The Biological Drives Behind Some Holiday Food Traditions

Yesterday, my man and I celebrated Steak & BJ Day ~ with a few modifications. We do not really celebrate Valentine’s Day. (I am, after all, a “curvy man.”) Our Steak & BJ Day rather combines the two holidays, perhaps… It begins with me going down on him, pleasuring him orally, as foreplay before the big event ~ which, yes, is vaginal sex. After that, we eat steak. Simple? Yes. Delightful? Absolutely.

And it’s not necessarily reserved for March 14th, either.

But this whole idea of food and holidays has me thinking of a recent study.

This study showed that when women found themselves with an attractive male, they opted for healthy foods ~ yet men exposed to an attractive woman opted for expensive drinking and dining options.

This does not surprise me one bit. (Not many of these sex or attraction studies do, frankly.)

It makes absolute sense to me that women faced with a potential attractive male mate would be thinking about their health. And not because I believe that women are trying to “be skinny” or otherwise trying to conform to media portrayals of female bodies [insert rant here]. Such conclusions are tedious. Not to mention that making such an assumption is a big leap; “healthy” doesn’t equate “skinniness.” Let’s stick with the notion of health, shall we.

Most of the things we consider to be signs of female beauty are actually flags for fertility. It’s only natural ~ part of our species biological imperative ~ for women to be considering their health when presented with a potential mate.

Similarly, men, who have identified a genetic beauty worthy of insemination would be interested in showcasing their status as excellent providers ~ a la sparing no expense in providing a large display of food and drink.

Again, you can call it sexist, but there’s science and biological drives behind it all.

So is it any wonder then, that women would want men to display their monetary protector/provider status from time to time ~ including honoring anniversaries and “made up Hallmark holidays” like Valentine’s Day?

Here’s a tip, menfolk: If you want her to be more sexually available, try showing her what a big providing man you are. It could be food or chocolates; it could be jewelry. It could be a car. But gifts are always good. Even if Especially if it’s not even a holiday.


Merry Clitmas, Everyone!

My greedy little femdom findom friend, Angel, alerted me to these beauties from Penelopi Jones.

the clitoring clit ring

Handmade of precious metals in New York City, the collection consists of rings, pendants, and earrings. And, yes, that is a cit you are seeing ~ in fact, this jewelry is an anatomy lesson:

This provocative little anatomical form, mysterious yet oddly familiar, is a subtly stylized representation of a thing we all know, yet may know surprisingly little about. Until very recently both science and culture have misunderstood and often ignored all but the very tip of it. Our jewelry is inspired by the form of the newly rediscovered full internal clitoris. The sensitive little button at the top of a woman’s vagina is apparently just the tip of the iceberg. What lies beneath the surface is vastly more complex and fascinating. It contains eight thousand nerve endings at its tip that permeate throughout the vulva suggesting that even vaginal orgasms are technically “clitoral.” Over a lifetime a clitoris can increase in sensitivity and size seven times. The armlike appendages are the the “crura,” they form a wishbone-like shape that we like to think of as a tuning fork, a device for sending and receiving vibrational energy, possibly for exploring the resonant structure of the universe.

PenelopiJones has hand crafted these jewelry objects as a fun and elegant conversation piece to help you illustrate to your lovers and friends a greater understanding of the miraculous structure of the internal clitoris. May it serve you as a talisman for extraordinary orgasms!

And you can take 15% off of sterling silver rings and pendants until December 28th with promo code clitsmas.

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Lingerie Is Red, His Balls Are Blue; Have We Found The Perfect Holiday Lingerie For You!

Study after study continues to show that men are aroused by the color red. And ladies love sensual, classy lingerie. Put the two together, and you have one hell of a great holiday gift idea: red lingerie from Secrets In Lace. Classic silk pajamas, vintage styled girdles, pretty panties with matching bullet bras, corsets and garters, and even mix-and-match lady-like slips, camisoles, and panties ~ SIL has it all. Yes, they have plus or BBW sizes too.

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She’s So Submissive, She’s Wrapped Around Your Finger

The Melody Ring is handmade in Italy, and features a blonde woman with a ball gag in her mouth.

female submissive ball gag ring

From the translated Italian listing:

This item is entirely by handmade.
Based polymer clay modeled and carved, acrylic colors handmade painted, crystallizing paint waterproof.
Metal ring nickel free (antiallergic, responsibility is the producing Benox Italy), fabrics and lace vintage, 100% Cotton.

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Santa Flashes ~ And The Top Hat Is A Nice Touch

Sure, Santa Clause may be shown wearing a top hat while flashing himself on these retro men’s briefs; but I’m more interested in the man in the top hat who is modeling the underwear.

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Should you be interested in purchasing the retro 1980s Santa briefs

Naughty Superstar Santa briefs. 100% cotton. Made by Addiction. Labeled as a small, and they are quite small. Best suited for a 28-30″ waist and slim build. Excellent condition. Please see actual measurements below.

Waist: 24-32″
Front rise: 10″
Leg opening, around: 20″ (unstretched)

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