Saucy Saturday: Best Breasts From Japan Edition

What can be better than beautiful Asian breasts all oiled up? Well, photos that show the beauty masturbating with sex toys, that’s what! That’s what you get in The Best Breasts From Japan. Plus, as we’ve already mentioned, this site offers Japanese porn (JAV) ~ uncensored and in HD. So, yes, it can get better than oiled breasts. Much, much better.

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Introducing Uncensored JAV (Japanese Porn Without Pixelation!)

Japanese adult video (JAV) is crazy-full of all sorts of forbidden fetishes and fantasies. But the only way it is legal in Japan is by hiding the some of the most intimate and hardcore bits hidden behind a pixelated mosaic blur. But now, thanks to a new JAV porn site, you can now watch Japanese porn uncensored ~ and in HD!

finger fucking japanese porn without pixelationBecause JapanHD is managed from outside Japan, seven exclusive lines of JAV porn are now able to be seen uncensored!

In Asian culture, including Japan, it may generally be a good thing to be modest and quiet; but in Japanese porn, it’s often all about the noise. Especially the noises women make.

Your typical young woman in Japanese adult video is often seen as shy and quietly submitting to all sorts of things…

Kana Mimura forced orgasm JAVBut, as the scenes progress, she’ll protest the indignities via little moans and groans… And, if enough magic wands and vibrators are applied, overtime she’ll often be forced to orgasm ~ making those screams and panting sounds that one associates with Anime & Hentai. Don’t worry, all the moaning and even the screaming is still there too. It’s just that now nothing is hidden!

Now you can watch it all uncensored, with no pixeled parts. Including watching Kana Mimura as she rather violently squirts.

Kana Mimura forced orgasm uncensored JAV

Of course, not every girl is so unwilling to succumb to the fucking and squirting… Check out the deliciously devious Saki Ootsuka in Cat Walk Poison #5:

Seeing Pixelated JAV Porn Clearly

It’s no secret that Japan has some of the craziest pornography out there. Mention Japanese porn, and most people think of hentai and tentacles. Cosplay too, of course. But wait! Like those Ginsu knives, there’s more!

jav pornJapanese adult video (JAV) is so full of fetishes, philias, young women, and non-consensual themes (sometimes all of the above!) that it’s hard to imagine it’s legal. But it is. At least in Japan. As long as the genitalia, male and female, are censored in Japanese porn via that pixelated mosaic blur, that is.

To some, the lack of hardcore penetration makes JAV amusing at best; but others swear the missing junk is what makes JAV superior to Western porn. Since the films can’t rely solely on the close-ups of the ins and outs of sex, a bit more attention must be paid to the plot. (This is likely precisely what spawned the variety of wacky sex themes in Japanese porn in the first place!) And then too the directors must put more effort into staging sex scenes.

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