Onaholes: The More The Merrier?

Hey, Hannah Smothers & Cosmo, if you think that the 3fap three-hole masturbation toy for men is confusing and upsetting, well, you must have missed this Fucking Ageist Cantaloupe Sex Toy from six years ago.

While the 3fap offers three holes (mouth, vagina, & ass) the Wet Sucker Setsugekka Orgy Onahole suggests an orgy of one man with at least three different women who each will wait their turns… There are three pussy onaholes, each representing three a woman of a different age, and one, apparently ageless, asshole.

The Setsugekka predates the 3fap by six years.

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Sunday Funnies: Vintage Washington Porn Edition

While the world cringes from the current political circus, including recalling sex scandals of the past (some of which may just make the news again thanks to the lawyer for the DC Madam!), we invite you to remember ~ or enjoy for the very first time ~ a classic John Holmes film set in Washington DC: The Senator’s Daughter.

vintage The Senator's Daughter john holmes lesllie bovee

This 1978 porno, directed by Don Flowers, is a tongue in cheek play not only on the dirty side of Washington but on the popularity of TV’s The Six Million Dollar Man. The plot, in case you were interested, features the legendary & larger than life John Holmes as John Galt ~ a famous porn star who is disfigured in a car accident and agrees to undergo experimental surgery in exchange to serve his country as a special agent.

john holmes as bionic secret agent galt

This is no ordinary car accident. As Galt was being fellated during the car ride, his money-maker was completely bitten off during the accident. So the surgery gives him not only a bionic eye, arm, and legs, but a 12-inch bionic dick too ~ cuz, you know, that’s what secret agents need. To the delight of the doctor and nurses, his bionic dick works! (I say most of the nurses are delighted, because one is rather abused and seeks comfort with her mentor ~ you know, in order to get the requisite lesbian scene in.)

vintage lesbian nurses

Then Holmes/Galt is off on this first assignment, which is, of course, to rescue the titular senator’s daughter. The teenage daughter, played by Lesllie Bovee aka Leslie Bovee and Leslie Dubuex, has been kidnapped by the Russian syndicate. Their evil plan is to make a cyborg copy of her ~ which they manage to pull off, but Holmes/Galt thwarts their plans by shooting the cyborg double with his bionic cock weapon. This thrills Mission Control, who has been monitoring everything via the bionic-electronics. The scientists at Mission Control are so excited by the fruits of their labor that they have a party. At the one female scientist’s expense: “Nancy, since you’re the only girl, we’re all gonna kind of gang-bang you.”

Meanwhile, the senator’s daughter is still missing. She’s being held in Tangiers ~ and being repeatedly raped by the Russian kidnappers.

lesllie bovee leslie vintage porn

So the agent’s work isn’t done yet. Along the way, Holmes’ magnificent tool is used in highly unethical, hardcore interrogation efforts.

holmes in tangiers interrogation vintage porn

Spoiler Alert!

In the end, the senator’s daughter is rescued ~ and she marries her secret agent hero.

This film is also included in The Best Of John Holmes Classic Collection ~ which, like The Senator’s Daughter, you can stream online, download, or pay per minute view.

holmes bovee marry

A Hardcore Threesome

Like tats? (That’s called “indie” or “alt” in porn today, even if it is rather mainstream.) How about rough sex? Now, how about a threesome ~ two men and one woman? If these things appeal to you, check out this hardcore action in which a wife brings home a young man for her and her husband to explore together:

From Verso. Directed by Julia McDonell, featuring Silvia Rubi, Gabe Tonic, and David Santos.

Hot Flash Fiction Friday: Face Fucking, Masturbation & Forced Orgasm Edition

Pinkie is a real life submissive ~ and a phone sex operator who turns her money over to her Master, Blackie. She’s got a book out via Tit-Elation, and here’s a little excerpt for Hot Flash Fiction Friday. This takes place after Pinkie has served her Master’s Hong Kong business associates by being a face-fuck toy and she was forced to strip and masturbate for the group of men.

Blackie knows me so well, he knew I was close. “Go ahead and come, you little whore; you can squirt for them too yet.”

When he said “squirt,” the room filled with expectant “ahhs” as if they were a crowd at a Fourth of July celebration who had heard the whistles of the finale fireworks launched into the air.

…It seemed like hours, but I know it was only minutes that I lay there panting and screaming, tears running down my face, smearing my makeup and soaking the hotel bedding — while my body jerked and clenched and then finally just trembled while I lay there muttering something about “no more.”

Someone took the Hitachi from my hand and away from my twitching clit. The bodies began to disburse — except for one. The boss appeared at my face and ordered me to open it. “Now you tired whore, I fuck your face and you have no pleasure, no hope, no wishes other than for it to end.”

