Stop Spitting On That Asshole, Fucker

Not to be too anal… We do mean this post title quite literally; but since we’d never advocate for spitting on persons one might call (or wish to call) an asshole, if you’re doing that, you should stop that too.

Bill Bailey fucks Asian-American coed Yhivi in the assWe all know those porn scenes where the dude spits on the girl’s asshole before plowing into it. Or he makes the girl suck his cock, getting it all wet with drool, before he fucks her in the ass.

This is done a lot in BDSM fantasy porn, especially in spontaneous gang-bangs, public humiliation sex, etc. ~ the story being, “Who would think ahead and bring the lube?” Truthfully though, this use of spit as lube for anal sex is done in gay, lesbian, bi, queer, and all sorts of other porn, erotica, and real world sex too ~ whether the plowing is done by a cock, sex toy, or some other object. (And we shouldn’t forget about the spittle involved in masturbatory anal play too.)

man spits on man's asshole gay pornHowever, according to the results of a study recently published in the Sexually Transmitted Infections journal, using saliva for anal sex is a real risk factor for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) or sexually transmitted infections (STIs), like rectal gonorrhoea.

While this study focused on men who have sex with men (MSM), it’s important for all to note the study’s findings:

Almost half of rectal gonorrhoea cases may be eliminated if MSM stopped using partner’s saliva for anal sex.

That’s a pretty damn significant finding.

Especially as the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) reports that several STIs which were once thought to be on the verge of extinction have recently reemerged ~ and this change is thought to be partially related to an increase in STIs of the anus and rectum.

Goddess Sonyas Ebony Mistress spits in subs assWise ass-fuckers, and the smart-asses ~ err, smart owners of the asses which are drilled, know that lube is vital for anal sex.

A) Rectums do not self-lubricate.

B) The tissue inside the anus is far more delicate than regular, external skin, as our external tissue has layers of dead cells which serve as a natural protective barrier against infection.

Thus, anal sex without lubrication can result in chafing and even tearing of the rectal walls. And even the smallest micro-tears and abrasions can increase the risk of STD/STI transmission, including HIV. Which means that long after your asshole feels better, or is back to normal, you might still have health problems. As the NCBI notes, many anorectal infections go undiagnosed for so long simply because people are asymptomatic (show no symptoms).

messy_anal_spit_pornYet, many people feel that saliva is “good enough” as a lubricant for anal sex. It’s not. It is neither thick enough to really cushion (poor viscosity), nor is it long lasting enough for the “slip” to last. So it is poor protection. Plus, saliva has its own health issues.

Sure, most of us realize that we have dirty mouths. I don’t just mean dirty sex talk pouring from our lips, but the fact that our mouths are not the cleanest places. Far from it. Human mouths are warm, wet inviting places… Inviting to far more than our lovers too; our far-from-sterile mouths are inviting to bacteria. Anywhere from 500 to 1,000 different types of bacteria are living and reproducing in our mouths. However, since we French or open mouth kiss, we rarely consider how saliva transmits diseases. Butt but it does, even in anal sex.

Hence the need for specific lubes for anal sex, especially gel versions. Lubes and lubricated condoms are not just for that erotic slick-feeling, for arousal or comfort, or birth control, you know; lubrication is also for tissue protection.

tanya tate spitting into a girls ass lesbianHowever, this does not mean that those of you who have spit fetishes, humiliation needs, etc. can’t continue to hock or receive that loogie, at least every now and then. Nor should you worry about using a bit of spit to ease a warm-up finger in, or the safety of saliva when rimming.

For the study concluded spit in the rectum is not inherently bad:

Receptive rimming and fingering or penis dipping were not statistically associated with rectal gonorrhoea.

What this study shows is that it’s far healthier to use personal lubricants than to rely on spit for penetrative anal sex ~ and, technically, man-on-man penis-in-the-ass sex. However, I wouldn’t count on my gender saving my ass.

You can still use spit for a bit of foreplay and, carefully, for fetish fun too. Just count on some properly selected anal lube for the real ass-fucking fun.

And, of course, don’t forget the condoms and other safe sex practices in general when you and/or your partner(s) are not monogamous, are untested, etc. Is it better to be safe than sorry? You bet your ass it is.

Image Credits: In the order they appear… Bill Bailey & Yhivi in Anal Young’uns 4 (yes, he does spit on her asshole first in the flick!); Edji Da Silva and Tyler Wolf from Popping D.O.’s Cherry, Audtions 48 (Lucas Entertainment also makes a lube!); Goddess Sonya’s Ebony Mistress Theater at Ethnic Kink;  Alysha Rylee, Melody Jordan, & Mike Adriano in The Spit and The Speculum 2; Tanya Tate spitting into some woman’s asshole, unknown film/work via.

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Sex Kittens Get A Little Help Getting Wet

I’m not going to say that I’m a lazy masturbator, but who hasn’t stripped, grabbed their favorite sex toy, and assumed the position of choice only to discover that the lube wasn’t right there on the nightstand. Arg!

While it can be rather motivational to recall where you last used it (say, on the desk, to give yer fella a tit-job), such memories may not be quite arousing enough to makeup for the trek to go find that bottle of lube… I hear this is thrice as frustrating for those with kids ~ requiring you to get dressed again to go in pursuit of the missing lube, then repeat all the stripping etc. you just did. Should you turn your frustration into a mad sprint and go for the lube? Or just go to bed sexually frustrated? I’ll admit, I’ve done the latter a number of times. *sigh*

If this has ever happened to you, then you need to know about the self-lubing vibrators from Cascade Toys.

cascade toys by lovelife

These vibes are equipped with Lube Play™ technology. The Lube Play™ technology gives you a lubed toy with a simple push of a button! Yay, technology!

There are three lube dispensing vibrators currently available from Cascade: the ribbed-shaft Wave, the classic “pocket rocket” Flow, and the G-spot stimulating Ripple. Each waterproof vibe has nine vibration settings, sure to tickle your fancy.

Cascade Wave sex toys Cascade Flow vibes Cascade Ripple lubricating vibratorsAnd now there are Single Sheaths as well (in each of the three styles), which you can use with your Cascade lubricating vibe to achieve different sensations.

lubeplay cascade toys

Vibrators and sheaths come in three colors, hot pink, blue, and (my favorite) purple. And, yes, the insert-able part of these toys are made from silicone, so they are both latex free and phthalate free. Completely safe to use.

Each toy comes with an instruction manual (including details on how easy these sex toys are to clean and change lube cartridges), a 22 ml water-based lubricant cartridge (approximately 30 uses), a magnetic charger hub, and a USB charger cable ~ all in a cosmetic-style bag with waterproof storage pockets. It’s a nice way to keep all your goodies together and avoid those scenes we discussed at the beginning. What an easy weekend getaway romance kit too. (We sex kittens sooooo believe in those!)

With the lube built-in to the toy, it won’t matter where you left your other bottle of lube, now, will it?

Having a long marathon session and you want a little more lubricant? No problem! With these sex toys there’s no more need to stop the action, fumble for the bottle, or deal with sticky hands ~ just hit that button again!

(And, wise-asses who worry about running out of lube quickly, go ahead and order the three-pack of lube refills right away.)

I highly recommend the Ripple ~ both the G-spot stimulator and the touch-of-a-button lube dispenser makes this toy “Johnny On The Spot” in more way than one. *wink*

PS These toys would also be great for menopausal and post-menopausal women who have issues with vaginal dryness.

Sex Safety and Personal Lubricants

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