphoManiacs - Marie Mamiya

Here’s the terrible maid, Sachie Asagiri:

starless maid Sachie Asagiri hentai

You can find more of the naughty pillow covers here.

All pillow covers are illustrated by Seishojo. They are made in Japan from high-quality 2-way, silky Tricot, measuring 500 × 1600 centimeters. NOTE: The actual product is uncensored, so you can, err, snuggle as intimately as you wish. (After all, pillow covers and pillows are the cheapest ~ and easiest to clean ~ version of sex dolls.)

bratty hentai eroge STARLESS Marisa Mamiya

What’s Japanese eroge? The word eroge itself describes what it’s all about; the word combines the two words “erotic” and “game.” So eroge is the genre of visual novel games, aka pornographic Japanese video games. You might also call them hentai games, or H-games for short, as everywhere (but in Japan) the word hentai is taken to mean adult animation.

[Technically, in Japanese, the word hentai does not refer to any media genre, but rather refers to any perverse or bizarre sexual desire or act. However, the truth of the word won’t stop anyone marketing anime or manga style pornography using the hentai label.]

There’s also an animated adult series of Starless; here you can find the whole compilation of Starless 21st Century Nymphomaniacs.

STARLESS 21st Century Nymphomaniacs hentai

Webcam Cosplay, Fun & Games With Kaylee Pond (Exclusive Interview Part Two!)

You’ve been waiting for it ~ part two of my talk with camgirl Kaylee Pond!

In this episode (because there’s still more to come!), I expose my webcam ignorance. In my defense, up until very recently I had no idea there was so much more to webcamming than stripping, masturbating, and the like. But with clever cam girls like Kaylee, there’s cosplay, games, balloon animal making, and so much fun I can hardly stand it!  (There are many reasons I’ve got a crush on Kaylee!) It really can be performance art. But let’s have Kaylee provide the show and tell…

princess leia cosplay as darth vader kaylee pondKaylee, the photos I see, the little tales you tell about your cam sessions, they all seem to be enjoyed by you. Do you select the themes? Do your fans? Do you have personal favorites?

I absolutely LOVE the shows that I do! One of the most fascinating things about camming is that each camgirl really needs to make up the plan for themselves. There are things that seem to be common throughout the industry (things like Pictionary, Battlestrip, Oil Shows, etc. which are generally understood to be sort of normal and lots of people do them) but I think that it’s always important to be original as much as possible.

I come up with most of my shows, some modified versions or spin-offs of things I’ve seen, but there are also many that just popped into my head. I do really like to listen to my fans though, and if there’s something they like a lot I try to do it more. But if there’s something that seems kind of “meh” I phase it out. I do let my top tipper select one show of their choice for the next month, but other than that I make up the schedule each month detailing what my shows will be!

I do costume/theme shows every Thursday and I must say it is just THE BEST! I absolutely adore dressing up and it’s even better if there’s a character that I can play with a little. Immersing myself and my viewers into a theme is really lots of fun and so exciting.

Misty Cosplay Kaylee Pond

topless Kaylee Pond Misty Cosplay

Another huge favorite of mine is body art shows — I love seeing how things turn out by the end of the night! Sometimes each thing I draw is by request. Sometimes I paint one big “costume” that I’m prepared for in advance.

kaylee pond star trek body paint

But either way the whole experience of creating something in a moment in time is really special and exciting.

nude body paint webcam session with kaylee pond

One of the neat things though, is that even with all kinds of planning or prep work, any completely random night COULD be absolutely over the top magical. You just never know when things are going to go above and beyond and blow you away, it’s part of the magic of being a camgirl.

camgirl kaylee pond balloon animal showKaylee, I have no idea what Pictionary & Battlestrip are…

I guess I have been missing out on a lot of things! In your opinion, from the customer or client perspective, is it the creativity and the ability to cater to smaller niche fetishes combined with the personalized experience that makes cam shows so popular?

Haha whoops, I was just trying to think of things I feel like I’ve seen or heard about other models doing a lot. Many cam show games are often party games so Battlestrip is just the board game Battlestrip but with getting naked and prizes as a “penalty” for having your ship hit. Pictionary, Hang Man, Charades, all the cheesy games you might play at a children’s birthday party, translate really well to camming and are lots of fun, but not all models play lots of games!

webcam girl kaylee pond making balloon animalsI think that the absolute largest draws to cam shows is the personal interaction. I can say “Hello” to you, ask about your day, and we can enjoy jokes together. Whether you’re watching porn or fantasizing about the pretty girl at work, or just want a friend, I think people often wish they could connect more easily to others. As a camgirl I am online and available to hang out, ready to connect!

If you want my top off, you can have that! If you want me to cross my eyes and stick out my tongue, I can do that too! I can dress up like your favorite Doctor Who Companion and moan for the Doctor. I can be all kinds of things and fulfill all sorts of fantasies. I think that what cam sites can become, and what it has become for me and many who visit me, is an awesome, friendly, social club where we sometimes have orgasms.

webcam girl kaylee pond balloon animalsWe have a tight knit group of friends who have come together and spend their evenings hanging out, chatting about all manner of things, playing fun games, and enjoying one anothers’ company.