You can read the rest ~ and a lot more ~ in the ebook, Pinkie and Blackie: Tales of a Phone Sex Submissive.

pinkie book phone sex submissive

Hot Damn, Dean Van Damme Gives Into The Pussy Power

This incredibly hot piece of tattooed British beefcake is Dean Van Damme, star of Power Pussy by the incomparable Erika Lust of Lust Cinema.

dean van damme

In Power Pussy, he stops in a roadside bar and dares to order two of the house’s special cocktails, called Power Pussies. He gets more than he bargains for as his order arrives: Two very dominant women.

pussy power lust films

These femdoms, played by Carol Vega and Samia Duarte, tie him up and have their way with him. (Who the hell wouldn’t?!)

power pussy dean van damme porn

dean van damme tied up mercy

dean van damme threesome oral

Here the tattooed porn star talks about what it’s like to be an adult film performer:

PS Dean Van Damme’s also preparing for his first strongman competition, so keep an eye out for more pics on Twitter @DeanVanDammexxx.

Saucy Saturday: BBW Erotic Art Edition

Via Storybook Whorehouse I found the French artist Giovanni who runs his own blog called Drawings & Tits (Very Big). OK, even if there’s nothing lost in translation and Giovanni is a man of few and simple words it doesn’t really matter. Giovanni expresses himself and his sex fantasies through his art.

bbw group sex art by giovanni

bbw on top of small man fucking giovanni

I don’t read French, and copy & pasting into translation takes too much time, so I am not certain if we are ever introduced to the cast of characters; but it seem pretty clear there is a cast of regulars who so enjoy the fine ample qualities of our heroines. And make no mistake, these are big beautiful, truly plus-sized, women. They have more than just exaggerated femaleness. Along with huge breasts and large asses these women have round faces, double chins, skin folds, and big bellies that men just want to grab.

handful of bbw belly giovanni

My favorite works are those in which she is in color and the men, in black white, pale by comparison. So even when she is shown as submissive with a group of men, she is the vibrant leader of all the action. But even when the works have the cast of characters in the same color palate, there’s something about the men’s faces… Amazement, awe, a bit of self-loathing… Something that says she may be the object of lust ~ but they are the comical ones, so driven with desire. It is that presentation which makes the slightly repetitive or limited works rather special. Reminiscent of Robert Crumb’s fetish work.

giovanni bbw erotic artsubmissive fetish bbw erotic art by giovanni

In Giovanni’s fetish artworks, whoever that large woman is, whatever and whoever she is doing, she is fabulous, large & in charge, enjoying all the attention.

bbw queen takes sex slave giovanni

bbw submissive huge tits art by giovanni

bbw nude erotic fetish art giovanni

Saucy Saturday: MMF Threesome Edition

It’s not often you see threesomes with two men and a woman ~ and the dicks are as into each other as the chick. Double penetration, male on male, that’s just some of the bisexual action you’ll find here. Yes, 1 Woman + 2 Dudes = 3 Pillows.

mmf sex

bisexual threesome

two guys kiss as one fucks a blonde

Double-Penetration Dreams (And More!)

If you or your lady has fantasized about being with two men, or having both holes filled ~ but STDs and/or monogamous relationship issues kept the erotic desires from being fulfilled ~ then you want to know about the Menage A Trois For Two Double Penetration Harness by Sportsheets.

Menage A Trois Double Penetration Harness

Like sex dolls, the world’s first double penetration harness allows the two of you to have a menage a trois ~ only this time, the pleasure is twice as full-filling for her!

This harness has a built-in and interchangeable cock ring, which also helps to aid in maintaining longer erection, and comes with a Tantus Silicone (latex and phthalate free!) dildo ~ which makes it, and you, ready to go! However, any dildo with a flared base can be fit into the harness as well.

Butt wait ~ there’s more! *wink*

Because this harness and dildo set includes additional interchangeable metal and rubber O-rings (sizes 1-1/2, 1-3/4 and 2 in diameter), the harness accommodates many sizes of dildos and dicks, allows for the option of dildo-above-dick or dick-above-dildo, and can be adapted for multiple uses as well, including:

* a one dildo, one dick, harness
* a double-dildo harness
* a traditional harness for pegging, etc.

And, when used as a one-dildo-one-dick harness, a cock cage or other male chastity device can still be used ~ so that he can pleasure his Goddess while receiving none of the physical fucking pleasures for himself.

That’s a lot of bang for your buck!

sportsheet double penetration dildo harness set

PS This flexible thong-style harness, made of easy to clean nylon, adjusts to fit up to 60 inch hips.

When MILF Stands For Mother In Law Fucking

In My Wife Caught Me Assfucking Her Mother series, horny moms get ass-fucked by their son in laws while their daughters watch in shock. OK, sometimes, the daughter joins in and it becomes a jolly threesome; you know, quality family time. *wink*

My Wife Caught Me Assfucking Her Mother

assfucking motherinlaw

My Wife Caught Me Assfucking Her Mother 5

Mother-in-laws sure look a lot different today than they did 1982, though. Even if the fantasy remains the same.

vintage retro mother in law sex fantasy