The Biological Drives Behind Some Holiday Food Traditions

Yesterday, my man and I celebrated Steak & BJ Day ~ with a few modifications. We do not really celebrate Valentine’s Day. (I am, after all, a “curvy man.”) Our Steak & BJ Day rather combines the two holidays, perhaps… It begins with me going down on him, pleasuring him orally, as foreplay before the big event ~ which, yes, is vaginal sex. After that, we eat steak. Simple? Yes. Delightful? Absolutely.

And it’s not necessarily reserved for March 14th, either.

But this whole idea of food and holidays has me thinking of a recent study.

This study showed that when women found themselves with an attractive male, they opted for healthy foods ~ yet men exposed to an attractive woman opted for expensive drinking and dining options.

This does not surprise me one bit. (Not many of these sex or attraction studies do, frankly.)

It makes absolute sense to me that women faced with a potential attractive male mate would be thinking about their health. And not because I believe that women are trying to “be skinny” or otherwise trying to conform to media portrayals of female bodies [insert rant here]. Such conclusions are tedious. Not to mention that making such an assumption is a big leap; “healthy” doesn’t equate “skinniness.” Let’s stick with the notion of health, shall we.

Most of the things we consider to be signs of female beauty are actually flags for fertility. It’s only natural ~ part of our species biological imperative ~ for women to be considering their health when presented with a potential mate.

Similarly, men, who have identified a genetic beauty worthy of insemination would be interested in showcasing their status as excellent providers ~ a la sparing no expense in providing a large display of food and drink.

Again, you can call it sexist, but there’s science and biological drives behind it all.

So is it any wonder then, that women would want men to display their monetary protector/provider status from time to time ~ including honoring anniversaries and “made up Hallmark holidays” like Valentine’s Day?

Here’s a tip, menfolk: If you want her to be more sexually available, try showing her what a big providing man you are. It could be food or chocolates; it could be jewelry. It could be a car. But gifts are always good. Even if Especially if it’s not even a holiday.


Traveling With Kids This Holiday? Be Prepared! (Or, It Doesn’t Matter What Gender Your Kids Are, You Should Be Present)

Since we’re always trying to make your life better, here’s another classic holiday helpful from Sex Kitten.

This tip is a great reminder to prepare yourself for what can happen during holiday travel. It doesn’t matter if you are flying across the country, just driving ten minutes, or if you are going over the river & through the woods to grandmother’s house; if you have kids along, be prepared from unexpected, perhaps even unseemly questions. Don’t take my word for it; look what happened to Bryanne Salazar:

My sons and I were in the car driving home from Target, when my oldest, then 12, asked, “Hey mom, do girls actually have orgasms?”

Thankfully, Salazar was alone with her boys in a car; this sort of question cause additional discomfort on a fully packed 747 when your worries include being overheard by everyone from sexually frustrated frequent fliers, prudes, and parents who are protective of their own youngster’s sex education.

girls-orgasmsAs with most parenting issues, it is easy to say “be prepared for the unexpected” ~ less easy to know how to be prepared for what you are not expecting. However, in this case, Salazar would have been better prepared ~ or even avoided this whole situation ~ if she has simply been present for the sex ed conversation her husband had had with her kids. But she ducked out of that one, playing the gender card, believing men should teach boys about sex.

Salazar doesn’t mention how old her boys were; but I’m of the opinion that if boys are ready to hear about male orgasms, including how to clean up after one, they ought to be told about female orgasms. And vice versa.

Sure, female orgasms are a lot more complicated, which adds to the length of the sex talk. But perhaps if all children learned about female orgasms, those orgasms could be a lot less complicated. And achieved more often.

Image Credits: Lefteris Heretakis.

Dreading Seeing Your Family This Thanksgiving? Use Your Imagination!

TYLENE VS CAPRI VS JC MARIEIf you think family gatherings are uncomfortable or rife with the potential for fighting, do what I do: picture them as catfights.

Sure, your sister, Aunt Josie, etc. may not be as hot as these ladies; and they likely aren’t fighting for the same reasons, either. But, I find it more entertaining to run a silent, but naughtier, version of Mystery Science Theater 3000 over the family antics than to just sit uncomfortably by as the family drama plays out.

If you haven’t ever wondered what it would be like if the female members of your family suddenly began to pull one another’s hair, rip their blouses open, and go full-on wrestling in their fancy holiday attire ~ well, I’m going to call you a liar!

…Hell, even if it is just me, try it. You’ll like it.