It’s pretty amazing, really! I feel very lucky to get to take part in such an amazing community and I like to think that the others do too! I do absolutely agree that the ability to be creative is hugely important and is part of what makes camming special in addition to being able to tailor a show completely to a person or group of people!

balloon animal burst on cam kaylee pondI know that you are married; which came first, the marriage or the webcam stuff?

My marriage came first! My husband is a huge source of support for me and he is actually the one who encouraged me to start camming. He found out about camming and I think he realized that it could really be perfect for me, and he was so right! Camming really hits on most of my strengths and interests and I feel very lucky that he discovered it and shared it with me. I love my job and I’m very grateful to him for encouraging and supporting me. I appreciate that this might not work for a lot of couples but it’s really great for us!

Do you cosplay in real life (at conventions etc.) ~ does your husband?

We both love costumes so much and we dress up more frequently than most people, I would imagine! We’ve gone to many dress-up events, some more official than others, though sadly full-on conventions are often just too expensive for us. We definitely dream of getting to go to San Diego Comic Con and hopefully we’ll get there someday.

kaylee pond tardis dr who cosplay

I would say that I probably dress up a bit more than he does, but it’s certainly something that we both have in common. I’ve been dressing up my entire life and often refused to wear “normal” clothes as a child. I’ll often nudge my friends into wearing costumes and used to throw monthly themed parties in order to have excuses to wear them! I feel fortunate that I can bring my love of costumes into my work and of course camming gives me way more opportunities for costumes!

As I said, Ms. Kaylee and I talked for quite some time, so there’s plenty more to come! Check back on Tuesday for more dishing with the delectable Kaylee Pond! Meanwhile, go see Kaylee on cam!

tron glowing body painting with camgirl kaylee pond

Big Breasted Ninjas Cooking Game With Breast Expansion Fantasy Play

See on Scoop.itLet’s Get Sex Positive

Today is the day that the latest installment in the Senran Kagura series for the PlayStation Vita will be released in Japan. The game series is already known for its busty ninjas fighting action, a…

Gracie Passette‘s insight:

Another amazingly nutty and sexual Japanese game.

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Sexism Takes The Sexy Out Of Cosplay

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This affects things like cosplay too. Some say that the mainstreaming of cosplay has created a sexist and hypersexualized aura surrounding the hobby. They say that “surge of ‘fake geek girls’” who are “pretty and wearing something revealing” are quickly “labeled cosplay ‘celebrities’ and are featured on dozens of websites” as authorities to the detriment of other costumers and hobbiests. In other words, the media packaging of traditional beauty standards have gotten in the way of the fun for everyone in cosplay.

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Get Ready For That Easter Egg Hunt

Ah, Spring… You are on the way, right? And nothing says “Spring” quite like the fertility celebration of Easter bunnies and Easter egg hunts. For a more grown-up version, skip the Paas Easter Egg Dye and go for pretty pastel bras, like these from Secrets In Lace. Your lover won’t have to hunt to find these goodies ~ they’re front and center, after all. But they’ll be so eager to get their paws on them, I’m sure you can come up with ways to make a game out of things and make them earn their holiday treats.

pink Cabaret Lace Plunge Bra

Lavender Magdalena Demi Bra

Bettie Blue Bra

Ursula Plunge Bra Pink Embroidered

Help Rounding The Bases

Baseball is one of the slowest games. Ever. I know, because we girls drank 2 bottles of wine ~ each ~ and talked the day away while the boys busied themselves watching the antiquated sport.

While we made the most of the day, chatting, ranting, and joking the day away, I know several ladies who don’t feel so lucky.

They call themselves “Baseball Widows,” and rue the day Babe ever glorified the bat and balls. They’ve tried everything ~ from lingerie in team colors to straight-out dress-up in sports gear and standing naked in front of the TV ~ just to get their attention. One woman at our recent game-watching gathering says that what upsets her the most is the fact that her husband can spend 2 to 3 hours watching a game that couldn’t hold her attention for 5 minutes ~ but in bed, he was the opposite. Instead of devoting himself to the event, he barely managed 5 minutes of sliding into home before the game was called on account of the wet spot. And that includes days without beers! Poor dear!

I have no idea of this sport-themed erotic board game will help folks like this out, but it certainly couldn’t hurt.

Bedroom Baseball is not just a sports-themed game designed to garner his interest, but the game itself is designed to increase foreplay. Just like in high school, he’s supposed to make his way around the bases in a rush to “get home” ~ only the fact that this is a game means his speedy intentions will put off such instant gratification by making him perform dirty erotic deeds ~ and help you reach mutual satisfaction.

Just don’t tell him that’s what the game is for. Men are so fragile sometimes. *sigh* Just tell him he could get a lap dance, or watch you masturbate, or some other little fantasy thing. But just wait until the baseball game is over first.

Rub, Err Roll The Dice

Anatomically correct dice that will make you want to rub them for luck ~ or just for fun. Maybe even keep a set in your pocket; you know, just so you’re prepared for a spontaneous game. Or to switch up the pocket pool game, guys.

Boob and Dick dice. Use code SKWAY and save 15% on any order at Sexclectic. Code good through January 15, 2012.