A Valentine For Male Chastity

“All keyed up to ask you to be my valentine!”

Suitable to send your femdom or other keyholder; as well as for kinksters into BDSM.

Vintage valentine for sale here; via TrailerTrashGrl.

Hot Flash Fiction Friday: The Key to Sex

You’ve cleaned the kitchen, the laundry is done and put away, you even washed my car. But, it’s only day six of your chastity. You asked for a week. A full week, sure you could handle it, even if it got hard. Of course, it did.

key of love necklaceI’m feeling relaxed. Reclined on the couch, playing with the key I’m wearing around my neck. I suggest you put on music. You have a huge collection and I seldom have the patience to sit still and listen to it with you.

You choose something mellow and smooth. It suits my mood. I sink back into the couch and close my eyes. You sit at my feet, a good subbie boy. Maybe just a bit hopeful. So I open my legs, nudging you with my knee.

I love your grip on my thighs, the feeling of your fingers holding my legs and the gentle brush of your lips kissing your way up to my pussy. Hopeful. I let you pull my pants off. Then lean forward so you can take off my shirt and unhook my bra too. You put everything aside neatly.

Your tongue licks my inner thighs and I open my legs wider. I let you pull off my panties.

My pussy is already getting wet.

You push your face between my legs and push your tongue inside of me, tasting me and licking deeply. Two fingers slip inside as you suck on my clit now. I feel the pull of my orgasm building. I hear myself moan and I squirm with the growing tension in my body.

I want you to suck on my boobs but I don’t want you to stop what you’re doing either. I’m on the edge of that delicious feeling of just about to explode. Three fingers now, pumping, filling my pussy.

You ask for sex. You tell me how much you want your cock inside of me. How hot I am and how hot you are for me.

I slip the chain from around my neck and give your the key to your freedom.

Image Credits: Key of Love – Vintage Look Key Necklace.

At the Mercy of your Keyholder?

This young lady is a real doll. I found her on Etsy, a shop called Shayne of the Dead.

I like her. She got me thinking about keyholders and those for whom the key is being held. When men read or fantasize about male chastity and wearing a chastity device, they skip so much of the sweet reality.

I’m not even getting into the comfort of wearing such a device or the ease of use when in the bathroom, or even when changing clothes. I’m sure there are other situations which (being a woman) I haven’t even thought of myself.

No, dear little men, I’m thinking about the terrible inconvenience of a keyholder who deliberately (not in any playful or teasing way at all) withholds your key. Perhaps she’s just a bitch, as so many men would like to say and leave themselves the poor blameless innocents.  Let’s leave Fantasy Island and just accept the fact that there is shared blame and you might have gotten into this whole chastity and keyholder thing a bit too soon.

Now, here you are, locked up and no keyholder in sight. She isn’t even taking your calls, answering your emails and the hand written letter you sent (pleading for mercy) came back with “return to sender” written on it in thick, red ink.

Did you keep a back up key? What are the chances that you wanted the full experience of being a total submissive at her mercy, unable to do get out of your chaste bondage without her co-operation?

Wasn’t that stupid of you? You may be thinking that now. While you debate the ways to escape your predicament… let me lend you my time machine. It works on the web and will ship itself back to me the moment you have gone back in time and made sure you kept a copy of that very important key for yourself.

Of course, time machines are still science fiction. Sad, isn’t it?

If you are considering going into chastity, wearing a chastity device, proceed with caution and get out your common sense. Even if you know your keyholder very well (even if you tell your Mother some story and get her to keep your key, thinking it is a storage locker or something more ordinary) a key can be lost. A key can be misplaced or taken by someone else who doesn’t know what the key is for and decides it’s just junk. A keyholder can change her (or his) mind about you. So often people don’t want to face someone in that situation so they try to pretend you have just gone away, for a long walk off the planet. However it happens, your key may become lost to you.

Don’t let this situation happen to you. You can stash a back up key in your freezer where you will have to thaw it out. You can tape your key under your bed or to the back of your closet. Put it inside a sealed envelope to make yourself pause before just opening it for anything but an urgent reason. Use a balloon and push your key inside, you don’t even have to inflate the balloon. It will take more effort to get the key out if the balloon is not inflated. You can find other ways to hide a back up key from yourself, or make it less accessible.

What really matters is not being that guy who has to find a way to remove his cock from a chastity device by asking for outside help, like the hospital Emergency room, or a locksmith or friends who have more knowledge of tools but will never let you forget where their tools have been and the favour they did for you that day.

Some day I’d like to be a keyholder. I nearly was but we decided the distance was too far for safety and the fact that we wouldn’t see each other often enough to really have fun with it. I’d enjoy being an evil keyholder. It would be fun to let him think the key was gone or I’d postpone our meeting time for an extra day… all sorts of little adventures in keyholding. But, I do wonder about the losing the key thing. I’d want to have a really good back up plan myself if I were the keyholder.