“The Bitch” From “The Stud”

Joan Collins as Fontaine Khaled in The Stud.

joan collins stockings

The Stud was a 1978 soft-core flick based on the novel written by ~ you guessed it! ~ Jackie Collins.

Enjoy this ~ 5 minute clip montage of the film played to the film’s astonishing-period theme song. Breathlessly sing along, “The Stud, what’s his name, what’s his name!”

To be factually correct about this posts’ title, Collins/Khaled weren’t officially “The Bitch” until the sequel (book and film).


Here’s the trailer:

The Mad Scientist Is In The Lab, Working On Something BIG

In For Science, Dr. Carol Wright is a brilliant researcher ~ but, as she’s in a male dominated field, her work is dismissed. Frustrated, she decides to continue her research by testing it on herself. To her surprise ~ and the delight of those with giantess fantasies ~ the side effect of her formula is rapid growth. Oh, and it also increases her sex drive too. Why not? It’s a comic sex fantasy, after all. *wink*


Saucy Saturday: Brooke Marks’ Victoria’s Secret Shopping Spree

Brooke Marks goes on a lingerie shopping spree at Victoria’s Secret, and she’s kind enough to review and model her lingerie purchases too ~ right down to how things fit and unintended nip-slips.

brooke marks victorias secret nip slip lingerie review

Included in her review are the Victoria’s Secret Mayfair Sleepshirt in Mini Hot Lips Print (with its mysterious pocket), the matching Body By Victoria Cheeky Panties, the Date Racerback Push Up-Bra, the Extreme Low-Rise Thong, and the new Leopard Lace Apron Teddy. (Clearly Marks loves pink!)

Of course, she does more than share the practical review points for members of her site. *wink* At her site, Marks shares and bares everything from uncensored nip-slips to a lovely lingerie striptease!

brooke marks pink bra and panty lingerie tease

Saucy Saturday: Vintage Stockings Edition

Lingerie lover and PSO, A Slip Of A Girl, wears a vintage ivory satin bullet bra with a matching ivory satin girdle (with garters, of course!) over pink full-cut panties while putting on a pair of vintage nylon stockings. You can go here to get the 26 rare photos in this series. This photo set was previously only available to VIPs, but for a limited time only you can snag all the stocking pics. You can also follow her on Twitter @SlipOfAGirl.


Sex Kittens On The Prowl!

Via A Slip of a Girl, I discovered Isibella Mircalla Karnstein (aka Little Skylark) and The Chateau: Catgirl Manor ~ where I then found this Christmas video of sex kittens! If you love the look, you can get the kitty cat pet look with cat ears, collars, and fluffy tails at Sexclectic. (Discount codes here.)

A Reminder About Sex Worker Issues

call girls in jaipurIt’s a busy time of year, so it would be understandable if you had missed the International Day to End Violence against Sex Workers last week. But, thanks to the Internet & hashtags on Twitter, you can catch up on all the facts, stats, moving stories, and input from escorts and other sex workers, as well as their friends, families, advocates, and allies.

This is an annual event, held on December 17th each year, which calls attention not only to the hate crimes committed against sex workers worldwide, but the need to remove the social stigma and discrimination which puts sex workers at risk. The (red) umbrella event also works to address violence, stigma, and discrimination against transwomen, women of color, drug users, and immigrants.

No doubt such improvements would make things better for clients and the rest of the population as well.

I urge you to take the time to educate yourself on the issues ~ and mark your calendars for next year.

Because this is a worldwide, international event, the lovely image is from Jaipur escorts.

Saucy Saturday: Bailey Knox Makes Sexy Christmas Cards With Boob & Toe Prints

Bailey Knox poses in pretty red lingerie ~ trimmed in feathers ~ before baring breasts and toes to make holiday cards for fans.

bailey knox christmas lingerie