Hannah Perez and Randy Moore pantyhose catfight

Screenshots (in the order they appear) are from Office Offensive, Hell In Heels, and The Hose They Rode In On; all on one DVD here.

PS I’m sure once you try this holiday survival technique, you’ll want to thank me for it. But to avoid trouble, I suggest you not say so out-loud at that “what I’m thankful for” thing around the holiday table. It can just be our little dirty secret. Happy Thanksgiving!

Danielle Trixie Melissa Jacobs wrestling topless in pantyhose

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Afraid To Go Into The Kitchen This Holiday?

Brooke Marks makes it more fun. Here she combines the kitschy thrills of Cthulhu cosplay with kitchen fun. It might be too late to get it for Thanksgiving, but if you’d like to play this at home, you can get a Cthulho knitted mask here.

brooke marks Cthulhu's kitchen

Jack-O-Lantern Carving Ideas for Halloween

Some good horrifying ideas for pumpkin carving and some which are too much. I do like the one with the man eating Jack-O-Lantern.  A lot of these are not safe for children so keep them away from trick-or-treaters and a view from the street.

Source: The Wonderful World of Halloween Pumpkin Carving | The Lone Girl in a Crowd

Celebrating Memorial Day In A Thankful (& Arousing) Way

All photos by Michael Stokes. (The last one is of Alex Minsky & Shaholly Ayers; Ayers did not lose her arm in service, but other women have. And what the hell ~ it’s a hot photo!)

michael stokes photography amputee

Alex Minsky & Shaholly Ayers

Sexy, Teasing, Pleasing, Babydoll Nighties

Babydoll nighties date back to the late 1950s and quickly became synonymous with the swinging ’60s ~ and the stuff of male fantasies, a la saucy all-female slumber parties and, yes, those pillow-fights too.

Joey Heatherton babydoll toyBabydolls (or baby dolls) are a variety of short, rather flared nightgowns, which barely cover a lady’s bottom. Traditionally, they were made of sheer chiffon and even clouds of nylon, and ruffled high-waist, full-coverage panties, were worn beneath them. This plays on rather innocent notions and teases.

Today, babydoll nighties are usually less voluminous. Instead, they are more constructed, often with built-in bra cups above an empire waist; quite often slit from that high-waistline, exposing the belly button and more. Even so, these contemporary babydoll nightgowns are more teasing pinup than slutty girl ~ more sultry than slutty.

While their partners are all about the playful peeking of these nighties, women love them for their comfort ~ not only the physical comforts (and sensual delights of the silky nylon!), but the emotional comforts as well. Because these short nighties are full of tease rather than sleaze, even women with body image issues find delighties in these nighties. That makes babydoll nighties one of the easiest lingerie gifts to give ~ and for the recipient to wear. (And you want your lingerie gift to be worn, right? Right.)

Secrets In Lace has a number of lovely babydoll nighties which completely capture the peek-a-boo play of the vintage styles.

Their Delicate Babydoll is made of very sheer chiffon nylon, with lots of ruffles at the hem. It comes with a matching panty. Available in pink, as shown here, and black.

sheer pink Delicate Babydoll

The Hollywood Pleated Babydoll is full of classic details. This little black beauty can be used as a peignoir over other short nightgowns, or worn as a sheer top. It comes in plus sizes too. (It also has a matching pleated full-coverage sheer panty; also in plus sizes.)

sexy sheer black Hollywood Pleated Babydoll nightie peignoir blouse

Secrets In Lace also offers a few more modern styles ~ some of which are on sale too.

The Chiffon Babydoll was $65 ~ but is on sale for only $52 right now. It comes with a satin thong. Available in pink or white, as shown.

white Chiffon Babydoll

And, yes, you can still get your lingerie from Secrets In Lace in time for Christmas!


For more on lingerie, see our lingerie shopping guides, which offer tips on sizing, a style guide, and suggestions on selecting the gift.

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bag of love naughty adult gift setFor him or her, there’s the Bag Of Love Gift Set couple’s kit containing 11 items for hours of naughty, lusty, fun ~ all in a giant red heart-shaped bag.

The gift set includes: Heart Warmer Massager, Mini-Mite Massager, Bondage Tape, Satin Love Mask, Heart-Shaped Love Ring, Toy Cleaner, Liquid Love, Basix Mini Butt Plug, Love Beads, Lover’s Lotto Cards, On-The-Go Keychain.

Got kids in the house or nosy roommates? The bag locks!

Regularly $77.99 ~ now just $42.99! (You save $35!)

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